Trudeau’s “Sunny Ways” Result In MENTAL PROBLEMS For 50% Of Canadians

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As job losses mount and self-isolation continues, half of Canadians say their mental health has gotten worse during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to pollster Angus Reid Institute, 16 per cent of Canadians described themselves as depressed. 9 per cent stated they “felt numb.” 

At least 20 per cent of Canadians from all regions fall into the hardest hit category, with Alberta having the highest number at 32 per cent and Quebec the lowest at 20 per cent.

What fascinating results these are. This provides Cultural Action Party of Canada an opportunity to elucidate on these findings in our typically direct—and often caustic—manner of analysis.

As it happens, mental health is a topic CAP believe we can comment upon with a degree of authority. In fact, when it comes to the mental health of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and family, we have on many occasions offered a psychological interpretation of their primary motivations.

50% of Canadians have experienced a decline in mental health by way of Covid-19. What an understandable state-of-affairs.

Related stress, related unemployment, fear of disease—all this and more would naturally increase personal anxiety within Canadian society. Does take Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung to deduce this reality.

Now, let us ask a salient question: to what extent has PM Justin Trudeau mollified, or exacerbated this social dynamic?

Obviously, CAP side with the latter. In our opinion, social fragmentation in Canada is at an all-time high. Western Canada frets over the idea that the Liberal-Trudeau “Laurentian Mountain” money people are out to decimate the Alberta economy.

Those concerned about  retention of national sovereignty worry about Justin Trudeau’s “Open Society” decision-making. Muslims worry about “Islamophobia.” Nationalists are anxious when considering that Liberal-Globalism will destroy everything it has meant to be Canadian on an historical basis.

Immigrants fret over racism. Anglophones stress out over their pending transformation to a “minority” community. And on and on, ad infinitum.

Question: Did Justin Trudeau set out to create this state-of-affairs? Blimey—even CAP have doubts about this. Rather, what comes into consciousness regarding all of this is the following:

PM Trudeau has been “played like a fiddle” by international forces. United Nations, World Health Organization, IMAM’s and other Islamic community leaders. Sikh MP’s and their myopic desires within society.

George Soros’ “Open Border Society” and the “tweet that changed a nation” via Trudeau’s open invitation for illegal refugees to enter Canada and receive welfare checks on a monthly basis.

Because PM Justin went ahead and “inverted” the fundamentals of Canadian governance, the people of Canada are experiencing collective anxiety in an unprecedented manner.

What ever happened to Trudeau’s “Sunny Ways” Canada? How simple to answer: Mr. Trudeau’s inversion of society resulted in an inversion of his Sunny Ways mantra.

Degree of establishment media presentation of these ideas? Of course, the degree is zero. 

BURIED BY MEDIA: ​Pharma Billionaire Barry Sherman Murdered DAYS AFTER Trudeau Fundraiser Investigation Launch

“Women are among those most likely to say their mental health is deteriorating. Increased emotional work in the household caring for kids or parents due to the pandemic is a possible explanation,” according to a CBC News report.

Alberta’s economy has been battered by low oil prices leading to “financial instability and uncertainty” for households as result of Coronavirus.  This could explain why people in the province have been particularly impacted by worsening mental health during the pandemic. 

“About one-quarter of people in the hardest hit group said their relationships at home have suffered since the COVID-19 outbreak began, compared to six per cent in the managing well group.”

Now, CAP will get a bit deeper on the psychology of the Covid crisis—in accordance with Justin Trudeau’s “socialist-infused” brand of governance.

Here, we speak of the “family unit.” In sociological terms, the family unit is the cornerstone of community. The health of the family unit serves as a microcosm for the general health of a society.

Thinking historically, some nations have held the traditional family unit as the ultimate social priority. Others, not so much—such as socialist and communist societies.

Here, the dedication to the state over-rides the dedication to family. In this regard, the communist nation of China comes to mind. Was it Vladimir Lenin who alluded to this idea during the years of the Russian Revolution?

According to the 1968 law “Principles of Legislation on Marriage and Family of the U.S.S.R., parent are to “raise their children in the spirit of the moral code of the builder of communism.”

According to Marxist theory, the “family unit perpetuates class inequality through the transfer of property through inheritance.”

“Following the abolition of private property, the bourgeois family will cease to exist and the union of individuals will become a purely private affair.”

Based upon this Marxist creed, would common-sense Canadians conclude that a communist society places the family unit at the pinnacle of national institutions? Not likely.

Rather, the messaging contained within instructs a citizenship that the state takes priority over the family. Pretty heavy stuff, eh?

Now, think of the Trudeau-brand of  “Liberal-Globalism.” Has this government promoted the traditional family unit during its five-year run of power?

No way, Jose. Conversely, PM Trudeau pushed LGBT, Pride Parades, gay marriage, transgenderism from 2015-2019 like it was going out-of-style. Every element undermines the spirit of the traditional Canadian family.

Does this mean CAP hate homosexuality? Not at all— this is not the point here. Rather, the messaging is that, in our opinion, LGBT as a political ideology is socialist in orientation. 

How about abortion policy in Canada? Try 80,000 abortions per year for the past 30 years. Founder of our “no term limit” abortion policy? Pierre Trudeau. Manic advocate of mass abortion in 2015? Justin Trudeau.

LGBT, Transgender, Abortion—all anti-Christian to the max. Communist belief regarding Christianity— not wanted, not socially acceptable. Justin has fully supported this agenda since day ONE.


6 thoughts on “Trudeau’s “Sunny Ways” Result In MENTAL PROBLEMS For 50% Of Canadians”

    • For certain. And father too. Justin’s pathology comes from a dysfunctional childhood. No wonder he ended up a Muslim sympathizing champion of China.

  1. There is something seriously wrong with the PM of Canada, Justin Trudeau that might be explained by the effects of Fetal Alcohol & Drug Syndrome, his childhood trauma, and his adolescent drug and alcohol abuse.

    With Justin’s mom’s well documented history of drug and alcohol abuse, there is a strong case to be made that Justin may be suffering from serious fetal drug and alcohol syndrome brain damage issues.

    That along with the trauma of little Justin witnessing his step dad, Pierre’s well documented history of mentally abusing and beating the crap out of his mom.

    Then imagine the trauma and humiliation he must have endured when he found out about his mom’s very public mental and sexual abuse suffered at the hands of the Rolling Stones during his formative years.

    Not to mention the mind numbing effect of finding out that Fidel Castro might be his real dad.
    His getting caught out being a serial groper, blackface aficionado, and child molester surely didn’t help his mental state.

    Adding to the already toxic mental health mix, Justin’s own well documented history of drug and alcohol abuse from adolescence to the present, would go a long way into explaining the cognitively challenged specimen’s increasingly bizarre and abusive behaviour towards Canadians.

    If Canada had a real media, they would be exposing the madman directly responsible for laying waste to Canada and helping cleanse us of our homegrown madman, instead of speculating on the health of a madman on the other side of the planet that we have no control over.

  2. We need Justin Trudeau out of government completely. If he is allowed to continue as PM for another 6 months there will be no turning back. The Canada that we know and love will be gone forever and the Communist Country of Canada will begin in full swing. Dear Lord please save us from this horrible fate.

  3. This government is illegitimate, as is the dictator. Until he fully restores Parliament and starts working for Canada, he has lost the authority to govern. Trudeau and his minions no longer hold dominion over me. Starting 30 April, I’m returning to normal. The feds no longer exist. Our homegrown Karl Marx is on permanent ignore. Trudeau is a treasonous traitor, that needs to be held to account, just like any other criminal.


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