Trudeau Government Support FORCED Sterilization While Flooding Canada With 3rd World Migrants

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In CAP’s opinion, elements of fascism can exist within a technically “non-fascist” society. In truth, when it comes to government policy, this is a reality in Canada — in 2019.

Let us speak of specifics: “At least 60 Indigenous women are pursuing a class-action lawsuit against the Saskatoon Health Region, the province of Saskatchewan, the Canadian federal government and medical professionals for their experiences with coerced, forced or pressured sterilization in Saskatchewan over the course of 20 to 25 years.”

“The procedures, which occurred from about the 1930s to as recently as 2017, targeted Indigenous women specifically. Each claimant filed for $7 million in compensation, citing psychological and physical damage since the procedures.”

Which Canadian media outlet does this information come from? Simple– none at all-– these facts come from a non-Canadian media source, the Washington Post.

So Justin Trudeau’s “Sunny Ways” government promote sterilization for First Nations women. Additionally, our Liberal government maintain an abortion policy with no restrictions— an abortion can occur at any time during a pregnancy–including at full term.

What else? The Trudeau government promote assisted suicide for the elderly(Old Stock), as well as (gasp), euthanasia for mentally-ill Canadian youth.

“A team at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children has developed a draft policy on doctor-assisted dying that applies to youth aged 18 and older — the legal age restriction for “medical-aid in dying,” or MAID, in Canada.”

“The policy was also developed “with an eye to a future when MAID may well become accessible to capable minors,” the team of bioethicists, palliative care doctors and others report in the Journal of Medical Ethics.”

Gee, isn’t all of this swell? While media casually inform Canadian about fascist-oriented programs of voluntary death, they neglect to tie the ends together and present the following:

The targets in all of this are Old Stock and First Nations Canada. Are the elderly of Canada’s new arrivals from the Third World? Not in the main, no. Do, for example, Muslim-Canadians engage in mass abortion? Is there an open government policy for the sterilization of any identifiable Canadian community other than our First Nations people?

Unfortunate Conclusion: The target of this decimation is Old Stock and Aboriginal Canada. Now, lets flip to the B-side by asking a simple question: What is the Trudeau government’s approach to Third World Canada?

Does any impediment herein expressed apply to, as an example,  Sikh and Islamic Canada? To what extent are these populations affected by these totalitarian-style government policies?

Answer: “Nothing from nothing leaves nothing.” Rather, Justin Trudeau positions Third World immigration as a panacea for our nationhood. His pit-bull immigration minister MP Ahmed Hussen has established the highest per-capita immigration rates on planet earth.

Every four years, approximately 1.5 million Third World migrants are hustled into Canada by Trudeau and Hussen–so much so the Greater Toronto Area(GTA) has trans-sitioned to a monolithic Third World political powerhouse.

What to conclude? For CAP, it’s as “easy as pie”: The government of Justin Trudeau is working a punitive socialist agenda toward English Canada and First Nations Canada. Population control is a critical element of this agenda.

Winner: Third World Canada. Loser: English Canada. Such is the “Trudeau way”–forever and a day. This dynamic should be at the very centre of political conversation within the fading “Great White North.”

Naturally, it is nowhere to be found within CBC, Globe & Mail, and the rest. Not single word which juxtaposes the plight of “Old School” Canada relative to the giant victories for Third World Canada. Yet, establishment media are not Third World Canadians in the main–they are, in fact, 90% Canadians of Old Stock heritage–so why are they out to decimate their own people?

CAP haven’t quite figured this one out yet. But what we have figured out is that Justin Trudeau is fighting a covert war against our people. Furthermore, this attack will continue every day this cretin remains prime minister. It is, in fact, a situation of a ticking time-bomb.

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Thinking again about these government policies– destroying elderly lives(useless to government), sterilizing First Nations women, mass abortion for Old Stock Canada, as well as rendering males sexually sterile by way of transgenderism– what form of governance comes to mind?

If readers are in CAP’s sweet spot of  age 30-70 year old readers, one may think of the fascist government’s of 20th century history. Did these governments not engage in forms of population control? Several certainly did– and under Justin Trudeau, 2019 Canada has now joined in on the action.

Media say…you guessed it–nothing at all. CBC is fully complicit in the agenda. Do they ever apply a critical analysis of this situation in a manner anywhere close what CAP is presenting here?  NEVER— therefore, Canada’s leading state controlled media outlet is fully on board with the agenda.

So after making a “fascist” connection, is it fair for us to then make a “communist” connection? It certainly is– when government control media the result is communist-style control of the minds of the citizenship.

Bingo–there’s your “post-modern” Canada for you– a pseudo-totalitarian nation with a pseudo-dictator as national leader.

What to expect in the future in this regard? Why, the answer is more of the same. As long as Canada has a Liberal government in power, this is the true, authentic Canada.

What media present is a distortion, or more succinctly expressed– a GIANT LIE.




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  1. Trudeau, the Liberals and mainstream Media are the destroyers of Canada. I am calling for the RCMP to do a thorough, non partisan investigation into these groups beginning with the 2015 election to present day. I believe election laws, ethics laws and anything they touch are all illegal and should be investigated to their completion. Then let our rule of law be enforced on all the perpetrators. The RCMP work for ALL Canadians, not the federal government and should not allow the federal government bully them. Do your job and gain the respect you used to have in Canada!


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