Trudeau’s Canada: Non-Citizen “Refugees” Sue Canadian Govt Regarding Daycare

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Asylum seekers in Quebec have taken to the courts in hopes that their children can access spots in subsidized daycares.

The mothers of preschool aged children waiting for their status were henceforth forced to stay home even if they had a work permit, a situation that disproportionately affects single mothers, according to the lawsuit.

The law firm representing the women, alongside refugee rights organizations and a group of 130 health professionals made presentations to new Families Minister Mathieu Lacombe, who said he was open to changing the policy.

Let’s understand the circumstances here. This is a class action lawsuit from a group of non-Canadian citizens. They are suing the government who permitted them to enter Canada and receive tax payer dollars to cover their living expenses.

If this isn’t indicative of the mess the Trudeau family made of our nation, CAP do not know what is. This is absolute PIERRE AND JUSTIN TRUDEAU territory.

There is no doubt Pierre’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms will be leveraged by leftist lawyers to justify the law suit. Pourquoi? Because the father of multiculturalism created the Charter to apply not only to Canadian citizens, but rather ANYONE who steps foot upon Canadian soil. This was ONE GIANT mistake.

Please– was Trudeau Sr. not intelligent enough to comprehend that this factor would entice all sorts of criminals and delinquents to travel to Canada to gain criminal immunity?

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Of course it would. A certified BONE-HEAD move from Pierre. Conclusion: Pierre Trudeau DAMAGED our nation. The man established the same human rights laws for foreign non-citizens with those of Canadian-born citizens who have paid taxes to the government for decades. Then they name an airport after him.

The Trudeau family have been nothing but trouble for generational Canadians–Anglophones in particular. Yet, media still portray Pierre, Justin, and Iranian government-employed brother Alexandre in a positive light. It’s a hoax. CAP believe a day will come when the Trudeau family are stricken from the record as a beneficial political force within Canadian society.

Let’s hope the process begins on October 22nd, 2019–the day after Justin is no longer prime minister of Canada.

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5 thoughts on “Trudeau’s Canada: Non-Citizen “Refugees” Sue Canadian Govt Regarding Daycare”

  1. If they keep making demands it’s time to sent them back to where they immigrated from. Canadian users of Canadian services should always come first. After the October election hopefully justin and his crew can provide the services in their homes.

  2. So let me get this straight. People who invaded our country from a foreign land want us to pay to take care of their children? This is nuts! What makes it worse is that there is a severe shortage of day-care spaces for Canadian families. Let’s take care of our own and tell these bums to buzz off!

  3. Send them back, taxpayers should not be footing the bill for this, trudeau has to go like yesterday! As well as all his cult followers!

  4. Here is a novel idea for you. How about they all get paying jobs, go to work, pay their taxes, and also PAY for child care like all of the other Canadians who are struggling to make ends meet after paying all of the excessive taxes that are foisted on them by JT and his mis-guided Liberals! Otherwise, go back where you came from since we don’t need you or want you here trying to destroy our country and leeching off the real Canadians citizens who DO pay our taxes!


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