Trudeau’s New $600 Million Media Bailout Will End Freedom Of Press In Canada

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This is disastrous for Canada, because it means that any remnants of a free press we once had WILL BE LOST. The big problem is that – beyond the waste of taxpayer dollars – the government will be PICKING which media companies end up getting bailed out.


3 thoughts on “Trudeau’s New $600 Million Media Bailout Will End Freedom Of Press In Canada”

  1. Brewsters millions, a comical show that had a purpose to waiste all money’s. With the only one knowing it would appear there is a simple agenda to break CANADA financially, perhaps thats why the probe into the peoples banks accounts…bankrupt blatant Treason, Saboteur, RCMP have a duty and that is where tge push shoild be, it is within the operation manual and procedures. So who is in this war or who thinks they are not?

  2. Justin Trudeau has just bought the mainline media, folks this is not good news, he is setting up a panel to control what the media can right etc.

    • Why would jihadi Justin want to buy the media when he has them at his disposal from years ago? He should know by now that the reporters will give their lives to him for no extra pay. Real reporters are difficult to buy since their main priority is to the public and there other reporters who are easily bought on conditions.


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