Trudeau’s Censorship Of Free Speech Top Priority As Parliament Returns

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With Parliament set to return today, business as usual will proceed. Shooing away the truckers protest in Ottawa, PM Justin Trudeau will return to his typical behaviour: restricting the rights and freedoms of Canadians.

We speak of the Liberal government’s intention to restrict freedom of speech on the internet. A re-vamped “online harm” bill is expected to include terrorist content, hate speech and content that would incite violence.

Any political observer worth their salt understands the nature of Justin Trudeau’s woke liberal agenda. Simply put– it never varies– and it never stops. As exacerbated by Covid, an attack on personal freedom has permeated society. Our physical selves are restricted from myriad activities– to the extent that parallels with authoritarian societies now exist.

So much for step one. Next up is to apply restrictions to the internet. “The majority of Canadians want it”  goes the propaganda line –as it does for all unilateral desires of our ruling government.

In the advent of Covid, Liberals have the physicality of citizens under their control. After controlling our bodies, comes control of our minds. Justin Trudeau’s move to censor the internet is a ruse to control the thinking of citizens. Just as it is in China.

Trudeau and his quasi-communists are aiming for an emulation of China’s Great Internet Firewall:

“If you open the window, both fresh air and flies will be blown in.” was a favorite saying of China’s leader Deng Xiaopings in the early 1980s. No one has applied this theory better than the communist government of China.

China’s Great Internet Firewall blocks website content and monitors internet access. Their internet censorship restrictions are more comprehensive than those of any other country in the world.

“Laws and regulations prohibit the spread of information that contains content subverting state power, undermining national unity [or] infringing upon national honour and interests.” 

Dr. Michael Geist, law professor at the University of Ottawa:

“As government moves to create the Great Canadian Internet Firewall, net neutrality is out and mandated internet blocking is in.”

In an obvious reference to the Great Internet Firewall of China, Prof. Geist reveals the Trudeau government’s plan to emulate communist-style censorship. In China, “freedom of expression and due process is out, quick takedowns without independent review and increased liability are in.”

The Liberal’s Bill C-10 is expected to mandate content removals within 24 hours with significant penalties for failure to do so.

As a follow-up to Bill C-10, Bill C-36  was to apply to public communications by individual internet users including on social media, as well as on personal websites– for example, that of the Cultural Action Party of Canada. In other words, incremental application of internet censorship. First the corporations, then individuals.

University of Ottawa Centre for Law, Technology and Society has offered their opinion on Bill C-10 and Bill C-36:

These bills will “jeopardize Canada’s claim to being a leader in advancing free expression, a free and open internet, and the human rights upon which our democratic society has been built.”

How apropos.To be forthright, jeopardizing personal freedom is Justin Trudeau’s favourite hobby. He doesn’t care much for democracy, as inherited from Canada’s prototype globalist Pierre Trudeau.

In case readers believe CAP messaging to be an exclusive of “right-wing” conspiracy theorists, take a gander at who else holds a negative viewpoint:

Commenting on Canada’s proposed censorship, internet giant Google states that “there are aspects of the government’s proposal that could be vulnerable to abuse and lead to over removal of legitimate content.”
Based on public feedback–not to mention that of corporations and non-profits– it is no exaggeration to say that Liberal’s internet censorship proposal is the most hated  legislative proposal in modern history.

Put it all together, and what do we have? Simple as Nova Scotia apple pie. The Liberals will pass this legislation for certain, and the Canadian internet will transition to a replica of the internet in China.

And to think some people believe Canada is a democratic country.

6 thoughts on “Trudeau’s Censorship Of Free Speech Top Priority As Parliament Returns”

  1. Total ban from Farcebook for the next three days because I posted I supported the Freedom Convoy. They don’t want people to see the truth. Time for freedom and JT to step down. Canada has spoken!!!!

  2. We’ve lost the battle for freedom of our person and freedom of speech. Our reactions are too little, too late.

    History and ongoing repression in some nations today, show clearly what happens next.

    The technology may have changed but the human beast never does.

    • As we have argued for years, the “too little too late” phenomenon is an outgrowth of how media present information to Canadians– Brad

  3. If Google were to shut down for a week, Trudeau would have to leave the country to save his life. Many Liberal politicians would risk the deep hatred of Canadians, no matter where there Riding might be.

    Singh hates Conservatives, wants everyone to live off the Government and can be expected to support the Trudeau dictatorship. Canada is going to experience a tremendous change, and it might be for the better.

  4. Why doesn’t the government ever listen to the people as they work for them not the other way around all governments need to go and new parties need to come to light


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