Trudeau’s Contribution To Terrorism In Canada Cannot Be Ignored

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“Averse as Justin Trudeau’s Canada has become to any serious moral inquiry or anything like intellectual struggle, we shouldn’t be surprised that it is only now that a bloodcurdling sociopathology that has been incubating under Canadian noses all along is at last coming to public notice.”

So states leading Canadian journalist Terry Glavin regarding the Liberal government’s passive approach to terrorist connections on Canadian soil.

What lies beyond the specifics is what desperately needs to be understood by Canadians from all walks-of-life. Since our founding in 2016, Cultural Action Party has been advancing the position:

“Incubating under Canadian noses” is a 50-year pre-conceived agenda of national hi-jacking. Once a proud bi-cultural English and French-Canadian nation, a succession of Liberal Party governments shipped the concept to the political trash bin.

As founded by nex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau, the “sociopathology” of which Mr. Glavin speaks of has permeated our entire society.

“The phenomenon has metastasized in federally subsidized ‘social justice’ circles, in the milieu of avant garde activism, in the public sector unions and in the social sciences and humanities faculties of Canada’s most prestigious universities.”

The development of academic left-wing ideology rooted in Marxist philosophy as advanced within American academia is a reality. The piece that our press omit shouldn’t come as a surprise.

We speak of Pierre Trudeau’s embracement of communist China, and its covert impact on educational institutions in Canada. Media don’t speak of it. They consistently take the edge off of China’s infiltration of society, academic, economic, and otherwise.

CAP call this the “communist creep”— a steady, largely silent infiltration of leftist propaganda into society, culminating in a brand of national self-hatred perpetuated by government and other controlling institutions.

Always after the fact. Mass immigration, Multiculturalism, globalist-oriented use of Charter Rights, and so-called “diversity.” All of it damaging to Canada’s “Old Stock” Anglo-European communities, every bit of it neglected by establishment media.

It’s a sad fact, and if Canadians don’t begin to push-back, the liberal-globalist political movement will end up destroying our country as known since 1867. That our prime minister is arguably the leading advocate for national decimation is perpetually overlooked by our press.

Among myriad policies enabled by Trudeau in this regard, his acceptance of terrorism on Canadian soil is most suspect. It should come with little surprise that CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail et al refuse to reference the fact. With the Liberals as financial saviour for legacy media, the current dynamic should be less than shocking.

“You’d think that at the very least, Ottawa might abstain from providing statutory protection to fundraising and recruitment affiliates of terrorist-listed organizations.”

“Justin Trudeau knows there is a problem with ISIS Terrorists in Canada, just don’t ask him to do anything about it.


The Trudeau Terrorist Two-Step

First came our PM’s pro-ISIS proclamation back in September, 2015, in which the candidate for prime minister stated that “terrorists must retain Canadian citizenship.”

Eight years later, as Canadians grow weary of Trudeau’s robotic globalist sentiments, we discover the PM’s “turning of the cheek” regarding Sikh-Khalistan terror activity in Canada.

Next, we go where media never travel:

Can it really be a coincidence that Trudeau’s Liberals have incessantly pandered to Sikhs and Muslim Canadians for mass community voting, while at the same time turning a blind eye to community-related terrorism affiliations?

Or perhaps more succinctly, has PM Trudeau sacrificed the safety of Canadians— as mandates in his job description– for the purpose of retaining his neo-communist crown?

As if mainstream media would go there. Never before in the history of our country has the federal government and the press been ideologically aligned to the extent it is at present.

There must be a reason for this, no? CAP put it down to a tacit adoption of communist governance in the form of a synthesis of government and media. On this basis, for what purpose would the publishers of our largest media outlets announce the fact? It would only be a case of “shooting themselves in the foot.”

Thus, the biggest “hose job” that has ever occurred in Canada. The globalist seduction of our nation, inclusive of marginalization of all that came before. Communism is like that– it loves to erase history, and re-write it in the spirit of Marxist propaganda.

We travel where few dare to venture: the federal government of Canada has imported support for Hamas to our country. Truth is, it was inevitable, and in our opinion, Justin Trudeau knew it from the get-go.

How’s that for “No Core Identity” Canada? Call us excessively nihilistic, but it appears the foundation for a replacement core is being mapped out as we speak.

This Canada is light-years away from what we once were. This Canada is anti-American, pro-Muslim, Pro-Khalistan, anti-Anglophone, anti-Jewish, pro-Transgender, and anti-Christian.

Import enough of them, and foreign problems become Canadian problems, as witnessed in pro-Hamas rallies throughout Canada last week. How many citizens does it take to change a light-bulb to shine brightness on Canada’s left-turn into the realm of a budding authoritarian state?

Answer: a hell of a lot of us, because in reality, mainstream media won’t do it for us. We stand witness as “traditional” Canada is taken hostage by enforced woke liberal globalism.

Beginning with Pierre Trudeau, culminating in the advent of Justin Trudeau, Canada’s days as a free and democratic society are surely numbered.

8 thoughts on “Trudeau’s Contribution To Terrorism In Canada Cannot Be Ignored”

  1. while you conservatives/zionists despise bill c-11 and bill c-18 and bill c-27, we “marxists” who dress in black and despise christianity (making sure you’re triggered enough to waste your lives in war) we deactivated ALL social media, we use deepfake accounts whenever we want to spread propaganda.

    here’s some clarity.

    god damn boomers, so many of them living in dire ignorance

  2. incredibly easy to take down the status quo, the semites (jews) and their zionist gofers think that ALL white people regardless of country are automatically christian… that’s a bad.. horrible mistake on your behalves… not only are we not christian… but we’ve also been targeted by semites (jews) and their zionist gofers online, offline and mass media… every day it’s the same hysteria… “white people are evil, white people are devils, white people are colonizers, white skin is ugly, whites are lazy, whites are the sole reason for the entirety of the issues in this world, whites are racist”

    blah blah blah blah blah… you did this to native americans (americans means all of americas, for non educated that means north, central and south), you did this with blacks… and you decided to do this with “whites”… the colonizer mentality makes no sense when most whites never took part it in, even from a blood heritage point of you… what does a german or polish person have to do with the british conquest of canada and america? explain this to me MASS MEDIA.

    we are sick, tired of being hated on, just like natives, just like blacks, you also hate poor brown skin people… which includes muslims and palestine… you claim that “white supremacy” is a ww2 german era phenomenon… but the true…. “white supremacists” are those… who are sieging war on humanity… and those are the semites… (jews) and the zionist gofers (also known as shabbos goy)…

    both of these… think just because we are “white and supposedly racist and christian” can’t find friends among the other cultures, populations, ethnicities… you claim its we who are racist to the very core… you blame us… for all your atrocities and warmongering… the poor people are blamed for the actions of the rich…

    isn’t that incredible…

    and then this semite/zionist ordeal, acts confused and aggressive when they notice we’ve aligned with BLM and Antifa and Palestine…. but me saying this to you right now, you’ll label me crazy, disinformation, misinformation, perhaps i’m even mentally ill…

    i wish you the best of luck… /spit

    peace out, girl scout.

  3. after world war 3 happens, once the christians are done fighting marxists (atheists), once the jews are done fighting muslims

    what will remain is a class of lower than 90 IQ humanity, and anyone above will work for government

    but what these masons and luciferians and all these agents fail to realize is, at some point, when a.i. take overs the human body, no one is going to rule, no one will matter, won’t matter the skin or belief system

    everyone, will either be deleted, or forced inside a computer until something destroys it

    so even the highest of the high rank humans, will also be assimilated into transhumanism, and again, for those who have a hard time understanding, A.I. will not care about the IQ or awareness level… just because you sold out and did everything you can to surrender yourself to the rich, doesn’t mean A.I. / transhumanism will have sympathy for you.

  4. this goes to mass media, politicians and government

    imagine being aware of reaching a point where at a certain age you will be deceased. while fully knowing this, you cling to physical reality and materialism and money… fully knowing again (i repeat) that you are going six feet under very soon. what did you achieve while participating in these actions? did you think your possessions would come to you in the next life? no? so why did you cling to these things? you want to live in the -now-, focused entirely on the -now- to a point where nothing else matters except this very moment?

    imagine being entirely focused on the experience of this world, while also knowing that in the next life after death has a chance of being eternal… instead of trying to bring peace and love… you create chaos…. in a temporary world… and you think there isn’t going to be a karma or any weight attached to these actions whatsoever, you think this is a game? are you in a video game right now?

    you’re here, and all you care about is an identity and belief system you label yourself with, fully knowing at birth you were fully naked without any label whatsoever, completely forgiving the fact that your entire personality and obsession with this world was produced by your surrounding environment (outside, online, media) and you still refuse to accept that… this is just a ride, this is temporary, and none of these distractions are permanent.

    you instead… want to be violent, well maybe not you, but you will vote for someone, or work for someone who is, because we all know, you are the good one in your community.


  5. “ALL whites are colonizers” – CPC/democrats

    I find it interesting how people’s sense of history only goes back 50 to 100 years, thus classifying Arabs as “indigenous” and Jews/Israelis as invaders/occupiers/colonists and thus leading the uneducated liberals to demand “decolonization” and “end of occupation”. The Arabs – especially under the Rashidun Caliphate – were the among the greatest conquerors, invaders and colonists, after the death of Mohammad in 632 and Muslim/Arab consolidation in the Arabian peninsula, conquering the Levant (Byzantine Syria) & Mesopotamia by 638, Roman/Byzantine Egypt by 642, Persia (conquering the Persian Sasanian Empire) by 654 – leading to the forced conversion of local indigenous folks to Islam and the spread/colonization of Arabs throughout the conquered territories of the Rashidun Caliphate. Then the Rashidun Caliphate was succeeded by the Umayyad Caliphate – which then conquered Byzantine North Africa, crushed the Berbers, and eventually conquered the Iberian peninsula by 780 (leading to the elimination of the Visigoths in Spain).

  6. desperate mentally ill brainwashed idiots world wide need reeducation, thankfully, i’m blessed with the ability to describe complex things in a very easy to understand form of english.

    the goal of those who seek destruction of humanity, is to cause world war 3, and they do not care about you, you as in the newspaper, the media and the political class. you are only henchmen, that’s it. you are a means to an end, no matter how confused and how hard it is to grasp this, you will be dismissed as soon as bionics (cybernetics/transhumanism) comes around… “what do you mean, you said i’m dumb, so please explain, lol”

    the dark side of the yin yang, the shadow vs light, the evil vs good, the sith vs jedi… are anti intellectuals… why? because being honest, truthful is a crime “why” because telling the truth destroys the illusion, their grasp… its the power of light… jesus… muhammed… buddha… krishna…. this consciousness alone, if everyone gathered around, would stop all these atrocities…

    but i repeat… you cling to the material realm, this physical ARENA… this world is temporary, and you insist on receiving money… and money is the tool that destroys your self respect and moral threshold… you’ve heard of this phrase “everyone has a price?” yes? that’s the price you surrender yourself, just to eat an extra eggroll at your dinner table, this is the price you are willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING you believe in, just so you live your life. some people have higher prices… they want gold chains, ferraris… they want 18 bedroom mansions… some want to conquer countries and the world… everyone has a price…

    and since they do not like the truth… their main contribution to existence is deception, which is the opposite of truth… surely now you’re starting to realize something isn’t right?

    and since, the leaders of this world (deceivers) hate intelligence, well… you got to block it from ever developing… so the goal has always been to bring about technology and ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE… because if you don’t wake up to this anytime soon, you will either join a fake world (metaverse) or you will be missing in action (chaos from world war 3)

    so… for all those who STILL cling to the deceivers, you should know that once the war is over, and transhumanism, bionics and cybernetics (this means 6G 2030, 7G 2040), the avg IQ of the population that remains in this world… will be less than avg which is current “100”, its going to drop to 90… then 80… then 70… because A.I. will do all the thinking for you

    good luck.

  7. i’ve sent countless letters trying to wake people up in mainstream media outlets, political parties of each end, newspapers

    if it’s not mainstream news/media, it’s not real and isn’t true, it might as well not exist.

    zero impact is done whatsoever.

    the npcs just keep chugging and chugging……… chooo chooo…..

    which leads me to believe that this website and countless other avenues are echo chambers, and most of the users are looking inside a mirror trying to figure out if there’s someone else there


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