Trudeau’s Media Puppets Brand Anglophone-Canadians As “Privileged” Racists

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It’s such a sad– as well as bizarre–state of affairs within Canadian society. In Justin Trudeau’s Canada, there is only one identifiable community who are exempt from the “Multicultural Protection Rule” which protects citizens from being branded racists and bigots.

Ironically, these Canadians are our nation’s largest community, while also being the descendants of those who founded our country in 1867– Anglophone Canadians. What an strange state of affairs.

Like any nation, Canada is a country built upon specific fundamentals– governance, parliamentary structure, freedom of speech, rule of law, habeas corpus, jurisprudence and human rights.

As it happens, every one of these basics of nationhood is derived from British and European governance. This developed over a century of immigration to Canada. Irish, Scottish, English and European migrants established this foundation.

For Canada’s first 100 years of existence, our country was an officially bi-cultural English & French nation. Then, something truly axiomatic occurred– in 1968, Pierre Trudeau was elected prime minister.

Some Canadians refer to this as “history.”  CAP refer to this as the beginning of the end of English Canada. Fast forward to 2019.Pierre’s offspring Justin Trudeau is in control of Canada.

What trans-pires? Anglophone Canadians transition to the singular maligned community in Canada. Coincidence? Yes, for sure– just like 9/11 was a spontaneous romp through American airspace.

While media are off on other tangents, white Canadians are today our singular nemesis community. Didn’t you know? Our people are racists(Sikhs). We are also bigots(Islamophobia). Whitey is xenophobic(China), as well as genocidal( First Nations).

Who says so? National Council of Canadian Muslims? World Sikh Organization of Canada? Curiously, the leader of the “whitey as racist” is the prime minister of Canada–Justin Trudeau.

Isn’t this the strangest darn thing you have ever heard of? Or perhaps you have not heard– because the Trudeau government instruct CBC, Toronto Star and National Post not to inform 37.5 millionCanadians of this “post-modern” development.

Which Canadian most contributed to this phenomenon?  Pierre Trudeau is an excellent candidate. So is spawn Justin Trudeau.Pretty strange, eh? Or is it. Neither men are Anglophone. Their policies are anti-Christian, and pro-Islamic. The Trudeau family’s preferred form of governance is communism.

Hello, Globe & Mail! Bust a move on this one, Global News Canada– Not. Media are fully complicit in this malevolent propaganda campaign to damage and disempower English Canada, and its peoples.

A key component of the success of the agenda is found in the topic of racism. Here is how this works under King Trudeau:

There can be no criticism— or even questioning–of Islamic religious and social practice in Canada. When a Canadian breaches this, they are branded a white racist.

In the meantime, media hosts from CBC, CTV and the rest have the right to throw White Canada in a garbage can, with zero negative repercussions resulting from doing so. Case in point–the Don Cherry/Jessa Allen show. Cherry was fired for so-called racist comments against immigrants. Allen kept her job after trashing white Canadians.

There you have it, fellow patriots– the perfect microcosm for Liberal-Globalist hypocrisy and its relationship with accusations of “white supremacy.” Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

CAP Opinion: With every passing day of Trudeau as PM, this anti-Anglophone racism will ramp up further. Pourquoi? Because 2019 Canada is locked-in to a high-level globalist agenda of cultural decimation.

The figurehead of the movement is, of course, PM Trudeau. For architect behind-the-scenes, we have advisor Gerald Butts. For demographic Sargeant-At-Arms, Immigration Minister from Somalia, MP Ahmed Hussen.

These three are veritable “triplets of destruction.” They have it in for the 20 million-odd Anglophone and Christian-Canadians. A key component of the strategy is simple in concept:

Step 1: Brand white Canada–all of it— the racist component of Canada.

Step 2: Permit racist acts against Anglophones, while calling out any questioning of demographic decimation by way of immigration and multiculturalism as “racism.”

Bingo- tens of millions of white Canadians are trans-sitioned to ahateful, bigoted community. What better way to SHUT US UP while stealing our country from us.

It’s all so insane. Yet, perhaps one point among all others stands out as emblematic of the entire affair– many of those doing the brandingare themselves Anglophone Canadians.

What’s up with this? Why on earth would these people bash and trash their own people? For CAP, this is the crux of the matter: this social dynamic is entirely atypical. This flies in the face of the manner in which western society has operated for centuries.

Therefore–and please tell us if this this is wrong–  the self- hatred agenda must be pre-ordained. It must come by way of a pre-meditated agenda of some form.

This, fellow patriots, is the Liberal-Globalist-Socialist-Third World Program of Justin Trudeau, Gerald Butts and half-citizen from Africa, MP Ahmed Hussen.

This brings up a most pertinent question: who exactly are these people working for?

Who the Trudeau government work for:

United Nations. George Soros’ “Open Society Foundation.” Geo-political Sikhism. International Banking. Geo-political Islam. Quebec. Communist China. The Desmarais billionaires of Quebec. Sikh-Canada. The Trudeau Foundation non-profit group. Saudi Arabia(Oil), Iran( Alexandre Trudeau), Tides Foundation( American Environmentalists), and many other shady international players.

Who the Trudeau government do not work for:

Anglophone Canadians. English Canada. Christian Canada. First Nations(will it go ’round in circles), Conservative Canada, Alberta and its Energy Industry, Lower and Middle Income workers, tax-payers.

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Simple, fast and effective–there’s the basic truth regarding PM Trudeau and his Sunny Gang of Cultural Assassins. There is, however, a basic obstacle in terms of comprehending this destructive dynamic.

Here it is: Media work for the Trudeau government– communist style.This effectively obscures the entire sordid agenda.

End Game: Anglophone Canada is trans-fered to a demonizedCanadian community. What else? MP Ahmed Hussen of a backwash nation called Somalia is turning white Canada into a minority community.

Now, everyone knows how awful it is to be a minority in Canada. Just ask journalists Sheema Khan, Shree Paradkar, or Senator/Anglo-basher Ratna Omidvar– they they will confirm this in no-uncertain terms.

Bottom Line: Anglophone Canada is headed for minority statuswhile being branded a hateful, bigoted community.

Then, what do media shout out to 37.5 million Canucks? That Anglophones are benefitting  from “White Privilege.”

So can you hear it, brothers and sisters. Talk about getting railroaded into the social gutter of Canada. Now, why would government go and do all this?

Nothing to it, really: Our nation is undergoing a globalist trans-formation of the highest magnitude. In CAP’s opinion, democracy in Canada will disappear within 50 years. Who will kill it?

Globalism, Liberalism, Communism— and a host of other destructive “isms.”  Media now work for government–yet another sign of nascent communism in Canada.

So how does Old Stock Canada prevent our social demise at the hands of these malevolent forces. It is rather grim, but this can only be accomplished through “grass roots” social conservative activism.

Remember- government, media and our academic world will fight usevery step of the way. They are doing so as we speak. For example,CBC and the rest are down-playing the “Wexit” movement. They all consistently bad-mouth Western Separatism–there hasn’t been a single sentence of positivism regarding Wexit since the day the movement began.

Basically, establishment media will beat the crap out of Wexit until the cows come home. The only way to succeed is to forget all of this, overcome the racist-tag, and win.

Trudeau is stuck in his ways. Globalism too. Media as well. Fundamentalist religions also fit the bill. Marxist social sciences departments in our universities are there to entrench the anti-white hatred in the minds of our children.

A formidable force in the most extreme. These are the circumstances our people find themselves in at the hands of Trudeau-brand Liberal-Socialism.

There is one thing to do: throw off this yoke the “multicult” has placed around the necks of Anglophone Canada. And yes–we are seeing signs of this very thing, as Canada’s “silent majority” awaken to this social prison sentence as a result of the “Don Cherry” incident.

Yes, media is here to shoot down the whole thing–but they may not succeed. Momentum is building fast— first Yellow Vest, now Wexit— and may well succeed in breaking free of the bondage “Pharaoh” Justin has placed our people in.


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  1. Canada happens to be the country it is because of a large number of Canadians from the British Isles and Europe worked hard to make their life and Canada successful. Now that the heavy lifting is done we are being jeopardized as a country by a scourge from Quebec, Trudeau and his Cabinet of trained seals.

  2. the media themselves are now over privileged racists – who show their hate for Anglos ( many of them are just that – Anglos). How ignorant are they to spew such hypocrisy ?


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