Trudeau’s Muslim-Liberal Caucus Silent On Accused Syrian Refugee Murder Case

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“People tend to see things from different perspectives,” stated newly-minted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau early in his tenure as Canada’s 23rd national leader.

CAP cannot help but think about this profound statement as it relates to an intentionally downplayed murder trial now taking in place in Vancouver, B.C., Canada:

“The man accused of first-degree murder in the death of a Burnaby teen almost six years ago pleaded not guilty to the charge in Vancouver Supreme Court Wednesday. The teen cannot be identified because of a publication ban.”

The teen in question is Marissa Shen, formerly of Burnaby B.C., a suburb of Vancouver. 13-years old at the time of her death, Syrian refugee Ibrahim Ali is charged with the rape and murder of a local schoolgirl.

What do these grisly circumstances and media cover-up have to do with Mr. Trudeau’s statement on various points of view?

Hypothetical Murder Trial, Vancouver, April 5th, 2023:

Anglophone-Canadian Wayne Jones is accused of murdering a 13-year old migrant girl from the Middle East.

In an instant, the tables turn. Multicultural activists are outraged. “Justice must be served,” state the Sikh-Muslim Cooperative Council of Canada. “This is an act of Islamophobia,” and all Canadians must become aware of the heinous crime. “Racism is a scourge upon Canadian society.”

In Judge Bernard’s instructions to the 14-member jury, he urged jurors “not to let unconscious biases about personal characteristics colour their judgment” regarding the accused Syrian refugee Ibrahim Ali, who allegedly murdered Marissa Shen months after arriving in Canada.

Not one out of a plethora of Multicultural non-profit organizations has issued a public statement on the murder trial. Interestingly, neither has the Liberal-Muslim Caucus, a Trudeau-approved committee quietly established in 2019.

Common sense Canadians might wonder about these circumstances. They do not, because 90% of our citizenship are unaware of this situation.

According to a 2015 Supreme Court of Canada decision, political institutions from across the country must remain neutral with respect to religion:

“Federal and provincial governments are under an equal duty to maintain neutrality with respect to religion,” said Carissima Mathen, law professor and constitutional expert at the University of Ottawa.

In contradistinction to:

“In June, 2020 Liberal MP Sumeer Zinbari tweeted out that the Liberal Muslim Parliamentary Caucus is deeply concerned about threats made to a downtown Toronto area mosque.”

Quite. Meanwhile, the committee remains 100% silent on the alleged murder of Marissa Shen by a Muslim refugee imported to Canada under PM Trudeau’s 35,000 Syrian refugee intake program.

Liberal MP Iqra Khalid, founder of “Islamophobia” motion M103— complete silence. MP Marci Ien, Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Youth– silent as the lambs. Muslim-Liberal Caucus members MPs Ahmed Hussen, Salma Zahid, Omar Alghabra–nothing from nothing leaves nothing.

We transition the situation back to the hypothetical: the accused is white, the victim Muslim. Let’s be brutally honest– every person reading this article knows that the murder case would be front-and-centre throughout Canadian society.

National Council of Canadian Muslims would be screaming bloody murder. CBC would lay it on the line: the murder of this young girl proves beyond doubt that Canada is an Islamophobic society.

An official annual commemoration is call for. Khalid, Hussen, Zahid back it with full abandon. CTV, Toronto Star are all over the crime, branding it an element of “systemic racism” permeating our country from coast-to-coast.

But this time out–when the accused shares the religious heritage of multicultural activists, a consistent theme can be encapsulated by a single word: SILENCE.

Cultural Action Party of Canada desperately want to understand. Are we to believe that rather than a pursuit of justice, Ibrahim Ali is being protected due to his religious affiliation?

Which comes first for Canada’s multicultural organizations and political leaders– justice, or protection of one’s community? In this scenario, much is to be learned– the very reason why Canadian media are presently keeping the lid on a potentially explosive situation.

At the time of entry to Canada, our Minister of Immigration was a fellow named Ahmed Hussen. A Muslim refugee himself, this time from Somalia and current Minister of Multiculturalism, says nothing about the murder case. But give him an example of so-called Islamophobia to chew on, and dollars-to-Tim Horton’s donuts he will begin to deliver a dump truck full of condemnation toward Canadian society.

His bossman, Justin Trudeau, is cut from the exact same cloth. Protesters were holding signs such as “Trudeau do not split Canadians”, “Trudeau apologize”, “all Canadians are equal” and “we will vote” in front of Vancouver Art Gallery.

The so-called “hijab hoax” happened last month, when an 11-year-old girl accused somebody of trying to cut her Hijab. At the time, reports said Toronto police were seeking an Asian suspect in his 20s. Trudeau spoke out on Twitter, saying “incidents like this cannot be tolerated.”

However, Toronto Police later reported “the incident did not happen.”

In 2018, PM Trudeau was asked about the murder of Marissa Shen murder by a CTV journalist. His response was to let out a nervous chuckle, and state that he “trusted the law to do their job.”

Quite the contrast in approach, eh? In truth, it is to be expected from a character like Justin Trudeau, Canada’s constant political hypocrite. Wanna know the bottom-line reason for government and media’s indifference to a brutal killing of a Canadian schoolgirl?

Because it isn’t the non-English speaking “new arrival” Ibrahim Ali who is on trial– it is the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. If the non-Canadian was found guilty, the result is an incrimination of PM Trudeau’s immigration policy.

Due to these circumstances, and the potential negative fall-out that would transpire, CAP predict the accused murder will be acquitted. Of course, we could be wrong.

But don’t count on it. With the Liberal government, the Muslim-Liberal Caucus, mainstream media and Canadian academia on his side, there is an excellent chance Ibrahim Ali will walk away a free man.

And where, pray-tell, is freshly-minted “Islamophobia Cop” Amira Elghabaway within all the pre-meditated silence regarding the Ali-Shen trial? Possibly back in Quebec, accusing the province of being racist against her kind.

Justice be damned– ours is a country dominated by Woke Liberalism.  Politics– not truth, fairness or rule of law– control Justin Trudeau’s post-modern society.

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  1. “Due to these circumstances, and the potential negative fall-out that would transpire, CAP predict the accused murder will be acquitted. Of course, we could be wrong.

    But don’t count on it.” Indeed. He’ll probably get a taxpayer funded legal education. After allegedly scoring one hundred twenty** on the LSAT; (Law School Admission Test) he’ll be admitted into first year law; at the esteemed (Toronto) Osgoode Hall Law School. Upon graduating with a GPA of 0.1; he’ll defend the “victims” of “Islamophobia.” **The lowest possible score on the LSAT is one hundred twenty.

    The Toronto 18 terrorist became a lawyer– the Legal Council of Ontario approved it.


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