Trudeau’s Tiananmen Square: Is Canada Undergoing A Communist Revolution?

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At what point do a series of so-called coincidences transition to validation of a theory? Applied to Canada’s political trajectory under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the inquiry becomes too much to bear.

We map out some critical elements:

— In 1971, Pierre Trudeau becomes the first western leader to establish diplomatic ties with communist China. This is quickly followed by his unilateral implementation of Multiculturalism, catalyst for mass migration from the Far East nation.

In 1978, the Chinese-Canadian Business Council is established. It’s creation is a Quebecois-centric affair, as developed by Pierre Trudeau along with Quebec’s Power Corporation, controlled by the billionaire Desmarais family. Various Bank of Montreal(BMO) executives sit on the Board of Directors.

— In 1988, Multiculturalism becomes official government policy. Subsequent to the legislation, hundreds of thousands of migrants from Hong Kong arrive in Canada.

– As decades pass, China works diligently to form partnerships with Canadian universities. Their government throw huge money at our education centres, establishing scholarships, bursaries, exchange programs and various academic ties with Canada’s top educational institutions.

In 2015, Justin Trudeau becomes prime minister. He immediately pursues an establishment of a Canada-China Free Trade agreement. It fails– but the story is far from over. Away from the media spotlight, a transformation is taking place.

Rather than partnering with China on a business level, our country begins to emulate China on a governmental level. Of course, when we say “our country,” we mean Justin Trudeau and the Liberals. As far as “the people” go, citizens have well-defined opinions on the hero-nation of the Trudeau family.

A Research Company Poll taken in January, 2022 delivered the news:  68% of Canadians have an unfavourable opinion of China, a proportion that climbs to 73% among men, and 81% among Canadians aged 55.

Degree to which Justin Trudeau takes the statistics into account: 0%. Instead, he walks Canada down a path toward emulation of China’s governance. Tragic it was that rationalization for doing so also from China: the Covid pandemic.

Extent to which legacy media reflect these circumstances? A grand total of nothing. Moving to present day, we find Trudeau’s emulation of authoritarian governance reaching an apotheosis.

The confrontation between truckers and police in Ottawa is Canada’s Tiananmen Square. Witness as Justin Trudeau’s sunny ways morph into dark days of neo-totalitarianism. Next, note how media eschew every aspect of this reality.

The manner in which Canadian media are handling the protests is but one step short of government-media relations in China. Has Justin Trudeau been working for the past six-plus years to make all this become a reality?

For Cultural Action Party, it is the Godzilla of questions. Can it all be coincidental? Or rather, is what we are seeing in the streets of Ottawa indicative of a pre-planned  transition from democracy to dictatorship.

CAP wish we knew the answer. Either way, Trudeau’s proclamation of Canada as a “post-modern” society has become reality. Interesting it is that upon issuing the statement, our PM didn’t bothered to define its meaning.

Little did Canadians know what was coming down the pipe. Does post-modern mean post-democratic? How about post-personal freedom? Anyone for post everything Canada was founded upon? If so, what we have on our hands is a revolution. Not one administered by the public, but rather by government. Since media have kept this under wraps, it can be fairly referenced as a “silent revolution.”

During China’s Cultural Revolution— also referred to as the Quiet or Silent Revolution– Chairman Mao Tse Tung “threw China’s cities into turmoil in a monumental effort to reverse the historic processes underway.

“Mao’s personality cult assumed religious proportions. The resulting anarchy, terror, and paralysis completely disrupted the urban economy.”

Ringing any bells, fellow Canadians?

5 thoughts on “Trudeau’s Tiananmen Square: Is Canada Undergoing A Communist Revolution?”

  1. It’s well known that Turdeau took the, something like young leaders program through the WEF. Many people know he’s a puppet and Klaus Schwab is his puppeteer. But it goes much deeper than that.

    • Freeland,Hussen, Mendicino, Alghabra– the ones who advance are the ones who most closely adhere to WEF standards. The reason why we have these half-citizen characters in Cabinet.

  2. Every atrocity in recorded history, has always, with no exception, been performed in the guise of the greater good.

    To say when this chain of events was set into motion, that depends on how deep you want to dig. Yes, we have a specific problem with the Trudeau family acting over a period of decades, but I suggest the root of the problem is far older.

    What could be described as” the modern globalist movement” has existed openly in various organized forms since the beginning of the 20th century. Far too many cabals to list, many of which are well known to most. The day they shot the Archduke, the di was cast…

  3. Is Canada caving colossally to communism?

    Crime Minister Trudeau is truant, treacherous, and treasonous, an all-in, full-blown globalist. Ten years ago, he supported a campaign for establishing a World Parliament, which would have the power to impose laws on Canada.

    Openly, he’s been saying that he’ll use the Covid planned scamdemic to push for the egregiously aggressive globalist goals that his government has so far been unable to achieve. It’s altogether antidemocratic.

    And yes, he is communist “China’s Little Helper.” Bank of China and Air China took Trudeau’s pandemic wage subsidy at Canadian taxpayers’ expense.


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