Trudeau Nation: Liberal MP Accused Of Ties To Iranian Government

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Being a “50-something” year-old Canadian, born and raised in the fading “Great White North,” one can recall a time when politics in Canada took on a very different form. How long is it exactly since the Nation of Islam became a major player within Canadian politics?

A common sense Canadian would realize it has been a mere five or six years. Certainly the ball was rolling before Justin Trudeau became prime minister– but not by much. Fair to say it is Mr. Trudeau who made it his personal mission to integrate Islamic religion and culture into the fabric of our nation.

Mosque tours, Eid and Ramadan celebrations, appointments for ethnocentric Islamic MP’s, citizenship for terrorists, tens of millions of dollars to so-called “multicultural” not-for-profit organizations.

Maryam Monsef as Minister of Status of Women, half Somali citizen MP Ahmed Hussen as immigration minister. MP Iqra Khalid’s M103. Aga Khan. Hundred of millions handed to Syria, Ethiopia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and dozens of other Middle Eastern and African nations. A plethora of Liberal MP victories for Muslim and Sikh-Canadian candidates.

Quite the “laundry list” of political activity. Talk about a full-on, comprehensive social program of specific intent. Media say not a word about it. With all this “displaced energy” one could guess there wasn’t that much time for Trudeau to focus on the actual PM job description–working on behalf of Canadian citizens, improving the economy, as well as the critical role of maximizing safety and security for all of us.

Only one small problem here– Justin Trudeau has never done the job properly. Uppity Trudeau politicians never do. It was father Pierre Trudeau who unilaterally forced anti-Anglophone “multiculturalism” upon our society, while at the same time integrating the communist nation of China into Canada. Trudeau Sr. had no mandate for this action, nor any degree of buy-in from the Canadian people.

Then, some forty odd years later, son Justin repeats this exact behaviour. Unilaterally stated, Trudeau Jr. informs our people that Canada is a nation with “no core identity,” and well as blessing our country as a post-modern nation–whatever this means.

Then in the style of Papa Pierre, Justin proceeds to entrench the Nation of Islam into society, as well as government. No mandate, no buy-in, no nothing.

Recognize a pattern here, fellow patriots? Obviously as heck, right? A total disrespect for democratic values and principles–how “Trudeau Dynasty” is this? Only 100%. Meanwhile media breath not a single word about the similarity in leadership styles.

Which brings us to Iranian-born Liberal MP Majid Jowhari. According to Post Millennial News, this MP has a history of a “cozy stance” toward his home country(Iran) that took a dark turn last week after he was accused of being a paid agent of the Khamenei regime on Farsi television in the United Kingdom.

The allegation was made by Alireza Sassanian, a freelance journalist and close associate of the late-Iranian intelligence dissident Masoud Molavi who was murdered this past November in Istanbul.

So the first thing to note here is that the accusers are not awful, Islamophobic white Canadians--they are co-religionists.

Describing Iranian government influence operations in other countries, Sassani said that “Masoud talked to me about someone by the name of Majid Jowhari. He’s a member of the Parliament of Canada. He’s from the Liberal Party, representing Richmond Hill.”

“He said that Jowhari was in touch with some of the intelligence officers of Iran, and that he even visited the representatives of Taeb and Mojtaba Khamenei. He received financial support from these people. Now he’s been elected in Canada for a second time.”

Sketchy, isn’t it? At least Jowhari isn’t the leader in this category. Omar Alghabra, half citizen from Saudi Arabia, was won his GTA riding three times in a row. From the Canadian patriot perspective Mr. Alghabra is one of the most hated Liberal MP’s in Canadian history-yet he wins his riding every time.

Fact: This man may be guilty of a breach of Canadian law. Possibly, and possibly not. For CAP, this is not the ultimate point. Rather, the salient point here is that this dynamic never had to exist--and perhaps never would, had it not been for one Canadian politician–Justin Trudeau.

Simply put, Cultural Action Party of Canada consider PM Trudeau to be a traitor to our nation. Know what this means? Perhaps a seat on the United Nations Security Council. An Order of Canada award? Not out of the question. Maclean’s “personality of the year,” or an international award for leadership in human rights. Such is the state-of-our-nation under the twisted Liberal-Globalist regime.

Shocking indeed. The assertion that there is an Iranian Regime asset inside @JustinTrudeau’s government must be immediately investigated. The Prime Minister owes Canadians a response. This allegation could not be more serious.”

— Canadian Senator Linda Frum

First of all, there is nothing shocking about this situation–not a darn thing. Secondly, the idea that this case will be officially investigated is dubious at best. As far as a response from Trudeau, a wise patriot would instantly kiss this one goodbye. No way in Hades this will occur.

What Canadians really need to understand is that within post-modern Canada, control of our nation and its social destiny are not in the hands of King Justin, or any other Canadian political figure.

In post-modern Canada, the power of China, Sikhism, Islam, Saudi Arabia, Iran “rules the roost.” In reality, our illustrious PM has no ability to deviate from the globalist status quo he welcomed to our shores upon being elected leader of our nation.

He cannot defy the United Nations. Ditto for the communist government of China, as well as various Islamic theocracies(Saudis, Iran) and their diaspora communities in Canada.

In other words, Trudeau is “locked-in-tight.” The only way the course of Canadian destiny will change is if Trudeau is NO LONGER prime minister. Even then, to divest Canada of the globalist decimation King Justin ushered in is tenuous at best.

Get him out. That’s the true bottom line. Each day this questionable Canadian remains the leader of our nation, another piece of the core of Canada is lost. As good Trudeau friend MP Omar Alghabra claimed upon the Liberal victory in the 2015 federal election–“it’s a win for Islam.”


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  1. Thank You CAP for keeping us in the loop with this awful reality, brought to us by our MIA Prime Minister. Keep up the good work…


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