Trudeau’s “Minister of Islamophobia” Wants To Sever Canada From Britain

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PM Justin Trudeau’s selection for “Minister of Islamophobia” Amira Elghabaway has held her position for just 48 hours, and already social discord is brewing.

With the selection of Ms. Elghabaway, Trudeau and Minister of Multiculturalism MP Ahmed Hussen have chosen an opponent of Canada’s historical connection to the British Crown.

In a March 13, 2021 Toronto Star column, the former National Council of Muslim Canadians executive made the following public statement: 

“Its very existence[Britain] and survival is built upon the oppression it benefited from throughout its shameful history.” She continued that it is “one of the most powerful symbols of racial oppression.”

As reported by Western Standard News, ”Elghawaby wrote the monarchy in Canada should be dissolved because Queen Elizabeth II was racist.”

According to Elghabaway, hijab-wearing religious fundamentalist, we all must all hang our heads in shame regarding a history which contemporary Canadians played no part in.

No wonder she got the nod from Justin Trudeau. Our current prime minister feels the same. Speaking about Canada’s residential school system in 2020, Mr. Trudeau spoke of the “importance of acknowledging the dark and shameful chapters of our past.”

As far as severing ties with Britain and the Crown, Ms. Alghabaway has friends in high places. One of them being New Democratic Party leader, Jagmeet Singh:

 “I don’t see the relevance of it[connection to Britain], and I don’t think that most Canadians do,” Singh stated in an interview on CTV’s Question Period.

Boy, are we ever doing well in the hatred of Canada department. It well appears our  nation’s political power-players despise the Anglophone heritage of our country. In a society conditioned toward self-hatred, this is how you gain power and prestige within Canada’s political arena. It’s a twisted dynamic, but let us make no mistake: to indulge results in serious political success.

According to Western Standard News, this new office will do nothing to calm the waters of alleged Islamophobia, it will quite probably exacerbate tensions between Muslims and the rest of Canadians.”  

CAP agree, and add a corollary: We don’t believe the goal inherent is an advancement of inter-community harmony. Rather, the antithesis is the intention. Through a seven-year process of dividing Canadian from Canadian and community from community, Justin Trudeau is preparing the way for what he described as a “post-modern” society.

In the words and actions of people like Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh, MP Ahmed Hussen and Amira Elghabaway, the goal is a transition of Canadian society to a brand-new, post-modern national identity.

In the opinion of Cultural Action Party, they are going to succeed. Not because 38 million Canadians want such a thing. The reason for success is because these citizens have no choice in the matter. In this, we discover the neo-communist nature of Liberal Party politics.

Like her compatriots in high places, Ms. Elghabaway has not a negative word to say about shortcomings emanating from Islamic governments of the world. They can hate homosexuals, persecute Christians, and throw transsexuals off of tall buildings.

“Muslim Canadians voted overwhelmingly for the Liberal Party in [2015] election, helping Justin Trudeau secure the majority government that nine out of 10  Muslims believe will help improve relations between themselves and other Canadians, according to a new survey.”

The percentages went up, up, up from here in subsequent federal elections. In this we come to understand the favouritism Justin Trudeau throws at the Muslim-Canadian community.

Clearly, Team Trudeau know something yet to be exposed to general society. The future of Canadian immigration is decidedly Muslim. After China, after India(26% of migrants in 2021), will come to great wave from the Middle East.

By leveraging these demographic trends, Trudeau’s backroom strategists set up the future of Canadian society. Majority 3rd World, minority white, and pro-Islamic. In preparation, the Feds elevate one specific faith community above all others.

If social equity was really the goal of government, Trudeau would have appointed a Minister of Anti-Racism. Instead, he authorized an exclusive for a single identifiable community.

If readers assume this is the first time it has been done, it’s time to think again. Trudeau’s Liberal-Muslim Caucus in Parliament exists as an exclusive. M103, the Liberal  “Islamophobia” Motion put forth by half-Pakistani citizen MP Iqra Khalid, also exists as a religious community exclusive.

And all this is intended to create social harmony within Canadian society?

Ms. Amira Elghabaway:

“Unfortunately, the majority of Quebecers seem influenced not by the rule of law, but by anti-Muslim sentiment.”

Blimey–  Elghabaway hates Quebec as well. Do tell, Ms. Thang, is there anything about the country which permitted you to enter our borders that meets your fancy? No wonder you have been elevated to your lofty position above the rest of us. It’s the Woke Liberal way, no?

According to conservative blogger Spencer Fernando, Amira Elghabaway “opposes Canada Day as a celebration of “European, Judeo-Christian storytelling.”

Trouble. This is what Trudeau’s appointment is going to cause. In fact, it already has, as Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre makes public statements denouncing Elghabaway’s attitude toward our country.

In reaction to the Elghabaway appointment, the Leader of the Official Opposition, Conservative Pierre Poilievre, said Trudeau is once again choosing to divide Canadians by naming someone who made anti-Quebec, anti-Jewish and anti-police remarks.

Will media jump all over this, branding the Conservative leader a bigot, racist and xenophobe. Whatever goes down, smart money should go toward Justin Trudeau’s post-modern status quo.

Some communities suffer more, accumulate power more, and move to the centre of society faster. All are equal, but some are far more special than others.

7 thoughts on “Trudeau’s “Minister of Islamophobia” Wants To Sever Canada From Britain”

  1. Hmmm. “They” certainly have a fondness for…ahem…. severing. Now they want to decapitate us from our British roots. Bring it on. Lemme see now….The Union Jack is a “hateful” flag; symbolic of our savage; racist past. (Hussen.) My head spins–We’re the foreigners–In our own country. Are “they” losing their touch? Not very stealth-like. I thought Islam operated incrementally; not by leaps and bounds. Maybe Trudeau knows his time is short, and the parasites need to act fast. Parasite? “How racist.” No; discerning. The politically connected Muslims are bleeding our country, and give back nothing but festering; open sores. The term “parasite” stands. The rest appear to be decent people; but are pawns in trudeau’s evil game of smash Old Stock Canada–Our country; our birthright; our heritage; our blessings. Think about it–No other country in the world is under attack by its own ruling class, and a horde of White; anti-White stooges. Apologies to Larry; Moe, and Curly Joe.

  2. The descendants of Ishmael are still trying to take our birthright. As usual; they’re kicking against the goad. It won’t end well for them. Trudeau and his new pals are playing a very dangerous game.

  3. They are unashamedly Anglophobes yet they all want to live in countries with an Anglo heritage. I have often said that horrible people want to live amongst nice people but nice people don’t want to live amongst horrible people. I recently read a book The Sociopath Next Door. It says that one in about twenty five people have no conscience. What is the percentage of these anti Canadian new Canadians.

  4. If you are just like Skippy, the doors get thrown wide open for you.

    But he also hates Conservatives and will do whatever it takes to keep them out.

  5. Maybe it’s time to try to define what Canada actually is ….. used to be considered a land of opportunity and Home of the free! Why is our corrupt prime minister trying his best to turn it into a shithole country where these people seemingly couldn’t wait to get away from?????

  6. Hey, I’ve got my own reasons for wanting to break ties with that stupid monarchy, I don’t need this camel of a dame to fan the flames!


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