Trudeau’s Diversity Agenda: Equality Or Inversion Of Social Dominance?

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It’s a decades-long pattern. In Canada, we refuse to address our country’s most critical sociological issues. So much of what Canadians have for decades taken as commonplace is nothing of the sort.

No government policy fits this model like Multiculturalism. Since its inception fifty years ago, Canada’s “diversity” agenda has never received the attention it deserves. Multicultural ideology is a given. No questions asked– certainly not by mainstream media. Diversity is a sacrosanct belief system having escaped all scrutiny since its inception in 1971.

The year 2021 marked the 50th anniversary of multiculturalism. Interesting to note related recognition of the fact by government and media. There was none. Why not? Why would it be that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau— who has pushed the “Diversity Is Our Strength” till the cows come home– went silent regarding the half-century marker?

There is good reason for it. Government does a grand total of nothing without studying the ramifications of an action or inaction. On this basis, we drill down on the absence of an unfurling of rainbow-coloured flags on Parliament Hill.

Cultural Action Party has posed this question in the past: is the goal of multiculturalism an establishment of equality among all ethnic communities? It certainly was positioned this way at the time Pierre Trudeau forced it upon society. The same is true over subsequent decades.

Yet, in retrospect, insightful observers will note the development of a sub-plot. Over the decades, Pierre Trudeau’s social equality policy has transitioned to a vehicle for vengeance.

The advent of Critical Race Theory exemplifies the phenomenon. In the spirit of the Orwellian, semantics cover-up the reality. CRT is an inversion of systemic prejudice– a program of reverse-racism having covertly wormed its way into Canada’s educational system.

CRT is not a program for social equality. It is a venomous, pseudo-academic diatribe against an identifiable community. It exists as a culmination of vitriol which has steadily percolated for decades. The target is what ex-PM Stephen Harper once referred to as the “Old Stock” peoples of Canada.

Legacy media sublimate the entire phenomenon. They never touch the topic. In doing so, an historical trajectory of social transformation has gone undetected.

Let’s break the pattern right now. Multiculturalism has transitioned from a program of social equality to a instrument for accumulation of power. The guilty party continue to remain nameless, but any thinking Canadian will comprehend the intended target.

“Anti-racism” is described as “the policy of combating racism, such as anti-Indigenous racism, anti-Black racism, anti-Asian racism, anti-semitism, and Islamophobia.”

And which community, pray-tell, qualify as the oppressor of all of the above? The answer is Anglo-Christian Canadians. As in, all of them. The vengeance-thirsty neglect to distinguish between historical and contemporary citizens. They are in good company– Justin Trudeau doesn’t do so either.

Present-day white Canadians are not responsible for what the woke call “systemic” racism in Canada. The systems were put in place at a time when 98% of Canada were British, French and European-derived citizens. All of it previous to the modern wave of 3rd World immigration. Once these people began to arrive, it took time for integration to occur. New arrivals had to overcome local prejudices. Decades passed before a form of social equality arrived.

This is what is called a natural process. The same has occurred the world over. There is nothing unique about Canada in this regard. This isn’t good enough for the social warrior brigade. For them, our nation must be singular in its historical oppression.

It sure as heck isn’t. Pakistan, India, China, Middle Eastern countries– you name it, and ethnic oppression is embedded in the bedrock of their respective histories.

Canadian academia don’t care. Nor do government and media. We are different than the rest. Our prejudice is worse, our people more guilty, our history more culpable.

The circumstances then serve as justification for the Multicultural movement to blast beyond the goal social equality.  Instead, their contrived, over-zealous nature entitles them to an inversion of Canada’s historical power dynamic. Thus arrives the vilification of Anglophones and Christians. Truth be told, the movement is progressing at lightning speed.

Why wouldn’t it, when they have a luxury rarely if ever accorded to a “revolutionary” movement. PM Justin Trudeau is on their side, along with his Liberal government. Our political class are the inversion’s greatest advocates. Media, academia, our corporate world– all of them leaders in the field.

Here we discover the reason why an axiomatic transformation of Canadian society is coming our way. As a microcosm, we turn to Bill 67 as tabled by the New Democratic Party of Ontario.

In the bill, “racism” is defined as “the use of socially constructed ideas of race to justify or support the notion that one race is superior to another, whether consciously or subconsciously.”

Translation: the proponents of the bill put forth that Anglophones believe in racial superiority. We recall this circumstance within the 19th century slavery movement in the southern United States. Is this an accurate portrayal of contemporary Canadians? It’s an absurdity to even ask the question.

And the guilty parties must always remember–  the hatred is both conscious and subconscious. What nerve. Turns out the woke rebels are mind readers. They have gone and appointed themselves a reincarnation of Dr. Sigmund Freud, innovator of theories of the unconscious mind.

The vehemence of these people speaks volumes. Call CAP paranoid, but we don’t see anything resembling a pursuit of equality. Anger, resentment, hatred — yes. The pursuit of social harmony? Not at all.

We draw a conclusion. There is nothing “multicultural” about woke Liberal Canada and their diversity contingent. The true goal is a role-reversal within society. It is only a transition to second-class status for “Old Stock” Canadians that will satiate the perpetrators.

5 thoughts on “Trudeau’s Diversity Agenda: Equality Or Inversion Of Social Dominance?”

  1. Trudeau needs to resign, we never voted for the World Economic Forum…Get out Trudeau and take the rest of your money laundering minions with you! Your great reset MUST FAIL

  2. Great article. When the cowardly self loathing whites at the CBC cancelled Don Cherry, it woke many up. Blackface Brownface has zero moral authority to lecture anyone. Every question in the House should start with “Prime Minister Blackface” … Our UNIPARTY does not protect us. They are all China and WEF Klaus Anal Swab drones.

  3. Prior to multiculturalism being deployed against Canada in the seventies, it was known as cultural dilution and population replacement. It is old time commie stuff, weaken a nations culture so down the line sometime you can take it over easier. The communist party in china encourages as many citizens as possible to emigrate to Tibet for that reason.
    Multiculturalism is Orwellian newspeak, at least the old name for the program was honest.

  4. Even as an 11-year old schoolchild, I wondered why our teachers said the government wanted us to be more “mulicultural”.
    It was much later that I learned that’s how you get a population that LACKS any recognizable culture, and is argumentative, resentful. Most people can’t argue laws imposed; they are unable to read the laws of the land as the language level is difficult, and especially so for newcomers with English as a 2nd language.
    Now that we have so many different ethnic groups, they clamp down on free speech, invent “hate speech” laws, and want CRT in schools.
    Canadians that still remember the way Canada was and want it BACK, had better get organized and overthrow this regime and its communist tactics.

    • The moment I heard about Multiculturalism in 1975, my thought was “this is going to come to no good.” In 2022, we see it is true.


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