Trudeau’s Covid Wage Subsidy Funds Bank Of China, PetroChina, China Petroleum

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“A Canadian government online database lists the units of China Petroleum,  CNOOC as well as PetroChina among recipients of the wage subsidy, but it does not reveal the value of the subsidies.”

Bank of ChinaAir China and China Southern Airlines also appear on the list.

“A representative for the Chinese Embassy in Ottawa could not immediately be reached for comment.”

In a surprise move, establishment media in Canada have exposed these by-products of the Covid assault upon our society.

Other gems include the following, from Canada’s CTV News:

“It is the world’s most pressing scientific puzzle, but experts warn there may never be conclusive answers over the source of the coronavirus.”

For Cultural Action Party of Canada, media “experts” are defined as “globalist puppets who work the will of the Great Reset agenda on behalf of the Liberal Government.”

The message is loud and clear– the source of the pandemic, which was previously exposed as Wuhan, China, may be scrubbed from the record for all-time. Who is promoting the phenomenon? Try CTV News of Canada.

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Any readers developing a take away thus far that the Canadian government and media are propping up the government of China’s position on Covid? Let us add to this a financial backing of China’s government-owned corporations in Canada.

Some people may call this an act of treasonous proportions. CAP call this just another day with a Liberal government in power. In reality, this situation has existed since ex-Liberal Pierre Trudeau opened our national door to China’s entrenchment within society in 1971.

“Nearly two million deaths later, the pandemic is out of control across much of the world, leaving tens of millions ill, a pulverized global economy and recriminations flying between nations.”

“Yet China, which has broadly controlled the pandemic on its soil, is still frustrating independent attempts to trace the virus’ origins and the central question of how it jumped from animals to humans.”

So can you hear it, fellow Canadian patriots. China, source nation of the pandemic, home to 1.3 Billion citizens, is successfully controlling the spread of the Coronavirus plague upon the world.

January 10th, 2021:Ontario health officials are recording another record-breaking number of COVID-19 cases in the province as they report more than 3,900 new infections.”

And all this is one GIANT coincidence, is it? For cryin’ out loud, even Forrest Gump would be able to deduce the nefarious element within this scenario.

But not the Globe & Mail, National Post, Toronto Star, Calgary Herald, and Montreal Gazette? How insane. It is obvious as the back of one’s hand this unprecedented historical event is inclusive of a major component of collusion.

If CAP didn’t know better, we would conclude that the ruling government of Canada and establishment media are working on behalf of the communist state of China.

If fact–we don’t know better.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016).








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