Trudeau’s Silence On Trucker Convoy Speaks Volumes

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In comparing Justin Trudeau to national leaders of the past, there has always been something “off” about our current prime minister. Despite media’s attempt to have it appear otherwise, Mr. Trudeau general vibe is underpinned with an aura of the authoritarian.

Throwing aside the will of the public, to uphold democratic standards is anathema in Trudeau’s books. While it began as an element of his character, the phenomenon has over six years crept into his relationship with the public.

Within authoritarian nations, the relationship between leader and public is tenuous. It is a rare occasion when dictators can stroll through the town square to catch a breath of fresh air. Such spontaneity is off-limits. To appear in public requires coordination with a team of bodyguards, armed if necessary.

Is the situation so different for Justin Trudeau? We don’t know, because he never does it. He has the perfect excuse not to– Covid 19. A sensible observer can see why he refrains. He is the most “unpopular popular” PM in history.

In this way, Trudeau is cut from the same cloth as despots in communist societies. A tangible wall exists between leader and public. This condition now exists in Canadian society.

Take the current truckers convoy to Ottawa. Where in the world is Justin Trudeau? Silence is golden as our supreme leader hides his head in the sand– possibly next to the surf in Tofino, B.C.

The man has no relationship with the public. Yes, there are select areas he can appear– Brampton, Ontario for example. He can still get by in majority immigrant communities. But let’s see him walk unencumbered down 8th avenue mall in Calgary. Not gonna happen– it is not safe.

Regarding the current trucker convoy, Trudeau has thus far taken a page from Monty Python. “Run away, Run away” is the designated solution. If our fearless leader had any form of relationship with the public, he would be able to stand up and make a statement.

He doesn’t, and he won’t. Justin Trudeau is an ivory tower prime minister. Cut off from the public, he exists in a vacuum surrounded by sycophants convincing him of his popularity.

All of it suggesting what astute Canadians understood from day one: Trudeau is a pseudo-dictator. On this basis, what does this make Canada other than a pseudo-dictatorship?

Our PM can count his lucky stars he is able to transition some $1.5 billion dollars a year from tax-payer bank accounts to Canadian media. Without this, his charade would have crumbled years ago.

As the truckers roll their way to Ottawa, what must Justin Trudeau be thinking? While Canadians do not know the answer, we can draw one conclusion:

Whatever he is thinking, he is not doing it in Ottawa. Rather, he has hit the road in cowardly fashion. Unwilling– or unable– our PM is taking the easy way out.

Justin Trudeau refuses to confront Canada’s trucker community on what has transformed for him into a religion–the Covid vaccination industry.

26 thoughts on “Trudeau’s Silence On Trucker Convoy Speaks Volumes”

  1. He’s done everything he can to shut down the trucker’s “Go Fund Me” page by calling them a “terrorist organization which THEY ARE NOT!

  2. If Trudeau is not willing to stay and face the truckers it shows that he is not a leader that should step down the only way that little boy could save face is to try and make up some bullshit excuse and stay there and answer the tough questions that are gonna be put to him but no like you said Monty Python runaway runaway

  3. If Trudeau is not there to answer the tough questions put to him by the truckers and Canadians in this crisis what kind of leader is he
    Well I’ll tell you a scared little boy who’s gonna hide and lie
    Trudo is not there when the truckers arrive it will be the death of his career there is no doubt Canadians will not stand for this crap anymore at least I know I won’t

  4. You hit the nail right on the head a real man would stand up . But He’s a coward through and through. I cannot for the life of me understand why he is still in power , He should have been in jail long ago. They impeached Trump and this excuse for a man is far worse than Trump ever was.

    • He’s still in power because 33% of Canadians voted for him. Some ‘democracy’ we have. It’s really not a democracy at all and I think, never has been.

  5. comment found on another site: (translated)
    Trudeau tries to shut down truckers’ funds, and attacks the fundraising site to shut it down or get the money back, saying it’s a “TERRORIST ORGANIZATION” to stop them funding their Convoys (fuel, etc….).
    Call Gofoundme , by phone or letter, TELL them you are a peaceful citizen to help truckers for the protest PACIFIQUE going to Ottawa, and you are NOT a terrorist or violent organization.
    tel : 1-619-721 3863 — ou https//

  6. TruDOPE is a Scumbag Traitor That Needs to be Put in Prison along with all his Corrupt Lieberals. It’s time all Canadians Wake Up and Arrest this POS- Lying Traitor. Enough of all his Corruption SNC Lavalin, Aga Khan, Multiple times he’s been found out to his Corruption.

  7. I’m a 66 year young guy who watched The Turd’s father push GLOBALISM constantly.
    He runs a CRIMINAL MAFIA CARTEL TYRANNY like Stalin.

    This MFER is as EVIL as it gets. The so called TERRORISTS that were used to scare the masses was a stepping stone to this MEDICAL CARTEL TYRANNY we have now.

    Listen to David Hawkins interviews on this CCP shill.He has massive crimes being hidden. Sherman’s murder is possibly one of many.

  8. Our CrimeMinister took a knee for George Floyd and black lives matters terrorist movement but he is a ghostly figure when it comes to listening to his own voting public 🇨🇦 Our flags should be SOS upside down. We have a government gone bad.

  9. Can anyone explain it to me how these mandates are even legal as they go in direct conflict with Charter of Rights. Hundreds of thousands cannot leave the country without being forcefully injected with a substance they don’t consent to.

      • Not only did he sneak in 411,000, but he also brought in a United Nations team to teach the media how to positively spin the massive immigration. We had our chance in 2021 and we blew it. He’s an embarrassment!

    • None of the mandates are not legal. The Blackface regime never provided the evidence required in Section 1 to justify overriding Charter of Rights. Further more, the experimental injections were given the green light based on the lie that no other treatments existed.

      Blackface is a true criminal psychopath. Trudeau will label the truckers as ‘domestic terrorists’ like Biden did to US patriots, and ignore them like Macron did the Yellow Vest movement. All Trudeau has to do is wait until supplies run low at the grocery stores and then he can agitate to turn the public on the truckers and the millions of Canadians who support them.


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