Trudeau’s Pink Fascism: 16-Year Old Arrested For Anti-Transgender Comments

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“A Catholic high school student in Canada was arrested after being suspended for protesting against transgender people’s use of bathrooms and saying there are only two genders.”

Cultural Action Party(est. 2016) has coined a term for this type of draconian behavior. We call it “Pink Fascism,” in mock tribute to 20th century historical fascism perpetrated by the most destructive totalitarian regime of the past 100 years.

Let patriots understand this in no-uncertain terms. For the alleged “crime” of exercising one’s right to freedom of speech, a 16-year old Canadian boy named Josh Alexander has been arrested by the Ontario Provincial Police.

CAP liken it to the “good old days,” when speaking against state-enforced ideology was an illegal act. Back then, a citizen was likely to have their brain blown out, rather than simply being arrested.

Perhaps PM Justin Trudeau would refer to this as “progress.” Whatever the case, one fact remains salient: our prime minister has transitioned our nation to one in which a post-modern form of fascism permeates society.

It’s all quite sick, yet what rational Canadian would expect less? The situation serves as one reason why CAP preface our labelling of Trudeau governance with a “neo” nomenclature.

In 2023, Canada is a neo-communist society. Liberal government policy is imbued with “neo-fascist” tendencies–as opposed to “traditional” authoritarianism.

Students of history recognise that draconian law in China, Cuba, and the former Soviet Union were devoid of LGBT-Transgender government dogma. While this differential separates Canada from these societies, the methodology employed is near-identical.

It is a crime to publicly oppose government policy as promulgated by our country’s neo-Marxist educational systems. Rather than point to these realities, mainstream media chose to perpetuate government policy. As it exists in China, Cuba and various authoritarian states.

“I expressed my religious beliefs in class and it spiraled out of control. Not everybody’s going to like that. That doesn’t make me a bully. It doesn’t mean I’m harassing anybody. They express their beliefs and I express mine. Mine obviously don’t fit the narrative.”

Josh Alexander’s fundamental crime against the state? Try this on for size:

Alexander says he is a “born-again Christian.” Bang zoom, you are in deep do-do. Upon which we present a hypothetical: if young Mr. Alexander was young Mr. Mohammed, none of this would occur.

The irony begins to flow as we recognize that, in fact, Alexander’s school is part of the Ontario Catholic School System. Are we to believe that the tentacles of Trudeau-Liberal  Communism have grabbed hold of the school board?

In case readers are unsure, Catholic schools in Ontario are funded by the provincial government. We stand witness as the “religion” of government supersedes religion of Christ. Within this microcosm, we come to understand the truth regarding Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” Canada.

Is there no place safe for those who stand in opposition to government-funded LBGT and transgender infiltration of Canadian society? Conversely, you can be damn sure nothing like this would occur inside dozens of Muslim schools which dot the map in urban Ontario.

Are we now living in China, or what? The statement may not be as far off-base as one might believe. The government of China loathes Christianity, and systemically persecuted its followers. By way of our educational systems, the Liberal government of Canada have followed suit. Seems likely that there is more than “admiration” behind our PM’s attitude toward the behemoth nation of the far east.

Consider the following: based on which religious identity were religious leaders persecuted during the height of the Covid scandal? Fact is, it was a exclusive– Christianity only. While a half-dozen Christian ministers were arrested, not one media report existed which pointed to the same for IMAMs and their many mosques.

Has Justin Trudeau and his motley crue of liberal communists established a pink fascist society? One in which we arrest 16-year olds for freedom of consciousness?

The answer is yes. You won’t hear it from CBC, nor read about in the Toronto Star. Canada’s conversion from democracy to dictatorship continues to roll.

Pre-planned since the days of ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau, it has reached its apotheosis under current Liberal PM Justin Trudeau.

2 thoughts on “Trudeau’s Pink Fascism: 16-Year Old Arrested For Anti-Transgender Comments”

  1. Will we hear from any Ontario bishops or priests? Is the Pope down w/ all of this evil? Ford’s facist; crumbling Ontario is currying favor w/ his bff Trudope. I think Doug-ee has his bedroom wall plastered with photos of the vile C. Freeloader, and his wannabe girlfriend Trudope. The “post modern” Canada–Descends in only seven years; from Canada to Bananada. Our descent continues; until we reach a form of Hell on earth. The imbecilic putz Trudeau is an obedient channel for dark forces; that should be apparent by now. Last Sundays’ demonic performance of “Unholy” at the Grammy Awards could easily have featured Trudeau as Satan. The ritual concluded with “Brought to you by Pfizer!” What are you waiting for? Get yer sixth booster!

  2. Just wow! This arrest makes me sick and what they’ve done to Catholic schools is a crime! Our country is lost because of Trueass. And we cant do a darn thing! Keep fighting FREEDOM FIGHTERS! I dont want to live in Chinada with all this disgust going on!


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