Trudeau’s Immigration Hypocrisy Political Disgrace Of The Decade

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Justin Trudeau acknowledged the challenges posed by the increase in temporary immigrants entering the country, and stated that it had surpassed Canada’s capacity to absorb them and the situation needed to be brought under control.”

If one didn’t know better, one would believe that no matter how absurd, the prime minister of Canada can say anything he wants and remain national leader.

It’s a condition that CAP has alluded to on numerous occasions. On a practical basis, Trudeau’s retention of political office is presently secured by his direct competitor, New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh.

Beyond this, there’s something so very “authoritarian” running through the veins of federal politics in Canada. Simply put, Justin Trudeau just “feels like” a dictator. More than any of his predecessors, our current PM smacks of being propped up by international forces.

United Nations, World Economic, Forum, World Health Organization, Open Border Foundation, China, Middle Eastern governments.

Whomever the culprits, the Liberal Party seem to be infused with a globalist ethos emanating from some sketchy location outside of Ottawa. Or more likely, outside of Canada altogether.

It now appears that Mr. Trudeau is simply running scared. A failure on just about all political fronts from economy to social cohesion, the glitter on the PM’s political pride costume has diffused in totality.

What to do? Perhaps it’s simply a matter of damage control. How many seats can the Liberals salvage at the time of what polls predict to be a pending slaughter for the Trudeau government.

Canadian songwriter Neil Young tells us that “it’s better to burn out than to fade away.” Judging from Justin’s turn-around regarding immigration intake, perhaps “it’s better to appear as a blatant political hypocrite than to fade away.”

In a statement that sounds as if it was sent from outer space, Trudeau said this week that “we want to get those numbers down” regarding temporary residents and immigrant intake.

“The Temporary Resident Program aims to design, develop, and implement policies and programs to facilitate the entry of temporary workers, students, and visitors in a way which maximizes their contribution to Canada’s economic, social, and cultural development and protects the health, safety, and security of Canadians.”

Upon which Cultural Action Party[est.2016] reference a fact certain to be omitted by Canada’s federally-funded media.

“Recently released statistics indicate over 144,000 migrants claimed asylum in Canada during 2023. This is the highest year on record and is several times higher than any year before the Liberals formed government in 2015.”

Who has contributed more to the Canadian economy, temporary residents, or poor and uneducated refugees who pop across our borders by the tens of thousands? The answer is obvious.

The answer is obvious. Therefore, in the best interest of the Canadian economy, it makes sense to cut the refugee program back by a bundle. Only problem is, PM Trudeau never does what is most beneficial for the citizens of Canada.

What’s best for China? Absolutely. Likewise for WEF, WHO, Iran, Syria, Somalia, and dozens more so-called “developing” nations of the world. Who exactly is Trudeau aiming to please?

“Over the next three years, the goal is to reduce the amount of temporary residents to 5% of Canada’s population.”

In an instant, devoid of media scrutiny, is a magical about-face by a two-faced Liberal government.

“Regarding permanent residents, Canada aims to welcome 485,000 new immigrants, with plans to increase to 500,000 in both 2025 and 2026, according to the Global News report.”

A pithy 5% cutback. Its motivation? None other than eight consecutive months of the Liberals being trampled in the polls by Pierre Poilievre’s Conservative Party. In an attempt to remedy the free-fall, the Feds carve a tiny chunk off immigration intake quotas.

That this move has nothing to do with housing availability should be obvious to Canadian voters. The reason for the move is basic: above all concerns, the Liberals want to retain control of the socio-political destiny of our society.

The decision has nothing to do with what’s best for 40 million citizens. If it did, decisions of this nature would have been made years ago. Anticipating negative ramifications– a fundamental role of government– Team Trudeau would have adjusted quotas several years back.

Why didn’t they? Because our PM is hell-bent on the Liberals remaining government-for-life. How is it achieved? By packing the country with as many Liberal-voting migrants as possible.

None of it is related to growing the Canadian economy. Not a stitch is related to the welfare of those who qualify as “Old Stock” Canadians, of whom the Liberals are transitioning to a demographic relic by way of immigration policy.

“Until a decade ago, Canada was receiving on average less than 25,000 asylum claims per year.In the days following the publication of the latest numbers Canada’s English-speaking media barely covered this story.”

What a shock this is, eh? A report from the MacDonald Laurier Institute sheds further light on the situation:

“The explosion in asylum claims post-Roxham is the result of two simultaneous policy decisions: (1) loosening the criteria for visa issuance and (2) allowing visa-free travel for potential asylum seekers.”

“In other words, our quiet asylum crisis is largely a self-inflicted problem.

CAP pull no punches: Justin Trudeau is a self-inflicted problem. Much of the impetus for a massive uptick in refugee intake is due to a tweet from our illustrious prime minister:

12:20 pm, January 28th, 2017: “To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength.”

The extent to which arrogance flows from the statement couldn’t be measured on a moral richter scale. Tell us, Ms. He/She/They from CBC News:

What gives a former high school teacher a right to personally transition Canada to the “United Nations Salvation Army” capital of the world? Being prime minister doesn’t cut it. The reason he did so is rooted in a mentality shared with Pierre Trudeau, a Liberal PM who of his own accord cancelled Canada’s bi-cultural English & French identity in the 1970’s.

“The only logical explanation for these striking policy decisions is wide-spread ideological conviction that Canada must be as open as possible.”

“The country has suffered from a lack of debate and viewpoint diversity that allowed this simplistic ethic to flourish unopposed throughout our political and media establishment.”

Now is the time for Canadians to get their act together, and refuse to buy any form of product Trudeau and the Liberals attempt to sell to the voting public.

4 thoughts on “Trudeau’s Immigration Hypocrisy Political Disgrace Of The Decade”

  1. (1) “The Temporary [to Permanent] Resident Program aims to design, develop, and implement policies and programs to facilitate the entry of temporary workers, students, and visitors in a way which maximizes their [take from] Canada’s economic, social, and cultural development and [diminishes] the health, safety, and security of Canadians.”

    (2) “Design; development, and implement.” Always imbecilic; three worded slogans. “Follow the science.” “Safe and effective.”

    (3) “The only logical explanation for these striking policy decisions is wide-spread ideological conviction that Canada must be as open as possible.” Much too innocuous. Canada must be as weak as possible; beginning with the addition of higher levels of melanin. Excuse me–Multiculturalism.

  2. During Trudeau’s dictatorship, immigration has NOT benefited
    Canada. When he announces a Billion dollars to feed an estimated 400 thousand children, I can only say why wasn’t this done in the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s ?
    If people can’t afford to feed their own children then maybe they should not have them. Think about the ” old stock ” Canadians who were diagnosed with a lifetime disability. How are these individuals helped ?
    If someone who has MS and needs a wheelchair, will Justin Trudeau be there ?
    But come to Canada with nothing and Trudeau along with his cohort Singh will welcome you with both arms open and allow you to collect welfare beyond the limit set in policy.
    Canadians need to tell members of Parliament that we are tired of paying for their personal gratification. Billions a year to assist people thar call us racist and demonstrate in our streets for a cause on the other side of the world. It has nothing to do with Canada. Go back if you want to change your country. Those Billions could be building hospitals and retirement homes. You too will be ” old stock ” some day. Immigration has ruined our once peaceful country and it will take a decade to clean the mess left by Singh and Trudeau.

    • “Trudeau, the liberals and Singh
      Are destroying Canadians and Canada
      And they don’t care!!!!”

      You’re not wrong, brother…but you left out the PRIME reason that they “don’t care”…

      [HINT #1]

      “There is nothing new, under the sun” — Ecclesiastes

      [HINT #2]

      The EXACT same personality-types of the political bureaucrats that went after Jesus to liquidate HIM in the most awful and lingering ways they could possibly dream up 2,000+ yrs ago..

      to make a VERY public example of the world’s most popular OG dissident EVER…

      Those 2,000 yr-old corrupt, treasonous and pedophile (statistical certainty) politicians with RAGING Bolshevik hard-ons to get rid of Jesus ASAP pulled out ALL the stops to “Alinsky” HIM:

      to public disgrace, humiliation, extreme lingering torture…and most soonest possible PUBLIC execution.

      The Rothschilds / Rockefellers / Vanderbilts/ Shwabs / Gates / Soros / Inbred-Charles-n-Harrys-Markles / JayZ$ / Oprahs / Ellens / Hankses / “The View” Hags / Bidens / Obamas / Clintons / Merkels / Blairs / Kerrys / Bushes / Arderns / Bojos / Trudeaus / Butts / Telfords / Freelands / Singhs, and on and on downwards etc etc etc through all the even lower and trailer-trashier levels of meth-mouth Hell and the eager sellout petty wannabe-Judases that populate them…

      “JC” was very rapidly waking the “Sheeple” up 2,000+ yrs ago!!!

      …and the Shwabs / Soros’es / Bidens / Trudeau’s / Freelands / Rolex-Singhs of the time could NOT let that happen, because they ALL knew that if even 1/4 of the endlessly-taxpaying docile peasantry actually ever managed to put 2+2=4 together en-masse,

      that there would be SUCH a nationwide breakout of irate 1900s town-square justice, that no “Grima Wormtongue” types would be further be tolerated to remain alive within the nation’s borders!

      The exact same folks that plotted, hunted and murdered Jesus …

      are planted OVERWHELMINGLY throughout our forced-taxation-funded so-called “Civil Services”!

      [FINAL HINT…#3…]


      — Once, upon a time, such actions and soulless narcissism used to be regarded as “High Treason”, and remedied swiftly by the general populace —


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