Trudeau’s Purpose For Elevating Racism To Canada’s Number One Social Issue

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No matter a Canadian’s position on politics, one observation remains irrefutable: the topic of racism has risen to the pinnacle of Canada’s social concerns.

In no manner is this development a random occurrence. It is, to be certain, an agenda with a specific purpose. To discover how it came into being, one must go to the source: Communist ideology.

In a recent article on the advancement of  communism within Canadian politics, conservative journalist Spencer Fernando has the following to say:

“The Communists are aided in this obscuration by the fact that they can claim to be standing for ‘equality for all people,’ which of course sounds nice at first glance, [but] deftly elides that Communist efforts to achieve ‘equality’ have historically involved horrific violence, brutal oppression, [and] a denial of all basic freedoms.”

Let Cultural Action Party apply these thoughts to PM Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government. Is it not factual that issues of racism are today our penultimate social issue?  Under the auspices of Liberals, a lack of “equality for all people” underlies all social maladies.

The Liberals and media drive this agenda like Roman chariot racers driving horses to the finish line. Canada is “systemically racist.” Our nation is guilty of genocide. Canadians detest 3rd World immigrants. Ours is a country steeped in Islamophobia, homophobia and transphobia.

Government and media tacitly imply that responsibility is to be found within a specific segment of society: Anglophone and Christian Canadians.

Thus, a post-modern shift in social dynamics– Anglophones, kindly take your place in Canada’s social doghouse.This doesn’t bother Trudeau in any way– he is not an Anglophone-Canadian. Now, let us consider the inevitable result. Which is–to be certain– social division.

But wait a cotton pickin’ minute here. Isn’t Justin Trudeau’s publicly proclaimed intention one of social equality? How does he rationalize such a flagrant contradiction?

The answer is simple– he doesn’t– because he doesn’t have to. Media cover this off for him. Thus it is that hypocrisy rules Canada’s social order in 2021.

What does all this have to do with Marxism and communism? Plenty, to be sure. We turn to a study called Race, Class and Marxism:

“There is an inextricable link between racism and capitalism. Capitalism is dependant on racism as both a source of profiteering, but more importantly as a means to divide and rule. Racism is necessary to drive a wedge between workers who otherwise have everything in common and every reason to ally and organize together, but who are perpetually driven apart to the benefit of the ruling class.”

How beautifully this encapsulates Trudeau government methodology. Utilize racism to divide the public. Drive a wedge between various segments of society. Prevent organization and unity among peoples(Covid serving this purpose wonderfully). Finally, do it all for the benefit of the ruling class.

Let CAP pull no punches here: this is Justin Trudeau, his Liberal government, and the international forces who back him. Media presentation is a paid-off smokescreen to accomplish these goals. Justin Trudeau is not any old prime minister–he is an individual in charge of what CAP consider a facsimile of Chairman Mao’s Silent Revolution.

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Marxists believe that the potential for that kind of unity is dependant on battles and struggles against racism. Without a commitment by revolutionary organizations in the here and now to the fight against racism, working-class unity will never be achieved and the revolutionary potential of the working class will never be realized.”

Ex-Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau:

“Federalism must be welcomed as a valuable tool which permits dynamic parties to plant socialist governments in certain provinces, from which the seed of radicalism can slowly spread.”

Marxist theory espouses that nationalism, religion, and family are fundamental ways in which working class people identify themselves – rather than through class division. As a result, communism attacks these cornerstones of society.

And so has the ruling government of Canada. National Pride? Forget about it–unless it involves 3rd World or LGBT pride. Religion–say no more as we witness a systemic attack upon the Christian faith. Family? Think of Trudeau’s incessant support of LGBT, Pride and transgenderism– all of which undermine the traditional Canadian family.

Put all this together, and what do we have? For one thing, what Canadians will never be informed of by mainstream media. Beyond this, a calculated agenda of communist infiltration by way of Canada’s big three: government, media and academia.

It’s all in the cards as Justin Trudeau hustles Canada along to its ultimate conversion from democracy to dictatorship. CAP will see you on the other side– if at all possible,

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est. 2016)

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  1. sept 9/ 21 prime minister announces support for black entrepreneurs and business owners $221 million : when one segment of the population is treated differently from another is that not racism ???????


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