Trudeau’s Internet Censorship: Protecting Canadians, Or Preserving A Pseudo-Dictatorship?

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One sentence into a statement from Liberal Cabinet Minister Steven Guilbeault, and CAP are already playing our “government propaganda” card.

Federal Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault  to introduce legislation and regulations this year to ‘protect Canadians online’ when using social media.”

When the Sahara desert transforms into a giant Arctic ice-flow, Cultural Action Party of Canada will buy what the Liberals are herein attempting to sell to the citizens of Canada.

Without question, Stephen Guibeault’s proclamation is an act of protectionism. The piece in question is the element of society the Liberal Government are attempting to protect.

Away from mainstream media, some clues emerge. The Liberals are the most self-serving federal government in the history of Canada. Naturally, this flows from the “top-down.” There is no prime minister in history that can hold a candle to the self-centred political orientation of PM Justin Trudeau.

Seems to CAP he lives and breathes for two main purposes: to create a Liberal pseudo-dictatorship, and to lock this in for all-time by playing globalist saviour to the 3rd World.

There is little to no chance that Canadians are chomping at the bit for our government to censor the world wide web. Rather, the impetus comes from specific elements of society– the ones that Trudeau works for while he excludes the Canadian majority.

Trudeau’s attempted censorship–which no doubt will succeed in some capacity–is design to protect himself, as well as his Liberal Cabinet and Caucus.

Other key players require a measure of intuition.  Based upon our PM’s blatant bias toward what CAP will call “3rd World” Canada, we believe it is pressure from the “multicultural” lobby which plays a giant role in a move toward an erasure of freedom of speech in Canada.

What Justin Trudeau really wants is for the internet to function in the same capacity as network television. Furthermore, the goal is to sanitize the web to a point where only Liberal-government endorsed rhetoric appears.

In terms of community prejudice, this brings up a vital issue. If government approach to Canada’s ethnic and religious communities on the internet began to replicate that of Trudeau’s personal attitudes over the past five years, what would this look like?

The evidence shows massive favouritism for 3rd World Canada, and consistent punitive measures toward what ex-PM Stephen Harper defined as “Old Stock” Canada.

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What can be regarded as the number one impetus which has resulted in this scenario? The answer is Multicultural policy. This statute, instituted in the year 1988, established a multi-billion dollar flow of tax-payers dollars into the pockets of 3rd World diversity organizations in Canada.

The founder was Pierre Trudeau, ex-Liberal prime minister. After 33 years of institutionalized multiculturalism, associated not-for-profit organizations are among the most powerful forces within 2021 Canada.  In turn, Justin Trudeau has appeased these groups more than any national leader in history.

The result, of course is power–enough power to play a giant role in the current attempt at internet censorship. CAP’s prediction  is simple and direct:

Everything will roll exactly how powerful lobbyists–for example– National Council of Canadians Muslims– desire as an outcome. While censorship will apply to criticism of Trudeau’s preferred 3rd world citizenship, it will not exist regarding censorship toward what has been wholly acceptable within Justin Trudeau’s post-modern Canada:

The bashing and trashing of Anglophone, Francophone and European-derived Canadian communities.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016).


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