Trudeau’s Liberal Cabinet Brand Canadians White Supremacist

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What a difference four years makes. Previous to our current  government,  ruling cabinet members and caucus worked to improve the lives of the Canadian people. While in no way a model of perfection, at least previous governments refrained from attacking those who voted them into office.

Within Justin Trudeau’s post-modern Canada, this is all so “2014.” Today, the prevailing trends is for Trudeau, Ahmed Hussen, Bill Morneau and other powerful political figures to run down and stereotype both the opposition party, and the public in general.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the area of “white supremacy.” Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen attempted to make a connection between Conservative leader Andrew Scheer and the white supremacist movement in Canada. Pretty rich, seeing as Hussen in an ethnocentric from Somalia, one of the most ethnically homogenous nations on earth. No multiculturalism for this nation. Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan says “White supremacy is a real and grave threat in Canada.” At the present, Canadian media have written a series of articles on  Sikh Nationalism in India.  Sajjan makes no mention of this particular form of militant nationalist behaviour.

No, supremacy is not an issue for Islamic, Sikh or any other Third World community. For these politicians and those who support them, it is a problem which exclusively applies to white people. And these folks are benefitting from “white privilege,” are they? Sounds like other way around. Indeed, Anglophones are the singular community in society whereby ANY DISPLAY of ethnic identity is evil and must be stamped out.

Liberal speaker of the house, Bardish Chagger tells us “white supremacy is a threat,” calling out a Conservative MP as a supporter of the ideology. Like Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan, she is of Sikh heritage. At present, the Khalistan Movement in India is comprised of militant nationalists attempting to  create a separate homeland for Sikhs. About this Chagger has not a word of condemnation, yet for her NON-MILITANT Anglo-Canadians qualify as ethnic supremacists.

What all these folks–in addition to a legion of snowflakes, social justice warriors and commie-leaning academics– fail to recognize is that for 95% of Anglophones it is not supremacy which is the issue, but rather SURVIVAL. Statistics Canada inform us that white Canadians will become a minority in Canada within a generation. This, however, is only part of the picture.

The other component of our anxiety as an identifiable Canadian community is the caustic manner the Trudeau government maintain toward Third World immigration, multiculturalism and diversity. The Liberals have upped immigration quotas by 30%. Despite the related economic drain due to heath care costs, Trudeau increased family reunification quotas by 400%.

And if a Canadian complains, it’s RACE CARD time. Question immigration policy do you? Guess what– you’re a racist. Opposing illegal refugee intake? Back off, bigot. Think Canada should lower migration quotas. You are a xenophobe. This is Justin Trudeau, Ahmed Hussen, Iqra Khalid and the rest of the arrogant Liberal cabinet.

It’s a sham. White people maintain no more ideas of ethnic supremacy than any other community. In fact, one can  claim with justification that Islamic ideology is infinitely more supremacist than that of the Christian belief system. But don’t expect Maryam Monsef, Minister of Status of Women and Sharia Law supporter(of unknown national origin) to expose this bit of information.

Within Trudeau’s Canada, white people are now the black sheep of the Canadian family. What present-day Canadians did to deserve this branding on their hides is anyone’s guess. Obviously, something has changed. Cultural Action Party of Canada maintain the change is ideological.

The objective at hand is to TRANS-form Canada away from its European-Christian heritage into a post-modern socialist state. Too bad we didn’t know about the plan before Justin became PM. Little did we know his leadership was to include leading Anglophones toward second class citizenship within a nation founded by their ancestors.



6 thoughts on “Trudeau’s Liberal Cabinet Brand Canadians White Supremacist”

  1. The UN happened. And that is Justin’s ultimate goal. The group has been left unchecked by everyone, because it is supreme. There is no one to police them. Absolute power, creates absolute corruption. There should be no absolute power. All people or groups should be policed by some sort of non-partisan party. As should that party.

    • Justin Trudeau works for the UN, Nation Of Islam and international banking cartel. After this, China and poor African nations. At the bottom of the list are Canadians. One step below the bottom are Anglophone Canadians. He has hired a Somali Refugee AHmed Hussen, immigration minister, to ensure all this is in place and keeps rolling.

  2. This is why we must vote all of these people out! This became very obvious less then a year after this Dictator was voted into office.


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