How The Self-Hating “Liberal Snowflake” Agenda Overtook Canadian Society

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A political transformation within a western society is no easy task. Take a country such as Canada, which for its first 150 years maintained a deserved reputation as a free and democratic society.

Too bad the truth is that our country got “hi-jacked” along the way. This is the story of the seduction of our nation, which CAP consider to be pre-planned and pre-destined.

For the first 100 years of Canadian history, our society functioned as a safe, clean, and relatively crime-free society. Immigration up until the late 1960’s was 95% sourced from European nations.

As it transpired, this status was not good enough for certain global interests. The United Nations began to give Canada “heat” for what they perceived as “white-biased” immigration.

This began the transformation of our nation for all-time. Ever read about this historical development within media articles published by CBC, Globe & Mail, or Toronto Star?

For CAP, all nations should maintain the right to decide which countries are to serve as source nations for immigration. Such is our inherent right as a sovereign nation.

Unfortunately, as enforced by globalism prototype founder, ex- Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau, national sovereignty was anathema to his so-called “progressive” way of thinking. Single-handedly– with ZERO buy-in from the people of Canada, Trudeau Sr. transitioned Canada into a society destined to become dominated by international forces.

This agenda took on myriad forms. One critical element involved transitioning our society into one in which a substantial portion of our citizenship would become Canadian “self-haters.”

This is what CAP call our Liberal-Snowflake contingent. In 2020 Canada, it is arguable this collection of self-loathers are even more effective in breaking down and re-inventing our society than all the globalist forces put together.

How did this unnatural, non-organic social development come together?  The main stimulus comes from Canadian academia--our universities, as well as our public school system. Here, Canadian children are taught the following:

— Canada is a racist nation. Not Saudi Arabia, Iran or Pakistan. The number one culprit is Charter of Rights and Freedoms- espousing Canada.

— The communities of Anglophone, Francophone and European-Canadian citizens are intrinsically racist and bigoted–not China and their internment of one million Muslims.

— Canadians of European heritage despise all non-white citizens, and thereby deserve to be punished. One form of punishment which may serve best is for all of us to be transferred into a sort of “Second Nations” Canada, worthy of the scorn that globalist Canada throws in our faces on a daily basis.

Only one problem here– the students believe it. As a result, the graduates– none more influential  than  Journalism and Law School graduates, run out and repeat the Trudeau-Liberal-Globalist mantra:

We brand ourselves awful and racist. This in turn disempowers our communities in preparation for the coming transition from western democracy into a 3rd World-dominated socialist state.

Justin Trudeau loves this. So does his brother Alexandre Trudeau, card-carrying communist and film-maker for the government of Iran.

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So in addition to the Liberal-Globalists “army” of 3rd World voters, as well as “multicultural” power-player MP’s, PM Trudeau has millions of the “self-hating soldier” variety in his “home-grown” brood of Canada-haters.

Mission Accomplished? What a formidable force the Liberals have created to overthrow “traditional” Canadian society. The vehemence by which they push this agenda would take one’s breath away.

That is, if the overall populace understood what has gone down. They don’t, because CBC and corporate Canadian media have hidden away this nefarious agenda for the past 40 years.

In truth, CAP loathe this social seduction. We believe that Canadians of European heritage who support the Trudeau-Liberal multi-decade transformation are seriously misguided, as well as  victims of an agenda of socialist propaganda campaign.

Think about this factor– something CBC in a million years will never speak of: why is it that 3rd World self-loathing is non-existent in Canada, while Anglo-self loathing has completely permeated society?

Ever see our growing contingent of 3rd World “feminist” writers allude to this piece of reality? Ever read any form of criticism of their own from Liberal MP’s Maryam Monsef, Bardish Chagger, Omar Alghabra or Navdeep Bains?

Perhaps a touch of running down militant Islam, or Sikh Nationalist aggression? NEVER. Meanwhile, witness as snowflake writers such as Susan Delacort, Heather Scoffield and Heather Mallick from Toronto Star bash and trash their own communities, branding our people “systemically racist.”

Hogwash, say CAP. On an historical basis, our country is light years less racist than Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, India, China, and every other country Justin Trudeau treats as infinitely more important than the nation he was elected to lead.

CAP Advice: Smarten up, Anglo-Canada. You are victims of a multi-decade agenda of national transformation–with your community as  designated “villain community.”

These so-called academic “intellectuals” are nothing of the sort. Rather, they exist as robotic soldiers brain-washed into hating their own country– thereby  accelerating Canada’s present-day transformation from democracy to dictatorship.






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