Trudeau’s Immigration Policy Erodes Christianity, Elevates Islam, Sikhism

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Balpreet Singh Boparai, of the World Sikh Organization, says Canada is the “top choice” for Sikh immigration. “Our community is like one family. It is a way of life.”

According to Statistics Canada, the Islamic faith is the fastest-growing religion in Canada. Blacklock’s Reporter says the Muslim population as a portion of the entire country has more than tripled in the past 15 years.

As reported by Global News, “these minority religions are at the point of surpassing once major religions in Canada.” The surpassing is oriented toward one religion in particular: Christianity. “Unlike churches nearby that sit nearly empty during weekend services, on a Friday at noon in mid-December 2021, Masjid Toronto is overflowing with people.”

On this basis, the future of the Christian faith is mapped out before us. Within a generation, what was once our country’s dominant religion will transition to a religious relic. All signs point to this inevitability. We drill down on reasons why:

On a pragmatic level, we recognise the impact of immigration policy. The Liberal government is knowingly eroding Anglophone and Christian demography in Canada. Eventually, these communities will be reduced to minorities.

Canadians are aware of what it’s like to be a member of a minority. For the past half-century, immigration and multicultural organizations have been telling us how awful it is. Perhaps vindication is coming their way through a “taste of our own medicine.” Media say not a word about the eventual transition.

There is more to the story than statistics. A whole other dimension is discovered within contemporary social dynamics. Christianity is out-of-style. It is today the nemesis of Canada’s controlling institutions. Government, media, academia– all are prejudiced against the religion of Canada’s founding fathers.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau– self-professed Catholic— has labelled the Church bigoted. New Democratic Party Leader Jagmeet Singh screams Aboriginal genocide. Trudeau’s right-hand man Gerald Butts tells us that burning churches down is understandable. The Liberal Party of Canada– mainly comprised of secular Christians– sits in passivity while their religious heritage is vilified.

No better microcosm can be found than the treatment of Christian churches and pastors during the time of Covid. So extreme is the situation that American lawmakers are urging the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom to add Canada to its Religious Persecution Watch List. The press have buried the story.

Media in Canada– the majority of Christian heritage– are on board. Our educational institutions have gone all-in. We draw an ominous conclusion: from every possible point-of-view, Christianity in Canada is in free-fall. Meanwhile, Sikhism and Islam are flowering in a form of religious renaissance.

Out of this quagmire Canadians gain insight into the future of our country. Over time, those who adhere to the Christian faith will become members of a second-class community. This arrives as payback for crimes these people never committed. None were alive when systems for second class status for historical minorities were formulated.

Does it matter? Not one bit. Canada’s woke liberal community and their multicultural partnerships are out for vengeance. Chances are high they will receive exactly what they desire. After all, this is not simply a power struggle of community against community.

All controlling institutions support an erosion of Christianity. The movement has become institutionalized. It is systemic in nature. How curious this is. While Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh rant on about systemic racism against “minorities,” the truth is the very opposite. In contemporary Canada, the “system” is anti-Christian.

5 thoughts on “Trudeau’s Immigration Policy Erodes Christianity, Elevates Islam, Sikhism”

  1. Liberals support the religions of immigrants, because, today it servers “their” purpose.

    When the faith du jour no longer advances “their” cause, it will be cast aside like yesterday’s garbage, just as Christians are today.

    The end of organized religion, I predict the revocation of churches tax exempt status, within twenty years. At that time, they will look at the religions of today much like we look at the beliefs of acient Romans, and just like that, the world will change, once again…

  2. I was literally told ny a Muslim immigrant not but a few years ago that the muslims had a plan to take over Canada even if it took 3 years! It seems i took this commitment too lightly!!

  3. The importation of Muslims into Canada will work as well as the importation of Muslims into Sweden did. (Or France, the UK, Spain, Germany or Lebanon.)

    Expect Canadian “no-go-zones” soon. They are the new progressive milestone.


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