Justin Trudeau’s Incredible Unpopularity Revealed In New Poll

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Justin Trudeau has been voted Canada’s worst prime minister in the past 55 years by three out of 10 respondents in a new public opinion survey from Research Co.”

Before one throws caution to the wind, concluding that this spells the end of the “woke globalist” era in Canadian politics, CAP offer a few concepts to cool one’s heels.

Just because he is hugely unpopular doesn’t mean he cannot remain prime minister of Canada. We take a look at a few reasons why it may be the case:

Canadians vote for their local Member of Parliament, not the prime minister.

No party in history has ever taken advantage of this schematic like Justin Trudeau’s Liberals. To a large extent, this is being played out through the “diversity” card.

Out of 158 current Liberal MPs, 50 of them are sourced from Canada’s “racialized” communities. As best as possible, the Liberals match a candidate’s ethnicity to that of the riding’s ethnic identity.

Media won’t admit it, or even allude to the concept. The goal here is for a candidates ethnic background to supercede all other factors involved in voting for a local MP.

For the past three elections, the formula has been a whopping success for the Liberals. Within Canada’s hot-bed of racialized voters– the GTA 905 region in Greater Toronto, the Liberals control 90% of the ridings.

Naturally, there’s more to the story than a Liberal Party ethno-centric political machinations.

CAP speak of a quasi-dictatorship model established in a “confidence and supply” agreement between PM Trudeau and leader of the New Democratic Party, Jagmeet Singh.

Media refuse to point to an ominous possibility. By tying the political knot, the Liberal-NDP “coalition” can destroy a victorious Conservative Party in a future election.

Heck, if pushed to the wall, Trudeau & Singh could officially tie the political knot, effectively wiping out all future political competition. Not only do media refrain from pointing out this possibility. They also fail to reference what is in effect a brutal attack on democracy in Canada.

Yes, it’s legal from a technical point-of-view. But that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be the greatest impediment to democracy in the history of our country.

In other words, Trudeau could lose an upcoming election, and still remain Canadian dictator…oops, we mean prime minister.

We move on to the “macro” element. Unlike mainstream media, we recognise that Canada is a nation transformed. In 2023, we live in an age of woke international politics.

The goal inherent in the movement is a form of socialist revolution intent on what political scientists would call “Cultural Relativism.”

In the opinion of Cultural Action Party, this ideological position is front-and-centre in the political mind of our prime minister.

Also known as “Cultural Marxism,” the phenomenon erodes cultural identity within western nations. The process involves an assimilation of disparate cultures into a generic form of identity shared among western democracies. Authoritarian states, for example China and Iran, remain remain unaffected.

Driven by global migration and refugee distribution, distinct identities of western nations become diluted. In terms of demography, Canada looks like the United States, which looks like Britain and Australia.

For CAP, this is Justin Trudeau. It’s the reason why this man refuses to recognise any form of distinct society for  Canadians of Anglo-European heritage.

It’s the reason why the Liberals perpetually prop-up China, Sikhism, Islam and the rest of the multicultural mix. You think Trudeau doesn’t have a purpose in running down Canadian history?

Of course he does. His game-plan is drawn directly from ideological sources derived from Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum.

Then we have China, and all it entails within contemporary Canada. Media won’t tell you, but it was ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau who opened the door for the government of China to penetrate Canadian society.

An article published this week speaks to the truth of the matter:

‘Canadian Intelligence Flagged Chinese Meddling 37 Years Ago: Newly Released Report’

The original 1986 report advised that the People’s Republic of China “has continued its efforts to influence the many large Chinese communities abroad and to exploit those communities for its economic and political purposes.”

Pierre Trudeau served as the 15th prime minister of Canada from 1968-1979, and again from 1980-1984. The timing tells the story.

Ironically, the recent poll from Research Co. shows Pierre Trudeau to be the most popular Canadian prime minister of all-time.

But even a hardened woke warrior would have to admit that those were different times. Plus, one has to understand establishment media positioning on Canadian politics.

Our press are paid to advance Liberalism in Canada, while at the same time disparaging all aspects of Conservatism. It’s been this way since the days of Pierre Trudeau.

It’s only with the advent of the internet that Canadians came to understand the Liberal Party-Mainstream Media relationship. It’s one reason why Justin Trudeau is now in the process of transitioning control of the internet to the Liberal government through recently passed legislation.

Are the people of Canada stuck with this guy? For patriots, it’s the most awful of feelings. Yet, it may well be the case.

Cultural Action Party[est. 2016] said from day one that the placement of Justin Trudeau upon the throne of Canada would transition our country to pseudo-dictatorship status.

Nearly eight years later, our opinion hasn’t changed. The destruction of freedom and democracy in Canada hangs in the balance.

2 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau’s Incredible Unpopularity Revealed In New Poll”

  1. Why is treason allowed in Canada? When a central government goes to war against it’s own countries economic sovereignty, while promoting laws that remove rights and freedoms is this not treason?

    The carbon tax is to make energy so expensive that people must be trained to stop using it!! It is a sin tax how dare you heat or cool your home, how dare you drive to work, how dare you work in an industry that pollutes!!

    When Mother Nature supplies technology like floating wetlands to clean up our water supplies while eliminating farming and ranching emissions. It is easier to shut down jobs and sectors than grasp solutions!!

  2. “…[A] recent poll from Research Co. shows Pierre Trudeau to be the most popular Canadian prime minister of all-time.” Sadly for us; That comes as no surprise. Too many Canadians are by and large an easily duped people. Pierre Trudeau’s seductive tongue, and charisma–Trumped reality. Still; it belies belief. The damning evidence against this man was not entirely hidden from the public….At the time; The media still did a decent job of reporting the truth. Perhaps not enough to (justifiably) sink P. E. Trudeau; but more so than the ongoing J. Trudeau coverup. The depraved Canadian makeover continues….

    Does anyone recall the high octane “I-Am-Canadian”!! (1994) TV ad? It ran as a Molson beer commercial. Beer aside; It would be so out of place today. “You live in Canada? You’re Canadian? I’m so sorry. You have my deepest sympathy.” The fiendish J. Trudeau has run our country through a massive wood chipper, and has likely caused irreparable harm. It’s inconceivable how ONE drama queen, and an unelected WEF ghoul could do this to an entire country.

    Ghoul: “Strangely diabolical or cruel; monstrous: a ghoulish and questionable sense of humor. showing fascination with death, disease, maiming, etc.” There should be a photo of Klouse Swab beside this definition. Perhaps nominate his Trudeau puppet as a runner-up.

    Low information; quasi socialist voters helped keep P. Trudeau in office for fifteen years. Fifteen!!! Talk about enjoying pain. And now; his alleged spawn has been defecating on us since October, 2015. Our American brothers and sisters seem to be in the same boat; but with term limits. The ubiquitous Trudeau despises Canada; I can’t say if Joe Biden feels the same antagonism toward the USA. By their fruit will you know them; I guess that answers the question. “Patriot Joe Biden” is an oxymoron.


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