Trudeau Falsely Claims 100% Of Refugees Properly Vetted In Canada

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“We have made sure that every single person crossing our borders, whether legally or illegally, gets processed according to all our rules.”

—  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Question Period, May 7, 2019.

Really? You sure about that, buddy-boy? The influx of asylum seekers to Canada has become a sustained political headache for the Liberals and is likely to be the subject of divisive debates in the upcoming fall federal election.

Trudeau and immigration officials continue to insist the system is just fine and that Conservatives are merely stoking fears for partisan purposes. They are wrong.

Federal auditor general Sylvain Ricard recently probed whether all three government agencies involved in refugee determinations have been consistently processing asylum claims in an efficient and timely manner. The audit found Canada’s refugee system has a backlog of asylum claims that is worse now than ever before, mainly caused by systemic inefficiencies.

Ricard’s office also zeroed in on whether biometric checks for criminality or identity were completed for a sample of 82,503 claimants. His office found that the CBSA had no quality-assurance program to ensure all the proper screening procedures had been completed. 

Trudeau matter-of-factly stated that “every single person crossing our borders, whether legally or illegally, gets processed according to all our rules.” He made this statement on the same day the auditor general’s report was published, describing the 400 cases where biometric screenings were not completed.

By CAP’s calculation, this makes for 400 illegal refugees entering our country who may be convicted criminals, terrorists or rapists. Good job, Justin. Of course, it is not only our PM who is responsible. Minister Of Immigration Ahmed Hussen, a dual Somali-Canadian citizen, is the major player in permitting illegal Third World refugees to jump the USA/Canadian border and begin to receive tax-payer funded welfare payments for themselves and their families. Once approved, these folks can sponsor family members to move to Canada.

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As it happens, Mr. Hussen is himself a Third World refugee. He also a person with a GIANT CHIP on his shoulder in regards to Anglophone Canada. Naturally, this makes him Trudeau’s ideal choice for controlling the demographic destiny of our nation. When oppressed white South African refugees attempted to migrate to Canada, Hussen refused them. At the same time, Hussen permits poor and uneducated Third World illegals to saunter into Canada unabated.

Lies, hypocrisy, propaganda–all in a day’s work for our ruling government. Legal, illegal– its’ all the same to Trudeau, Hussen, and the rest of those onboard with the National Sovereignty Erosion Program as established by the Trudeau government.





2 thoughts on “Trudeau Falsely Claims 100% Of Refugees Properly Vetted In Canada”

  1. think of all the money average working canadians are throwing in trudeaus kitty , for a bunch of illegal criminal border crossers , that have no education , and if they get to stay will be a burden on every hard working canadian , for years to come , do the math and you will start to realize , that these people are taking away your lively hood , and become welfare cases at our expense , trudeau the good samaritan is going to make every canadian pay!!!

    • I agree with every thing you said, what needs to be done is all the illegals need to be rounded up and sent back,Mr. Scheer is not the Strongest leader and most likely will done nothing to address this problem with all the illegals,, Look at the crime rate in Canada and who is commuting these crimes people run down on the streets in Toronto, young girls shoot in the restaurant, young girls raped and murdered ,acid thrown at people I’ve never heard of so many crimes, I was assaulted in November and the police did nothing, this bitch got away with what she did to me, We are all done with these illegals.


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