Trudeau’s Canada: Separation Of Church & State, But NOT Mosque & State

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During the recent French-language Federal Election debates, a conversation about the separation of church and state took place among PM candidates. The leaders discussed the controversial Quebec secularism law, known as Bill 21, that bans some public-sector employees from wearing religious symbols in the workplace.

CAP find this particular issue to be among the most curious elements within our national discussion on minorities, religion and the rest.

Pourquoi? Because political leaders, pundits and media all speak about a separation of church and state— but never the separation of “mosque and state.”

How ironic–even within Justin Trudeau’s Third World-dominated post modern Canada. True or False? Over our PM’s four-year term in power, is the Nation of Islam and its political ideologies have become less entrenched, or more entrenched, within Canadian society?

The answer is  obvious. Presently within the Peel School District in the greater Toronto area, Islamic prayer sessions take place on Friday afternoon’s in many of their public schools. Separation of Mosque & State? Not quite.

But we live in Justin’s Canada. Therefore, the hypocrisy and related favouritism for the Nation Of Islam is front-and-centre in the minds of our ruling government.

How can CAP legitimately make this claim? It is not difficult. Here, we refer to M103, Pakistan national and MP Irqa Khalid’s so-called “Islamophobia” government motion.

Within the motion, we find that only one religious community is referenced by name: Islam. How odd. As it happens, polls and studies inform Canadians that Jewish Canadians experience as much racism as Muslims.

There also happens to be a fair portion of hate expressed toward Christian Canadians. Millions of news consumers would know this if media would write about it. They don’t –regardless of the fact these folks come from a secular or religious Christian background themselves. Unusual, isn’t it?

Who founded M103? Shock of the century–it’s MP Iqra Khalid, along with the National Council of Canadian Muslims.

Biased much? What happened to an additional of “Christ-ophobia.” or “Jew-ophobia?” Say no-go, fellow patriots– turns out Islam ends up with the privilege of being the singular religious community mentioned by name.

In truth, all this is so tedious and predictable. Or it would be, if mainstream media wrote the truth about the situation. Rather, they prefer to deceive the public by way of ecshewing the essence of the situation.

Winner: Islam. Loser: The rest of the religions. This is Justin Trudeau’s Canada. This “King of Kings” approves community favouritism. Sharia Law? Female Genital Mutilation? These archaic Islamic practices now exist within our nation. Separation of mosque and state? Not quite.

Besides, why would there be in this area when Trudeau appointed fundamentalist Muslim and Sharia Law advocate, MP Maryam Monsef, as Minister of Status Of Women. What as odd-ball choice by the odd-ball Trudeau.

More separation: importing convicted ISIS terrorists to Canada. Providing multicultural not-profits with rumoured connectios to militant Islam with tens-of-millions of tax-payer dollars

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Frankly, CAP are not feeling the separation. Rather, what we experience is a decline in the separation of church and state, and the growth of integration of mosque and state.

In other words, complete hypocrisy on the matter. But of course! We are speaking of the government of Justin Trudeau and his globalist gang of culture-killers. Does all  this  not exemplify what is really going on under the pseudo-socialist state of the Trudeau Dynasty?

Of course it does, and therefore, of course media remain silent. 

If this social dynamic does not crystalize the essence of the globalist hypocrisy and agenda for the future of Canada, what does? What is the fastest-growing “minority”(retire this term now) in Canada? What is the fastest growing religion?

From this, shall sensible(get lost snowflakes) believe the Islamic faith is on a downward trajectory within Canadian society? Think about it– have you ever witnessed Trudeau–or any other member of Liberal Cabinet or Caucus– utter a single word critical of any aspect of Trudeau’s preferred religious community?

Never. Therefore, thinking logically(what Liberals never do), the Nation of Islam will only integrate further into society as the decades pass. Christianity? Anyone recall the old gospel chestnut “Nobody Wants You When You’re Down And Out?”

How fitting this is– because this is where Justin Trudeau, MP’s Ahmed Hussen and Iqra Khalid are taking Christian Canada– right down the drain. Yes, CAP believe in separation of church and state in Canada. We too have seen the Lord’s Prayer cancelled within the Canadian public school system. Conversely,  we have witnessed the rise of Islam, and its entrenchment within traditional Canadian institutions.

Then, media exclusively focus on church and state. What a sham. So Islam is today Canada’s chosen religion. Who voted for this? Apart from MP Omar Alhagbra, perhaps a dozen or so new arrivals. No democracy to be found here– this is “Trudeau-land,” after all.

CAP call cow-droppings on this situation. Want a hi-jacked nation? Vote King Justin, and Old Stock Canada are sure to be delivered every damn thing they do not want.

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Justin Trudeau has disempowered the church while simultaneously advancing the mosque. As prime minister, he showed up for prayer sessions wearing traditional Islamic garb, and then proceeded to recite the “Shahada” prayer, which is recited for the purpose of converting to Islam.

Yes, Mr. “Separation Of Mosque and State.”









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  1. All I can say you Canadians better really look into this islam thing. The islam culture is to invade a country peacefully, fill up the country with voting age over a period of years, then take over the government, and implement islam law. That is what they have done centuries. Take back your country!


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