Trudeau’s Liberal Cabinet To ABSTAIN From China’s Muslim Genocide Vote

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According to Conservative media critic Spencer Fernando, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Cabinet will refrain from voting  on a House of Commons motion to declare China’s treatment of their Uighar-Muslim minority as an act of genocide.

Like most Canadians following this critical motion, Cultural Action Party of Canada would dearly love to understand why Justin Trudeau and his 34 members of Cabinet oppose a declaration of genocide.

What is it about the Liberal-China relationship which results in such odd-ball circumstances? One conclusion CAP draw is that our citizenship will never discover the bottom-line reason from Canadian media.

Still, there are some positive signs emerging. In a move verging on shocking, uber-Liberal Globalist Anthony Housefather has indicated he will be voting pro in the House of Commons motion scheduled for Monday, February 22nd, 2021.

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As far as specific Cabinet members, one has to shake their head the the circumstances. For example, are Canadians to believe Islam-centric Liberal Cabinet member MP Ahmed Hussen is not in favour of the genocide branding?

CAP cannot conjure up a Canadian MP in history whose behaviour has been more ethnocentric than ex-immigration minister Ahmed Hussen. Branding Canadian society “systemically racist,” Hussen has yet to issue a public statement critical of the treatment of Christians in Muslim nations. No doubt, he never will–despite a plethora of genocide accusations from international human rights organizations.

Another curiousity is found in Trudeau-cabinet appointment MP Omar Alghabra. Former leader of the Canadian Arab Federation, Alghabra has since the day he entered politics dedicated himself to the exposure of “Islamophobia” within Canadian society. He too shall remain “silent as a church mouse” on an accusation of genocide toward Muslims in China.

It appears logical that these and other Cabinet members will abstain from the genocide vote for one simple reason: they have been forced to do so. “Freedom of expression” at its political pinnacle? Democratic governance in its finest form?

More than likely, Canadian citizens will never come to know the exact reason for yet another Trudeau government curiousity of the highest order.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)

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  1. This is totally shocking and unacceptable, that the liberals do not participate in the vote, they do not answer questions when asked by their opposition, how the heck can they still be in office. As a Canadian citizen and tax payer I am disgusted in our government, Trudope the most racist PM ever


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