Trudeau’s Comment To Iranian Government Reveals His FULL DEDICATION To Islam

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It isn’t even a full sentence, yet the words spoken by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speak volumes:

In the Iranian recording of the meeting, Trudeau can be heard saying, “I won’t interrupt too much, but I just want to tell you how pleased I am at the …” at which point the video cuts out, seemingly mid-sentence.

To place this in proper context, this is a statement Mr. Trudeau made to the Foreign Minister of Iran. This comes less than two months after Iran shot down a plane carrying 57 Iranians holding Canadian passports.

On this basis, a Canadian would expect our prime minister to display a degree of  indignation at the event which transpired. Instead, our PM does his unusual thing– bending low the the Nation of Islam.

How incredibly revealing this “sound bite” is. This is, of course, the reason why Liberal-pandering media are downplaying the heck out of the situation. Seems that within post-modern Canada, our ruling government can get away with anything--just as it is in Trudeau-family hero nations such as Cuba, China, and Saudi Arabia.

No Canadian journalists were present during the unscheduled drop-in by Trudeau.

“CBC News asked the Prime Minister’s Office whether Canadian officials had recorded video or audio of the interaction, and whether any such recording could be released to provide context for Trudeau’s remarks. Canada hasn’t had diplomatic relations with Iran since they were cut off by Stephen Harper’s government in 2012.”

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“I don’t have a recording to share with you,”said the prime minister’s director of communications, Cameron Ahmad. Asked whether he meant there was no such recording or whether he was simply unwilling to share it, Ahmad declined to elaborate.

Yes– Transparency 101, Mr. Ahmad. A news release by Canadian officials says that the group “pressed Iran to continue to take necessary active steps toward the resolution of the many crucial questions of fact and of law raised by the downing of the flight.”

So demanding, so hard-hitting. Talk about “meek and mild” Canadiana at work. Of course, there is more to the story than typical Canuck passivity. Based upon Justin’s weak-willed approach to the death of dozens of Canadian passport holders, it can only be concluded that the Nation of Islam can do anything to Canadians they so choose–including murder–and PM Trudeau will still behave in that deferential, “beggar-boy style” he consistently applies to any issues relating to his hero community.

Let CAP lay it on the line like no other: Justin Trudeau was elected by the people of Canada to work on behalf of the best interests of Canadians. However, once elected, Justin chose to go to work for the Nation of Islam instead.

And where, pray-tell, is CBC News within this whole affair? CAP will inform: playing their perpetual role of spinning, downplaying and twisting Trudeau’s Islamic pandering to the fundamentalist government of Iran.

That’s why Trudeau pays them the “big bucks.” Within “no core identity” Canada, the CBC are no longer in the “news delivery” business–they are in the Justin Trudeau-Globalist agenda protection business.

“I don’t mean to interrupt” Justin utters to Iran. “I just want to tell you how pleased I am” states PM Sellout Supreme.

Please do tell, fellow Canadian patriots– do these words sound appropriate for the PM of Canada to deliver to a government who recently murdered 57 Canadian citizens?

What an awful and pathetic political leader. Under different circumstances, this situation would have brought down a Canadian PM. This would have been understood by 37.7 Million Canadians to be an act of national betrayal, and King Justin’s crown would be taken off his head.

So why will this not occur? The concept is surprisingly simple: Canada has been transitioned to a One Party State. The Conservative Party of Canada do not have a hope in hell of winning a future federal election. All media machinations related to the CPC being a serious player in terms of winning a future election is little more than political media fodder.

The real story is that in an incremental fashion, the Liberal government and their global backers are trans-itioning Canada from a democracy into a dictatorship.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Executor, Justin Trudeau. Ministry of Propaganda: CBC. 




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    • What is there to like about this disgraceful corrupted prime minister that’s buried the next three generations in debt? Feel free to enlighten us old stock Canadians that built this country and are sickened by the current state of affairs.

  1. Islam = Non-whites

    You know you sound like a retard when you say Trudeau is a Muslim and then try to balance his support of Sikh with that.


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