Trudeau’s Canada Has African Refugees Fighting In Our Streets

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“Calgary police have established a task force Tuesday after what they’re calling the largest violent event to happen in the city in recent memory.”

“The city’s police chief said people responsible for the conflict between two Eritrean groups on the long weekend will be held accountable.” 

Canadians with basic common sense should be calling for the addition of another culprit— namely, the prime minister of Canada. A situation reminiscent of the results of immigration policy in Sweden, Germany and France has arrived on our shores.

Our media keep it under wraps, but the truth is barely a day goes by in these countries without acts of violence being perpetrated by refugees fighting in the streets of their “adopted homelands.”

Now, thanks to the most liberal of liberal policies on immigration and refugee intake to Canada, we witness the results:

“Police said, officers responded to an incident in northeast Falconridge at around 5 p.m. after reports of two groups with opposing views engaged in violence. They said they believe up to 150 people were involved, and many were brandishing weapons.”
What a wonderful world we have in post-modern Canada. To think there was once a possibility that the troubles of poor, down-and-out 3rd World refugees would not transition to Canada’s responsibility.
But that’s not Trudeau’s Canada. His vision for our country includes sublimation of everything our nation has stood for historically. Carting off “Old Stock” Canucks to secondary citizen status, Liberal government today prioritize violent refugees over and above our natural-born citizenship.
In truth, they’re a privileged lot. Take as an example accused murderer Ibrahim Ali, refugee from Syria, now on trial for the murder of a 13-year old girl from Burnaby, B.C.
CAP Present: A Study In Contrasts

“The man facing terror-related murder charges in the deaths of four members of a Muslim family in London, Ont., pleaded not guilty on Tuesday, as his trial started in Windsor, Ontario.”

Nathaniel Veltman is accused of deliberately hitting the Afzaal family members with his truck as they were out for a walk on the evening of June 6, 2021. He has been charged with four counts of first-degree murderand one count of attempted murder.”

This case is all over Canadian media. Dozens of articles can be found through a basic internet search. In contrast, the Ibrahim Ali trial currently taking place in a Vancouver B.C. courtroom is but a mere blip on the media richter scale.

“In her opening statement, Crown prosecutor Isobel Keeley said a 13-year-old victim, whose name is protected by a publication ban, was passing through Burnaby Central Park on July 18, 2017, when she was attacked and dragged into the woods before she was sexually assaulted and strangled to death.”

What kind of message does this situation deliver to the people of Canada? The answer is basic: nothing at allbecause no mainstream media organization has pointed out the hypocrisy involved. Like government– or more likely, at its behest– media protect Canada’s “refugee class” as mandated by government.

If media did expose the contrast in the two cases, news consumers might come to an obvious conclusion. Refugees to Canada are a protected group. It took over six-years for the Ali case to make it to trial. Lawyers are desperately working to poke holes in the DNA sampling. This trial should be front-and-centre within Canadian society.

By international standards, the country of Eritrea is a backwater dump:

“A 500-page United Nations Human Rights Council report accused the Eritrean government of extrajudicial executions, torture, indefinitely prolonged national service (6.5 years on average), and forced labour, and it indicated that among state officials, sexual harassment, rape, and sexual servitude practices are widespread.”

And why, pray-tell, is Canada responsible for the downtrodden of Eritrea? Because in 2017, Liberal Immigration Minister MP Ahmed Hussen–himself a refugee from Africa, signed something called the Global Compact For Migration.

Wonderful for Hussen. Terrific for Somalia, the country he came from. Good for accused child-killer Ibrahim Ali, and of course, wonderful for 150 Eritreans clashing in the streets of Calgary. As for the rest of us, the benefit is easy to articulate: there is none.

“There were different political ideologies on either side of the clash, and officers had anticipated there would be violence at the event — similar to other incidents in Toronto, Edmonton.”

Isn’t Trudeau-brand Liberalism wonderful? And so diverse! Not only are the African refugee clashes taking place in Calgary, they’ve popped up in Edmonton and Toronto.

On Monday, Calgary Mayor Jyoti Gondek called Saturday’s clash “incredibly troubling.”

“I think we’re all very aware that global politics does play out in local venues as well, but we need to make sure that it’s not doing this in a violent way,” Mayor Gondek told Global News.

A blood-curdling condemnation it is. Not. Ms. Gondek is “one of them.” She really should have been a Liberal MP. She acts like one, speaks like one, and downplays refugee violence like one. Instead, the Liberals got her planted into office as Mayor of Calgary.

Simply stated, Canada didn’t have to become a salvation army outpost for the troubled of Africa and Middle East. As with Multicultural policy itself, it was forced upon  Canadian society by a succession of federal governments– Liberal in the main.

Ethnic refugee violence in the streets of three of Canada’s largest cities. At this rate, Justin Trudeau will have our urban centres transitioned to replicas of ethnic ghettos in Sweden by 2028.

“Protesters from the Eritrean diaspora opposed events that billed themselves as celebrations of Eritrean culture.”

Celebration of Eritrean culture? A perfect fit for Justin Trudeau’s vision for our country. We speak of a national leader who celebrates every culture on earth– with the exception of Canadian culture.

A sad tale of national degeneration it is.

3 thoughts on “Trudeau’s Canada Has African Refugees Fighting In Our Streets”

  1. this country sucks, its a zoo filled with infinite crime and drug use.

    it’s impossible to relate to any of it.

    if i had money, i’d leave instantly… but nz/aus/uk and europe are getting treated this way as well… so maybe id move to asia. you know? where its still asian?

    how come all of the “white” countries become zoos, but the rest of the world remains ethnostates? could there be some kind of agenda here?

  2. When I first read about the incident in Edmonton, my first thought was, these individuals must be sent back to Eritrea. Then I’m forced as a taxpayer to waste tax dollars on yet another violent protest in Calgary. A protest that has nothing to do with Canada.
    Israel recently experienced the same incident and are now considering sending all those involved back to their home Country. ( The Israeli PM also requested that ministers present him with plans ‘for the removal of all the other illegal infiltrators’. ) This sort of protest is NOT welcomed and I for one, advocate we send those involved back to Eritrea.
    Forcing first responders to such situations is taking away from hard working Canadian taxpayers the right to feel safe and assured that when we need police, fire or ambulance, it’s there and NOT attending some stupid protest by people asking us to accept them and PAY for their services as so-called refugees.
    The Federal government keeps telling us we need immigration to assist in the shortage of doctors, nurses, teachers and skilled construction workers.
    How do these individuals fit in any of those categories ?
    I’m sick & tired of Trudeau and his forcing me to pay the way for criminals, while some people born and raised here don’t have access to clean drinking water.


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