Trudeau’s Gender Wars Culminate In LGBT-Related Triple Stabbing

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Police say a 24-year-old international University of Waterloo student has been charged in what they’re calling a “hate-motivated triple stabbing during a gender studies class.”

Canada’s out-of-control LGBT propaganda curriculum has resulted in what astute Canadians recognize as an inevitability. Someone, at some point, was bound to become a victim of violence based on social discord emanating from Canada’s LGBT movement.

According to the National Post, Geovanny Villalba-Aleman was charged with three counts of aggravated assault four counts of assault with a weapon; two counts of possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose; and mischief under $5,000.” 

“Injured in the attack were the professor, a 38-year-old Kitchener woman, and two students, a 20-year-old Waterloo woman and a 19-year-old Waterloo man. All sustained serious but non-life-threatening injuries, police said.” 

Let us get this straight from the get-go: the accused is non-white, and non-Canadian. He is an international student from Spain, temporarily residing in Waterloo, Ontario.

“Investigators believe the Wednesday afternoon attack was a hate-motivated incident related to gender expression and gender identity.”

Degree to which the incident will put a damper on the LGBT political power accumulation currently plaguing our country? More than likely, none at all. It will probably empower them.

LGBT-Pride is the woke left’s “silver bullet,” and the Liberal government of Canada plan to keep it this way. Never in modern history has a social movement with such a slim degree of adoption(1% of Canadians are transgender says government study) wielded such power within a society.

Think about it for a minute. 99% of Canadians fall into the category of what the transgender lobby call “cisgender.” This, while the issue tears apart the moderate fabric of Canadian society.

Throughout the process, PM Trudeau stands back and lets it all happen. For him, each and every piece of push-back against the LGBT-Trans movement is an “act of hate.” What a coincidence that mainstream media feel the exact same way– not.

LGBT in Canada is a monolith of closed-minded, sanctimonious woke warriors intent on upsetting mainstream society. How fortunate that Justin Trudeau and Minister of Gender Liberal MP Marci Ien back the agenda with aplomb.

“Yesterday’s stabbings at a gender studies class at the University of Waterloo are horrifying and unacceptable. This type of violence must always be condemned. Our thoughts are with the professor and two students who were injured.”

— PM Justin Trudeau

Wanna stop the violence, Mr. Trudeau? You have the power to do so– but you won’t. Instead, our PM will continue to back the transgender movement with every fabric of his rainbow-coloured self— inclusive of support for sex-change surgery for Canadian children.

Justin Trudeau is knowingly and with full intent exacerbating gender conflict in Canada. The movement is revolutionary, and the Trudeau family adore revolutions, particularly of the socialist variety. Canada’s LGBT wars are designed to tear society apart — a perfect fit for an agenda of national revision being promoted within all levels of government.

LGBT is not about sexuality– it’s a political movement. Taking their cue from racist oppression in the 20th centoury, advocates have expanded on the suffrage movement by adding gender dysphoria to the mix.

Meanwhile, all across Canada, common-sense Canadians are fed up with the pomposity emanating from the LGBT warriors. Ironically, the most extreme offenders happen to be those in charge of educating Canadian children.

A pretentious lot they are. CAP is dying to know who granted our educational institutions the right to usurp parental influence, taking control of guiding the sexual identity of our children.

Who ever heard of such insanity? In fact, the phenomenon is not as rare as some may believe. All socialist revolutions of history shared this commonality. The Nazis, Soviet Union, Communist China— all maintained systemic programs of government propaganda targeting the youth of their respective countries.

Media won’t tell you, but our Liberal government has borrowed a page from the totalitarian playbook in the form of LGBT-Transgender indoctrination in the Canadian public school system.

The outcome is an unspoken-of dilemma for Canadian society. The more people act out in violence against an unwanted social movement, the greater the power of government and media’s favourite ploy: the victim card.

One of PM Trudeau’s most odious moves has been the rise of “victim culture” in society. Simply put, those who whine the most, win the most. But one cannot effectively win without ammunition to do so. For this purpose, institutional Canada selected two primary vehicles. Although incongruous by nature, so-called “Islamophobia” and  Transphobia perfectly fit the bill.

Both rely on victim culture for success. Response to criticism against either is identical: “This is hate”— end of story. Could it be that these two suffrage movements serve a purpose that general society is not comprehending?

CAP say yes, indeed. Upon which we pose a logical question: if no hate existed, how would government justify the implementation of internet censorship legislation? If Canada was generally a hate-free society, how could Justin Trudeau rationalize an erasure of freedom of speech on par with what is found in China?

Therefore, government manufacture the hate. Financial control of legacy media ensures that CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest advance the government narrative. Our education system, long ago infiltrated by Anglophone-hating objectors to Canada’s colonial founding, have been playing the hate-card for decades.

We come to understand the set-up. Create conflict where is does not exist. In post-modern Canada, racism and homophobia are weapons being leveraged by government for the purpose of eroding individual freedoms for Canadian citizens.

Today, it’s a stabbing. Tomorrow, perhaps a murder. Ever get the sense that the future of Canada is set-in-stone, regardless of what develops politically and/or socially?

Canada is a nation under attack by its own government. LGBT-Pride is a primary weapon in Justin Trudeau’s war against mainstream Canadian society.

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  1. Gasp! Underneath the thick makeup/lipstick and pink wig–(wink pig?) stands a….White male!! I guess dressing like a woman cancels out the White. Cross dresser–Drag queen–One gets lost in the alphabet of the perverse. Is Trudeau’s “lady-friend” a x-dresser; or a queen? It’s not Mrs. Doubtfire; that’s for sure. (The late Robin William’s film; *Mrs. Doubtfire*.)


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