Trudeau’s Empowerment Of The National Council Of Canadian Muslims Revealed

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For the past five years, Cultural Action Party of Canada have been publishing articles focused upon critical, yet under-exposed, aspects of Canadian politics.

Since Justin Trudeau became Canadian prime minister in October, 2015, ethnic-oriented politics have skyrocketed in terms of social relevance.

Much of the reason why PM Trudeau has a lock on governance in 2021 is related to the Liberal Party-Third World community dynamic. In basic terms, Trudeau’s Liberals own this area. When looking at Greater Toronto Area(GTA) political victories in the 2019 federal election, the Liberals won 45 out of 55 seats.

Much of the reason is found in the 3rd World political power base created through immigration policy. It is interesting to note how little establishment media expose such a critical component of contemporary politics.

Even less understood by the public is the area of our Liberal government’s relationships with multicultural not-for-profit organizations.

Without question, the runaway leader in terms of influence upon Canada’s ruling government is the Nation Council of Canadian Muslims. Keeping in mind a distinction between exposure of this non-profit’s influence, and the idea that CAP is hereby condemning  “all Muslims” in Canada, we offer the following.

In their 2019 Federal Election Policy Guide, NCCM recommended the following to government:

“Launch a parliamentary study on regulating social media companies to prevent online hate, the promotion of violence, and the spread of misinformation on social media platforms.”

In January 2021, Canadian Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault announced “there will be a new regulator that will implement the new rules and monitor hate speech,”.

In a letter to PM Justin Trudeau in late 2020, NCCM called upon the Trudeau government to “establish a national action plan on dismantling white supremacist groups.”

In February, 2021, the Liberal government designated the Proud Boys, a key player in the white supremacist movement, a terrorist organization.

“Over the years we at NCCM have worked shoulder-to-shoulder with community organizations to call for a National Day of Remembrance of the Quebec City Mosque Attack and Action Against Islamophobia.”

On January 29, 2021 the Trudeau government established a National Day of Remembrance of the Quebec City Mosque Attack and Action Against Islamophobia.

Insight into this relationship is found in the written output of National Council of Canadian Muslims themselves:

“NCCM frequently publishes position briefs and reports on public policy matters and appear before parliamentary and legislative committees to present these perspectives to Members of Parliament, Senators and other legislative bodies. We also hold policy forums to amplify the Canadian Muslim voices at all levels.”

No matter what one’s political perspective, an observation remains crystal clear: what is being articulated by NCCM constitutes serious political power and influence–by their own admission.

CAP wonder to what degree other religious communities compare. It is more than reasonable to state that Christian-Canadian non-profits cannot hold a candle to NCCM’s influence upon government. To compare is, in fact, an absurdity.

Naturally, it takes skill and effort to establish a power path to the highest levels of government. The catalyst for this accomplishment is something referred to as “M103”— the so-called Islamophobia” motion passed by the Liberals in March, 2017.

National Council of Canadians Muslims recommend all members of parliament  support Motion 103 tabled by Iqra Khalid, Member of Parliament for Mississauga-Erin Mills.”

At the time, Liberals and Conservatives were accusing each another of playing politics with prejudice facing Canadian Muslims. MP’s ended up adopting the motion by a margin of 201-91.

M103 was driven by Iqra Khalid, Liberal member of parliament for Mississauga, Ontario, in collaboration with NCCM. Upon formal acceptance, advocates branded its success as “not good enough.”

According to the National Post, of the 30 recommendations, “only one other specifically mentions Islamophobia.”  In the meantime, the M103 anti-racism motion is devoid of references to any religious communities in Canada apart from Islam.

CAP Observation: Since day one, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has preached ethnic and religious equality within Canadian society. His motivation is sourced from father Pierre Trudeau’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms(1982).

In 1988, government passed the Multicultural Act of Canada. Both pieces of legislation were created to establish equitability among Canada’s pluralist communities.

CAP can’t help but wonder where the equality is found with the so-called “multicultural” ethos in the Trudeau-Liberal-NCCM relationship.

Rather, what can be observed is blatant favouritism as advanced by the ruling  Liberals. Interesting that the rise in this political dynamic coincided with Trudeau’s election as prime minister on October 21st, 2015.

Will CAP now be branded as racist, bigoted and xenophobic upon publication of this article? If so, it will be far from the first time.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016).












1 thought on “Trudeau’s Empowerment Of The National Council Of Canadian Muslims Revealed”

  1. In February, 2021, the Liberal government designated the Proud Boys, a key player in the white supremacist movement, a terrorist organization.

    This is an odd one as the Proud Boys are very multicultural led by a homosexual Black Cuban..

    Why was not Antifa, BLM or khalistan movement put on terror list? Farmers in India stormed their ‘parliament’ with guns yet …….

    Don’t forget who committed biggest terror attack in Canadian history when they blew up air India. The sad part is sikhs I work with supported that and don’t care what needs to be done to get a khalistan state.

    Jagmeet Singh is considered a terrorist by India and is banned from India. yet he should be on the list instead of proud boys. How many people have the proud Boys killed?

    Trudeau declared war on Caucasians. Actually this started with first Trudeau.

    The mass third world immigration that started in 70’s and continues to this day destroyed and undercut Canadian society to the point now if you dare question the free for all immigration your branded a racist.

    Caucasian kids do not have much of a future in this country with all the anti white talk and how diversity people get first crack at jobs, gov programs then cry racism if they do not get it their way.

    The other forbidden thing to say is what I believe is most of the diverse mp’s are more loyal to their own countries than Canada.

    Too many useless sheep in this country and have allowed a great country to become a third world hole….None of the parties but PPC would do something about this but I dunno if they will be around much longer.


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