Trudeau’s Silence On Toronto Police Officer Murder Speaks Volumes

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“The death of Toronto Police Const. Jeff Northup has prompted police services – both across the country and around the world – politicians, and people from all walks of life to offer condolences on social media.”

So states the Toronto Sun in response to a first degree murder charge against person of unknown origin, Umar Zabeer.

The circumstances surrounding this incident reveal the essence of “Woke Generation” hypocrisy. Rather than cries for a terrorism charge, Canadian media respond with relative silence. As in, relative to their mass promotion of a recent murder as perpetrated by a white Canadian against a Muslim family last month.

The contrast is striking. In regards to the Constable Jeffrey Northrop murder, what media has served up is best described as “generic.” Meaning an across-the-board media delivery of a standard headline, which goes like this:

“Man charged with first-degree murder for death of Toronto officer struck by vehicle”

If this isn’t an obvious sign of media bias, then what is? What we have here is Canadian media– an entity ostensibly owned and controlled by Canadians— giving favour to a particular identifiable community.

It doesn’t take Stephen Hawking to see why. Obviously, the directive comes from “on high”– as in, the office of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Why would Cultural Action Party offer such an opinion? Simple as Nova Scotia apple pie–because PM Trudeau indulges in the same hypocritical behaviour. Let us consider an example:

In 2018, hundreds of people gathered in Vancouver with signs asking Justin Trudeau to apologize for how he dealt with what’s being called the “hijab hoax” incident. Protesters were holding signs such as “Trudeau do not split Canadians”, “Trudeau apologize” and  “all Canadians are equal.”

Of course, Trudeau does split Canadians. He did not apologize. And in no manner does he promote the belief that all Canadians are equal.

The so-called “hijab hoax” occurred when an 11-year-old girl accused a man of trying to tear off her hijab. Trudeau spoke out on Twitter, saying “incidents like this cannot be tolerated.”  Subsequent to this statement, Toronto Police reported “the incident did not happen.”

If Trudeau adhered to true equality within our pluralist society, he would have already made a statement on the murder of Police Officer Jeffrey Northrup. Why has he thus far abstained?

As obvious as rain in Deep Cove, B.C. this is: because the name of the accused is Umar Zabeer. By way of media, we know a grand total of nothing about this person. Is he part of the great immigration wave of 2015-2021? No idea–because media refuse to expose any details.

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Let us quickly summarize: When a hijab-wearing child lies about a man tearing the garment from her head, Justin Trudeau immediately jumps all over the incident, branding our society racist and bigoted.

When a person named Umar Zabeer is arrested for an alleged murder of a Toronto Cop, Trudeau is silent as the lambs.

What can common sense Canadians glean from this incredible act of hypocrisy? Far less than they should, because media has never articulated the concepts contained herein.

Let us speak of a nasty game infused with distortion– the concept of social “privilege.” As concerned citizens know, both government and media have for the past five years been bashing in society’s brains with the theory of white supremacy.

Do tell, fellow patriots– to what extent is white privilege theory exemplified within the context of these events?  CAP recommend considering no extent at all. Conversely, all the privilege is manifest via the most powerful institutions within society– government and media.

There’s the true “post-modern” Canada for you. The elevation of our PM’s preferred peoples to privileged status–while running down the rest of us. Justin Trudeau has indeed established a post-modern society– one in which the art of suffering as been transitioned into a political weapon.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est. 2016)

5 thoughts on “Trudeau’s Silence On Toronto Police Officer Murder Speaks Volumes”

  1. Mm, let’s be clear on this!
    A white male Canadian runs down a Muslim family and 1. It’s a national tragedy, 2. It’s an act of terrorism. Go on national TV to show support for this occurrence.
    A brown male Canadian (?) runs down a 31 year veteran Police Officer, when being ordered to stop and 1. Nothing about it being a national tragedy, 2. Say nothing about it being an act of terrorism and ignore this horrific use of a vehicle to run down and kill a Canadian Police Officer.
    Either it works both ways in a nation of equality or there is a gross miscarriage of fairness, justice and equality for all Canadians.
    Am I missing something? What clearly is missing? Mm, perhaps the driver didn’t understand why the Police Officer was ordering him to stop. Shameful stance when truly this heinous act of killing a Police Officer with deadly force took place.

  2. Canadian Senator warns Canadians not to point the finger at China for their treatment of Muslim Uyghurs (Denies Genocide). [Rumours abound about them being used as slaves and for organ transplants] but Senator says don’t warn China about their humane treatment of these Muslims. It’s a National Act of terrorism when a Canadian runs down a Family, yet an empty stadium with just the crickets chirping when a ? Canadian runs down a Canadian Police Officer. I don’t think Einstein can solve this? Ooh can l say that. Would that be antisemitic?
    FLASH MOB 14 JULY 2021
    Peaceful assembly of Canadians
    From 10:00 a.m. to Noon, on the Hill, bring your bristol board sign, have your say. A show of displeasure at how this nation is governed. Or your city Hall or provincial capital.

  3. Turdo; Before the 2015 election: “Terrorists should get to keep their (worthless) Canadian citizenship. I’m willing to take on anyone who disagrees with me.” After the election: “Terrorists will keep their (worthless) Canadian citizenship. ANYONE GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT? Yes? Come and see me and the boys. Nice family you’ve got there. Be a shame if anything happened to them.” Here’s a parting thought: Reduce the Supreme Court to one “justice.” A personal Trudeau appointment. Let’s say…..The disgusting sycophant yes man David Lametti. (All judgements must be pre-arranged by the king.) The courts are increasingly coming under the spell of the evil Turdo. Full on communism ahead–One. Step. At. A. Time.


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