Trudeau’s Internet Censorship Plan “Like China, North Korea” Says Twitter

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A request-for-information released this week has spilled the beans on the Liberal government’s internet censorship proposals. Labelled as “government surveillance and censorship powers,” social media giant Twitter compared Trudeau government proposals to dictatorial measures found in China, North Korea and Iran.

Are Canadians being hoodwinked to the degree in which our nation is comparable with China and Iran– but we don’t realize it? Is the status of our country as a Liberal Democracy being relegated to the dustbin of history?

Perhaps European Union politicians who slammed PM Justin Trudeau as a dictator last month are onto something. It is with never-ending perplexity that those in the know recognize an ominous circumstance: as Canadians, we are sitting back and taking it. Every bit of it. Seems that sunny ways have transitioned to a lock on society. With NDP party leader Jagmeet Singh gifting Mr. Trudeau with political control until 2025, Canadians should expect more of the same. Or likely, a ramping up of all pseudo-dictatorial government initiatives.

According to Canadian Civil Liberties Association analysis, the Liberal’s censorship proposal is bound to result in other democratic countries establishing similar laws. What a blessing this is. Not only would Canada become the leading internet police state of the western world– others would likely follow in our footsteps. As published  by the Toronto Sun, the CCLS submission states that “many countries look to Canada as a mature liberal democracy, and may seek to emulate the tools developed for tackling online harms here.”

If a mature liberal democracy can be interpreted as a western nation transitioning to an authoritarian state, the CCLA are correct. Cultural Action Party said it from day one: the days of democratic governance in Canada are numbered.

Feedback from Twitter has warned that the Liberal’s censorship framework “sacrifices freedom of expression to the creation of a government run system of surveillance of anyone who uses Twitter.” As published this week in the National Post, the Liberal government refused to release 422 submissions received from Social Media companies, Telecoms and other technology players:

“Only those submissions that stakeholders chose to release themselves were available to public and media. Responses to the Liberal government’s proposed online harms bill from companies including Microsoft, Twitter and Canadian telecoms are among the hundreds of submissions Canadian Heritage refused to release.”

Like a rock, Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez continues to defend government’s neo-communist internet model. “It’s back to the drawing board” states Trudeau’s right-hand man of free speech eradication. Translation: they will never give up on this. For the Liberals, morphing the internet toward the most restrictive standards in the western world is a do-or-die scenario.

This situation is light-years from Justin Trudeau’s “fringe element of society” objection to the Ottawa Trucker Protest. This time, the conscious objectors are Microsoft, Twitter, and Canada’s leading Telecom corporations. If this isn’t a revelation of the neo-communist tactics, what is?

In its submission, Twitter said the government’s proposal lacks even “the most basic procedural fairness requirements you might expect from a government-run system such as notice and warning.” 

”Canada’s largest telecoms also wrote to the government in a joint submission. Bell, Rogers, Shaw, Telus, Cogeco and Quebecor said they were strongly in support of the government’s move to exempt telecoms from the new legislation.”

According to Brian Lilley in the Toronto Sun, “the possibility that this could quickly turn to political censorship is all too real. Giving any government these sorts of powers should be a non-starter for all Canadians.”

Mr. Lilley stops short of addressing a critical issue: can the “non-starter for all Canadians” status make any difference? It’s a disservice to assume that it could.  Under the iron-clad rule of Justin Trudeau, our general population has not one iota of influence upon government.

Our “free and democratic” country is now being lumped in with China and North Koreaand still we do not get the picture. If this transformation is similar to previous game-changers like Multiculturalism, one day we will. This day being long after anything can be done to prevent the establishment of neo-communism in Canada.

5 thoughts on “Trudeau’s Internet Censorship Plan “Like China, North Korea” Says Twitter”

  1. Trudeau isn’t omnipotent. He has clay feet; like the rest of us. The writing (hopefully) is on the wall–“Mene, mene, tekel, parsin.” Like King Belshazzar; Trudeau’s kingdom has been–will be–found wanting. Mene: God has numbered the days of your reign, and brought it to an end. Tekel: You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting. Parsin: (re-worded) “Your kingdom is divided, and has been given to another.” “But you, [Trudeau] have not humbled yourself… Instead, you have set yourself up against the Most High.” Takeaway: God is sovereign over all the kingdoms on earth, and sets over (and removes) anyone he wishes. (Daniel 5, NIV.)

  2. I’m gonna step into a real long history that promised to cancel anyone who would not shut up about what the government(s) wanted kept super secret from the general public (for whatever their ‘reason’). And I step in there to show you through your own eyes that mainstream media has been the tool of the government(s) to mass-control public thought ever since the first TV was bought by a commoner.

    Here’s the title of an old and ‘controversial’ film released 2017-05-09 . If you dare join me in the history of government-caused mass confusion, watch it and compare its content to all of the false hype publicly piled by Trudeau onto the Freedom Convoy through the mainstream media WHILE everyone could see the exact opposite right in front of their eyes. The movie is more like a documentary than entertainment and is 1:43:41 – enjoy the trip into the ‘unknown’ that has long been known by many from their own eyes. The method is called ‘Hide it in plain sight.’

    Unacknowledged: An Exposé of the World’s Greatest Secret (FULL MOVIE)

    • Well now, censorship on the cutting edge? I see the link I copy/pasted from that video is now “not available.” So know that I found that video yesterday in Youtube’s opening list of suggested videos. So if Youtubes sidebar list of viseos that open on the link does not give you a clue what it was about, it was a very long history of government-caused public confusion used to hide the visible evidence of UFOs.

  3. Being a journalist, I love it – since the pasted link returned “video not available,” from the above post where that link is available I copy/pasted the movie title into Youtube’s search and got the second link, where it is obviously NOW available to “buy or rent.” I’ll let the reader figure out why I saw it free yesterday as offered by Youtube in that form, and now you would need to buy or rent it – oh but wait a moment – there is a “trailer” offered for free (see below by copied title and link).

    another about it – actually plays the “anavailable video” as a copy of it, time and all. This ‘trailer’ I started playing one minute ago.

    Unacknowledged – An Expose Of The World’s Greatest Secret Full Documentay HD


    • By the way, to give you some probable evidence of how fast things are monitored without government legislation that installs itself as THE censor of all media, know that I once more click my own posted link in my first post here – and whereas it returned “video no available” in numerous attempts on that link, NOW it works seamlessly on the same machine, internet connection and all – almost immediately that my second post reporting “video unavailable” was posted. I ‘know’ – its just my junky computer glitching left and right only on this site – ah huh ah huh.


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