Trudeau’s Liberal Use “Transgender Wars” As Weapon Of Social Division

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Within the spectrum of psychological warfare, the strategy of “divide and conquer” dates back to antiquity. Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar have been tagged by historians as early adopters of this form of socio-political warfare.

In its modern incarnation, “Divide and Conquer” (derived from Latin: divide et impera), was first hypothesized by Niccolo Machiavelli, 16th Century Italian diplomat and political theorist.

Machiavelli wrote about this technique in his political treatise, “The Prince,” a discourse addressed to political rulers at the time. In it, he breaks down power into implementable units, and guides rulers on how to rule with absolute power.

“While civilizations have evolved, and we call ourselves citizens of a globalized world, we still haven’t left behind these draconian practices.” 

You can type that again. As we speak, PM Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government are going ballistic with a post-modern incarnation of classic divide-and-conquer strategies. Like Machiavelli, strategists behind the iron-curtain of Liberal government policy–some domestic, others international– have selected the most contentious social issues available as weaponry in a “woke war” on Canadian society.

As it was with Pierre Trudeau, closer to Justin Trudeau’s heart is Marxist methodology as it relates to divide-and-conquer strategies. Joseph Stalin and Mao Tse Tung specialized in it as leaders of communist revolutions in their prospective nations.

While these efforts were largely focused on class struggle, they serve as a blueprint for an agenda of national dissolution at the hands of Canada’s ruling Liberal government.

It began with Abortion policy as institutionalized by Pierre Trudeau. Media won’t spell it out, but the multi-decade impact has been a wipe-out of some 2.5 million potential Canadian births.

More current is a new wave of population control– Euthanasia, and its utilitarian underpinnings derived from Chairman Mao’s “Little Red Book.”

When it comes to planting ideological bombs in society, there’s nothing like issues of life-and-death to stir the socio-political pot. Beyond this, race, ethnicity and religion are most prominent. Add sexuality to the mix, and the recipe for social division comes to an apotheosis.

These are the circumstances set up by government to achieve their covert, nefarious goal: a dissolution of Canadian society, and its rebirth as an authoritarian, neo-communist state.

Chief among weaponry is LGBT activism, and its offshoot, Transgenderism. If Canadians were to set aside media presentation, they might begin to recognize the historical parallels.

In each case of social revolution in the 20th century, inclusive of the rise of Fascism in mid-century Europe, an “unnatural” focus on society’s youth was critical to the agenda– Hitler Youth as an example.

In terms of Liberal government policy, there now exists an overwhelming emphasis on Canadian youth.

The Liberals want Euthanasia extended to children, possibly as young as 12-years of age. Canada’s foremost  transgender-pusher, Liberal Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Youth Marci Ien, is demanding Canada maintain the widest birth possible in terms of availability of hormone therapy and transgender surgery.

News of Premier of Alberta Danielle Smith’s legislative moves to limit transgender surgery to those above 16 years of age is driving those like her to apoplectic heights.

Any age, any individual, any health condition, under all circumstances. According to Liberal government dogma, it must be the case, forever and always.

Interesting how Canadian media respond. For example, a journalist could present the following antidote to their position:

16 years of age to drive a car. 18 years of age to vote. 19 years of age to drink alcohol. Any age at all to have your sexual organs removed in an irreversible fashion at an age when the individual doesn’t even understand the nature of human sexuality.

Make sense to you? Liberals want nothing of it. An open-door policy, regardless of age is the battle cry from Trudeau’s mini-caucus of LGBT-pushers and transgender fanatics.

All of which result in the very thing international forces backing the Liberals desire, as well as the top brass in the Trudeau government: social division.

Community against community. Christians against Muslims. Muslims against Jews. Pro-Life versus pro-Death. Eco-warriors against Energy development. Hetero vs. Homo. Albertans against Quebec.

On and on and round and round we go. Ever get the feeling that 40 million Canadians are being played like a fiddle?

Consolidating these ideas into a salient hypothesis, we present the following concept:

A united Canadian society is anathema to the neo-communist revolution being perpetrated on our country. To effectively revolutionize a society, social division must exist as a core value.

Is this really what Justin Trudeau and his woke revolutionary army are presently indulging in? Could it be true that Euthanasia and Transgenderism are tools in an arsenal of post-modern warfare on society?

Canadians can only judge for themselves. In the meantime, government and media continue to do what they have been doing each day that Justin Trudeau has been prime minister: dividing citizen from citizen, and community from community.

1 thought on “Trudeau’s Liberal Use “Transgender Wars” As Weapon Of Social Division”

  1. This Trudeau (WEF/UN) manipulated rise in LGBT…Z groups eliminates these people from the pool of potential child bearers & natural; (non-adoptive) fathers. However; they are a tiny lot. Very vocal; but only constitute a sliver of the population. Abortion results in the biggest loss of births. Death on demand: Available-for-most people; MD assisted suicide is the next wave. (Not including people past their child bearing years. Death? Yes. Child bearing? No.) Trudeau has all of the “get rid of Whitey” angles covered. Oops. Pardon me for indulging in conspiracy theories.

    Rhetorically speaking; but with a small grain of truth; Trudeau must be the forerunner of the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse. (Death.) His horse is a sickly pale color, the color of death. The Greek χλωρός (chloros) is pale greenish gray.


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