Trudeau’s “Rapporteur” Sides With China On Election Interference

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All common sense Canadians knew it would happen:

David Johnston says he has concluded that a public inquiry on Chinese Election interference would not be the best way forward because he has been able to review all the relevant facts and a commissioner leading a public inquiry would essentially be duplicating his efforts.”

A pile of hokum it is.

In 1974, David Johnston was appointed Dean of the University of Western Ontario Law School, after which he was elevated to become Principal and Vice-Chancellor of McGill University in Montreal.

It was during his time in that role that he became acquainted with Pierre and Margaret Trudeau, as the Johnston children played with the Trudeau children when the families vacationed in the Laurentian mountain resort area of Quebec.

Mr. Johnson is a former member of the Trudeau Foundation, recently accused of taking “bribe money” from representatives of the Chinese government. Johnston describes his friendship with Justin Trudeau as “going back to children’s days.” 

Away from the media spotlight, Johnson’s role was basic in design: to maintain the status quo of the Liberal Party-Chinese Government relationship.

“With China’s attempted meddling in Canadian elections roiling the Liberal government for months now, the 18 ridings with high Chinese-Canadian populations will be critical in the next election, and the outcome could prove to be a decisive factor in determining who forms the next government.”

What have we become? Does Canada today exist in a condition where China and their diaspora communities hold the political fate of our nation in their hands?

If it does, CAP bring it all back home to a single individual: Pierre Trudeau. It was he who initiated China’s penetration of Canadian society back in the late 1960’s.

A half-century later, Canadians stand witness to the results. Not that establishment media has ever alluded to the roots of communist infiltration.  If there’s one thing the Chinese government understand, to control a society you must control a nation’s media.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets.”

Napoleon Bonaparte said so in the early 1800’s. Rolling over in his grave he would be if he was to witness political life in 2023.

In short, Canada has been captured. Or perhaps hi-jacked is a better way to put it. No family in our country has contributed more to the erosion of national sovereignty than the Trudeau family of Quebec.

Earlier this month, Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre stated that “David Johnston has a fake job and is too close to Justin Trudeau.”

He’s right– but does it really make a difference? China’s in control now, and no nation on earth is more effective at maintaining dictatorial dominance within a society.

This is the transition Canada has undergone since the day Justin Trudeau was placed as Canadian prime minister in 2015. He says he will run again, and if he does, he will win again. The government of China say so– end of story.

“In the 2021 election, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals won 15 of the 18 ridings with 20 per cent or more Chinese-Canadians. Next time, all three parties are expected to target these ridings and it could prove to be the final outcome’s deciding factor, says Frank Graves, president of Ekos Research.”

Can a political party form a federal government without China backing the winners? If not, then democracy in Canada is dead.

Pierre Trudeau: “I wouldn’t say that communism is right for Canada at this time, but such a time may come, who knows?”

The time has arrived. No two politicians are more responsible for democratic decay in Canada than so-called father and son Pierre & Justin Trudeau. 

The Crime of the Century it is.

4 thoughts on “Trudeau’s “Rapporteur” Sides With China On Election Interference”

  1. The ChiComs software, never had a more fertile ground, than the partnership with PET, cultural marxism/multiculturalism.

  2. And through all of this, Jagmeet Singh is in the ultimate power position. He decides it all, except that he uses his power to the benefit of one and one only: Singh.

    He neither puts up nor shuts up. All talk, he says and does the exact same thing in the exact same way, over and over and over again. Learned nothing and forgotten nothing.


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