Trudeau’s LGBT Minister Says Trans-Education “Matter of Life And Death”

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At least 18 U.S. states have passed laws which limit or ban certain aspects of LGBT indoctrination in American public schools, including gender-affirming medical care for minors and teaching about sexual orientation.

For a social issue of this magnitude to exist while media in North America sublimate a critical element of the scenario must be considered.

LGBT Supporters: “This is hate directed at American and Canadian homosexuals and transsexuals.”

LGBT Detractors: “No, it isn’t. Rather, our protest is focused on a specific element of the debate– the promotion of LGBT sexual identity in our school,s as it relates to the maturity and level of understanding of youth subjected to trans-indoctrination.”

That mainstream media in Canada continue to conflate these issues should be understood within general society. It doesn’t happen because, in basic terms, establishment media in North America have proven themselves to be in a long-term love affair with transgenderism.

In Canada, the most strident trans-pusher comes in the form of Marci Ien, Liberal  Government“Minister of Gender.” A more hysterical advocate cannot be found north of the 49th parallel.

“Canada’s minister for women, gender equality and youth says policies in Saskatchewan and New Brunswick that require parental consent before students under 16 can have schools use their preferred pronouns and names puts transgender and nonbinary kids in a ‘life-or-death situation.‘ ”

Hysteria? Perhaps “panic” is a better word to describe Ms. Ien’s reaction. Parents are sick-and-tired of this issue. So are a  fair number of  homosexuals, who are in fact embarrassed by the militancy displayed by North America’s LGBT/Pride industry.

As far as an hysterical Marci Ien, CAP point to a study created by Statistics Canada, which concludes that at this point in time, less than 1% of Canadians qualify as transgendered.

In terms of a “life and death” situation– interpreted as a child’s propensity toward suicide– perhaps .001% of Canadians qualify.

Not to disparage youth who fall into this category. Getting caught up in the whirlwind that is educational LGBT indoctrination can be a stressful situation. Hyper-aggressive preachers attempting to extract an LGBT confession from 10-year old students isn’t the most pleasant of educational environments.

On the other hand, is it fair and reasonable of our Liberal government to upset our entire society, throwing our citizenship into a state of social chaos based on a handful of troubled, gender-confused children?

The advocates are not even transgendered themselves. Their focus is directed toward Canadian youth, as opposed to transgender rights for adults, or within general society.

As far as Cultural Action Party is concerned, these dynamics render the LGBT/Pride movement a political entity, as opposed to a collective concerned with sexual identity.

‘Ottawa ‘Watching Closely’ As Provinces Change School Policy On Pronouns, Names’

In reality, it’s so much more than “watching closely.” CAP will wager that if you watched the Minister of LGBT, one could witness smoke pouring out of her ears.

Do you know what all this means for the Liberal government LGBT machine? How about the beginning of the end of the dreams and aspirations of the movement? Of course, they screwed it up themselves by introducing trans-for-youth into the Canadian public school system.

Marci Ien may be watching closely, but staring indefinitely will  not change a fundamental fact: public education in Canada falls under provincial jurisdiction.

PM Justin Trudeau cannot simply jet into New Brunswick, Saskatchewan or Manitoba and cancel educational policy. All three provinces have recently taken steps to curb the LGBT enthusiasm, and the Liberals are none too happy about it.

What to do to thwart the growing anti-trans for children movement. Cultural Action Party hold no crystal ball in our hands, therefore we can only speculate.

The LGBT lobby will continue to do what they always do: brand even the most subtle of transgender detractors “hate-mongers and bigots.” It’s the only card hold in their rainbow-coloured deck.

An old-school fable by a fellow named Aesop is worth considering in regard to the homo-hetero wars cooked up by globalist practitioners.

“The Boy Who Cried Wolf”

Naturally, this wouldn’t make it to the reading list in Canadian public schools. The ancient tale uses the word “boy,” so that’s a problem from the get-go.

The relevant message is found in a repetition of a call for help. Continue to do nothing but “cry wolf” when no actual predator exists, and people will eventually ignore the feigned call for help.

Likely it is that the LGBT-Pride-Trans industry will fall due to parental push-back. Not government push-back, nor mainstream media or academic rejection.

No– these forces are diametrically opposed to the will of the people. Institutional Canada is at war with the people. Just as society rolls in communist nations like China.

The LGBT advocates continue to “cry wolf’ because in truth, it’s the only defence they have. In the meantime, hands off our children, Liberal government of Canada.

1 thought on “Trudeau’s LGBT Minister Says Trans-Education “Matter of Life And Death””

  1. when you discard the communist language controls, the issue is simple, if you ask the question in honest language. ” Is it ok to expose children of any age, at any time, to deviant, delusional, and often degenerate sexual ideas, ideology, or activities?” the only answer to the honest question is a resounding NO.
    Any child that questions its sexuality is a victim of the pedophile movement. Whether it comes in the form saturday morning cartoons, or the deviant programming in tv shows and movies, or the cultist teachings in school from kindergarten up through university.
    The psychological attack on youth by the rainbow alphabet cult is destroying any chance these kids have of living a normal, happy, fulfilled life. These cultists are not trying to help kids, they are trying to warp their minds, bodies, and souls, so they become the next generation of sex toys for the cult. Parents who expose their children to these outdoor pride orgies/parades are themselves pedophiles, sacrificing their own children on the altar of insanity. This is a sad and shameful time in our history.


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