Trudeau’s Systemic Racism Branding Ignores 3rd World Minority Oppression

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to heap scorn upon Canada’s Old Stock communities. He has a clever manner of doing so– he never verbally references those he holds responsible.

It is indeed a curious phenomenon. February, 2020 is Black History Month in Canada. Here we witness a pattern now infused into PM Trudeau’s “Great Reset” society.

We speak of an omni-present element of Trudeau ideology— the concept that Canada is a “systemically racist” society. According to our prime minister, his cabinet, media and academia, our country is– historically and at present— a prejudiced, bigoted nation.The phenomenon is ubiquitous–it is infused within every fabric of Canadian national identity.

Yet, for all its malevolence, no one– government or otherwise– will name the perpetrators. The unnamed proponents are so obviously “white Canada”— so why are the accusers unwilling to speak publicly of this reality? No one has an answer.

In fact, there is literally no discussion period regarding the status of Anglophone Canadians. Every single day media inform us about the trials and tribulations of 3rd World communities, but never do they reference Canadians of European heritage. 

A “silent majority” these millions have become. Why is this? Is there some form of ultimate plan in store that government and media are hiding from Canadians?

Away from media presentation, the social situation for the future of “Old Stock” Canada looks grim. By way of immigration, Anglophones are being reduced to a minority community.

According to the government-endorsed Canadian Immigration Newsletter, the largest recorded surge in Canada’s population growth in history took place in the third quarter of 2019.

Subsequent to this–and in spite of the covid pandemic, Justin Trudeau has set the highest immigration quotas in Canadian history.

Is it really fact that Canada as a nation is a hateful society as the Liberal government,  CBC, Globe & Mail Toronto Star today claim? Are there any factors that exist which could alter one’s perspective on this racist narrative?

Of course there are–  the ones which government and media eschew for the purpose of vilifying an identifiable Canadian community.  CAP will offer an example:

In September, 2020, a court in the city of Lahore sentenced a Christian man to death for blasphemy against Islam. This policy is a systemically-entrenched reality in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s strict blasphemy laws prescribe a mandatory death penalty for the crime of insulting Islam’s Prophet Muhammad, and strict penalties for other infractions such as insulting Islam, the holy Quran or certain holy people.”

Not systemic racism, fellow Canadian patriots?  Fair to say this is an infinitely more extreme example of systemic racism than anything to be found upon Canadian soil.

So why is this permissible in the eyes of our ruling government, CBC and corporate Canadian media. CAP have yet to witness Pakistani immigrant and M103 “Islamophobia” motion founder MP Iqra Khalid call out such a travesty.

January, 2018, Toronto Canada:  An 11-year-old girl’s report last week[ that a man tried to cut off her hijab as she walked to school didn’t occur,” police said.

As it happened, Justin Trudeau took this opportunity to call out racism in Canada.  When the incident was proven to be false, citizens called on Trudeau to apologize for his behaviour. He did no such thing.

BURIED BY MEDIA: How Justin Trudeau’s Pursuit Of The “World Stage” Damaged Old Stock Canadians

What a beautiful microcosm for the hypocrisy of Trudeau’s systemic racism proclamation. Of course, no mainstream media organization has ever juxtaposed Pakistani–or any form of Middle Eastern racism– with that of Canada’s indulgence.

What a loaded agenda. Since the day Justin Trudeau gained office, he and Liberal government have worked an agenda of systemic racism–toward our “Old Stock” Canadian communities.

What incredible irony. Obviously, PM Trudeau is demonizing Anglophone Canada for a purpose. Government create no agenda without a pre-meditated, defined reason for doing so–that’s a rule.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)


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  1. Multiculturalism is racism, of which Trudope is guilty of. I believe that all people are equal, this idea of multiculturalism is racism, no one group should stand out.


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