Trudeau’s Personal Secretary MP Omar Alghabra Whines Over U.N. Security Council SEAT LOSS

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has selected  his parliamentary secretary– dual citizenship Liberal MP, Omar Alghabra.

An interesting choice, for certain. Rumoured to have shouted out “it’s a win for Islam” upon Trudeau’s initial election victory in 2015, Mr. Alghabra is actually a citizen of either Syria or Saudi Arabia— difficult to tell for certain.

Turns out Liberal Alghabra is a “celebrity” around the Greater Toronto Area(GTA). A three-time winner within Justin Trudeau’s “silver bullet” of political domination,  it is MP’s such as Alghabra and like-minded Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen who hold the key to the Liberals agenda of political domination.

For CAP, Alghabra is a “contender“– as in, a much-hated MP  who keeps winning his 3rd World voter-saturated riding in Mississauga over and over–and over.

Interesting coincidence– as the same applies to 3rd World MP obsessive Ahmed Hussen, as well as the Pakistani national who created the Liberal M103 “Islamophobia” motion, MP Iqra Khalid.

Taken together, these MP’s–along with dozens of other Liberal-3rd World MP winners, have formed a veritable “cult of personality” which is dominating federal politics in the GTA region.

For CAP, this hold the key to the Liberal-Globalist agenda of our country’s transformation to a non-democratic socialist nation-state.

Media say nothing. Well, not exactly nothing— as it happens. CBC and corporate Canadian media are fully backing the promotion of 3rd World Canada–a virtual “war of the words” as together Liberals and media partners seduce the people of Canada into accepting an agenda of social decimation.

And who suffers? Why, it is those that these forces most dislikeCanadians of European heritage. It is within this “silent cabal” that patriots can find one of the most ethnocentric MP’s in Canadian history– three-time GTA winner, MP Omar Alghabra.

What Media Held Back:

Previous to Justin Trudeau’s ascention to the “throne of Canada”, Mr. Alghabra arranged a Canada-wide tour of Islamic mosques for his boss-man. Our PM did the tour, including dressing in traditional Islamic robes, and reciting the “Shahada”— a prayer which confirms conversion to Islam for non-Muslims.

Media sat in silence. When accusations flew regarding Justin’s ubiquitous devotion to the Nation of Islam, all devotion was refuted by CTV and media. Trudeau is “their boy”— so even when engaging in  absurdist behaviour– the CBC “back their man.”

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Some months after the Mosque election tour, Justin’s backers decided it would be a keen idea for Trudeau to feign and fake some concern for “Old Stock” Canada–so they sent him on a tour of what was labelled “Church Basements.”

Only thing about it was that the PM would not step foot out of church basement, and into a church chapel.

CAP Conclusion: The Prime Minister of Canada prefers Islam to Christianity–the very religion he professes to belong to. How odd-ball, eh? Degree of media analysis or exposure?

You got it, fellow nationalists and patriots– nothing at all. How telling, no? Of course it is. According to conservative news organization GateStone Institute,

“It is not unusual for a Liberal Member of Parliament to support efforts by extremists. Canada’s Parliamentary Secretary for Global Affairs[ Omar Alghabra–Ed.] is an open supporter of Islamic Sharia Law. Several other Liberal Party members have close links to extremism as well.”

“In 2016, Prime Minister Trudeau chose not to observe any official 9/11 memorial ceremony to honour the Canadians who died that day. The very next day, he attended the Ottawa Main Mosque, which has multiple links to extremism. 

Degree of exposure from CBC, Toronto Star and Globe & Mail? Nothing-not a single sentence do they publish which alludes to even a speck of  nefarious back-room activity of this nature.

CAP Belief: State broadcasting media moguls at CBC support an advancement of 3rd World-oriented religious globalism within Canadian society.

Od course, there is verified fact, and there is rumour, suspicion and conjecture. CAP claim to have no verification of the myriad rumours regarding these strategically selected 3rd World MP’s and their affiliation with the extremist Muslim Brotherhood organization.

Yet, rumours there are–including M103 founder and half-Pakistani MP Iqra Khalid’s rumoured affiliation with the Brotherhood. An issue within government? Not at all.

If CAP had to venture a guess, we would claim that Justin Trudeau has little problem with this “Brotherhood.” Rather, an educated guess might suggest our PM shares “political and religious ideology” with Middle Eastern extremism.

Word From A

“It’s quite distasteful how the Conservatives and @AndrewScheer are gloating that Canada didn’t win a Security Council seat. It used to be that Canadian partisanship stopped at the border. Bring back decency, please.”

So can you hear it, brother and sister patriots!  Mr. Omar of Syria or Saudi Arabia(only his hairdresser knows for sure) is calling to “bring back DECENCY.”

Top 5 CAP Recommendations For Bringing Back Decency To Canada:

  1. Remove Justin Trudeau as prime minister.
  2. Force CBC/Media to stop lying to Canadians.
  3. End the Justin Trudeau’s “anti-European Canadian” campaigns.
  4. Terminate Anglophone-hating “multicultural” policy.
  5. Remove ethnocentric half citizen Liberal GTA MP’s from government.

 Then–perhaps– decency will return to Canadian society. After all, if Canadians are desirous of decency, then the Liberal Party of Canada should never again be permitted to hi-jack our society in the manner MP Omar Alghabra has advanced since the day Justin Trudeau politically empowered this myopic multicultural warrior.





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