Trudeau’s Transition To Socialism: Basic Income Guarantee, SHUT DOWN Of Parliament

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“Senator Yuen Pau Woo is advocating for an experimental basic income program at the provincial level, citing the complications to the employment insurance program after the end of the Canada Emergency Response Benefit.”

So says mainstream media in Canada. Kindly permit CAP to shred this into tiny pieces:

First of all, Senator Yuen Pau Woo was hand-picked by PM Justin Trudeau to head up the so-called “independent” division of the Canadian Senate. What is unknown is that these Senators are a motley collection of globalist corporate types, along with academic Canada-haters such as Senator Ratna Omidvaranother Trudeau-appointed globalist mole.

Extracting media spin from the quote above, what is really occurring here is simple in concept: Senator Yuen Pau Woo-– arguably  the #1 China-pusher in the history of our nation, is advocating a replication of Communist Chinese governance in Canada.

CERB into guaranteed “basic income.” Hello, Mr. CBC? What is your obfuscation surrounding this little tid-bit? Simple as apple pie– the role of CBC and corporate media in Canada is BURY Trudeau’s incremental trans-ition of our society from democracy to dictatorship.

Seeing as media are playing this role, they must be fully aligned with government in this agenda. This. of course, makes the situation an emulation of communist society in China.

Isn’t it all so obvious where this is leading? For five years, this Trudeau character has served as the Pied Piper for the selling of Canada to the United Nations, and their most powerful members–all of which are anti-democratic nations.

No doubt most CAP readers re aware of PM Trudeau’s “Proroging” of Parliament, with China’s pandemic providing the rationalization.

Confession: CAP could not even spell the word “proroging” when first hearing of it. Point being, the word is unknown to most Canadians–the exact reason why it was presented by media in the first place.

This “wordspeak” concept was first innovated by George Orwell in his dystopian classic, “1984.” This is what Trudeau has delivered to Canada– communism via Orwellian social engineering— as witnessed in the largest per-capita migration quotas on planet earth.

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Senator Yen Pau Woo “told the audience that despite concerns about sovereign debt, with borrowing costs low, now is not the time for the Canadian government to take its foot off the pedal.”

CAP told our readers what we think of Yuen Pau Woo--he is a mole–an agent of China for the trans-formation of our country to a communist nation-state. If readers think he is the only of of his kind, please think again. In truth, there are a number of half-citizen Liberal MP’s in the GTA who are cut from the same cloth.

All this is leading to an end of 153 years of democracy in Canada. CBC, Globe & Mail, National Post, Toronto Star— ALL of them facilitate the socialist agenda by obscuring the reality of the pending fall of democracy in Canada.

How could Trudeau accomplish this transformation without them? Not a chance it could have been achieved without full media complicity.

Such is the state-of-society at the hands of pending dictator,  Justin Trudeau. What media project in this regard is a LIE.

— BRAD SALZBERG, Founder Of CAP(est. 2016).




6 thoughts on “Trudeau’s Transition To Socialism: Basic Income Guarantee, SHUT DOWN Of Parliament”

  1. In truth and probable fact Trudeau and his dictatorship liberal cronies are getting death threats on the hour by the hour 24/7. They’re afraid that something bad is going to happen and this isn’t going to go away unanswered.
    The pseudo communist guise infiltrates the bowls of Canada’s institutions from police to hospitals and especially education. We as a people are slowly grandfathered into a new Canada which is totalitarian in itself. The reds are so far winning but the war is just beginning and soon we as a nation are going to have advocate our free will and punish these clowns even if it means to introduce violence because lessons without spilt blood are lessons soon forgotten.


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