Trudeau’s Ethnic Community Preferences Define Legacy Of Social Division

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For six-plus years media has been covering up a definitive aspect within the leadership style of Justin Trudeau. Throughout the time period, a social standard has quietly been maintained: government and media refuse to make reference Canada’s Anglophone communities.

Let us contrast this with treatment of 3rd World communities. Day after day, references to Sikh, Chinese and Muslim communities colour the flavour of media presentation. Quebecois culture, identity and heritage are a coveted commodity. But never an explicit reference Anglo-Canadians. For unspoken political reasons, this remains taboo.

Within this context, we note our Liberal government’s dedication to “progressive” politics. 50-years of mass immigration has resulted in dramatic transformation of Canadian demography. In 2022, white Canadians comprise minority communities in dozens of federal ridings. Media say nothing– never do they speak of this form of “progression.”

As such, our nation has continuously progressed from a European-dominated society to more of an equal playing field. Our House of Commons reflect the transition:

After the 2015 Canadian election, the highest number of visible minorities were elected to Parliament in history – 49 MPs, or 14.5% of the House of Commons. Subsequent elections continue to grow the percentage.

The 2021 federal election reflected the “greatest diverse pool of candidates in any election thus far in history. Parliament has some diverse faces, but is it enough?”

What a question. Of course it isn’t enough– nothing ever is. Degree of appreciation from the woke contingency and multicultural organizations? Add up the numbers, and they equal zero. CAP is on to their ways: the name of the game is “insatiability,” and this will never change.

It would be one thing if Justin Trudeau recognized these circumstances, and acted accordingly. When a prime minister is desirous of inter-community harmony, they work toward the goal. PM Trudeau has done nothing of the sort. Conversely, no prime minister– or any other Canadian politician–  has worked so diligently to create division in society.

Justin Trudeau says he is “jealous of immigrants to Canada and their families, who, he said, have more of a stake in the country than others.”

“You chose this country. This is your country more than it is for others because we take it for granted.”

How much more divisive a statement can be made by an elected official? Let’s not pull any punches: this is utter and complete foolishness. Yet, in reality, the divisive nature of Mr. Trudeau goes much deeper.

We speak of the fine art of community favouritism. Anecdotal evidence is so overpowering that we deal only in essentials. Our prime minister prefers immigrants, refugees and 3rd World communities over Anglophones and other “Old Stock” communities. In religious terms, the preference is Sikhs/Muslims over Christian-Canadians.

Obvious, apparent– never once alluded to by Canadian media. Its incredulous nature is placed on steroids when considering the following: leading media publishers, editors and journalists in Canada come from an Anglophone heritage. Yet, they have not a word to say about a divisive agenda being perpetrated by government.

CAP offer a single example: the treatment of religious communities throughout the Covid pandemic. On the Christian side, we have a plethora of media reports on Covid- inspired closures of Canadian churches. Not a word on an equivalent for Sikh Temples or Islamic mosques. As in, not a single sentence.

Pastors are thrown in jail. Churches have been fined after police knocked on their doors brandishing warrants. Meanwhile, not a single equivalent exists for non-Christian houses of worship. Degree of articulation among media totals less-than-nothing.

While Justin Trudeau labels non-racialized communities pure as driven Nunavut snow, the Anglosphere has been branded racist, bigoted and homophobic. Community favouritism is palpable– and so is media’s neglect of the topic.

If the rationale is to be crystalized in a single word, it is transformation. Justin Trudeau understands which segments of society represent the future, and which represent the past.

It is this form of “progression” which most interests our PM. On this basis, government select their strategy to remain in power in perpetuity.

3 thoughts on “Trudeau’s Ethnic Community Preferences Define Legacy Of Social Division”

  1. J. Troodoh: “You chose this country. This is your country more than it is for others because we take it for granted.” What a pantload. Imagine this spiel dropping from the lips of Xi Jinping: “You [Whites] chose this country. [China] is your country more than it is for [Chinese] because we take it for granted.” HAHAHAHA!! What irony. The Chinese have already colonized Vancouver/Richmond. Canada….Low hanging fruit. Ripe for takeover. Thanks to papa Pierre; succeeding prime ministers, and now his wretched; execrable; satanic son.

  2. Trudeau is terrified of the name Jesus Christ, just like all liberals, so for the most part he picks his crowd from non Christian countries….and where he’s going that clown Trudeau won’t ever have to worry about being with Christ.


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