Trudeau’s Canada: 66 Days PER YEAR Tribute To Islam, 2 Days For Christianity

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n the year 2007, the federal government of Canada established Islamic History Month from coast-to coast. In 2016, under Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne,  Islamic Heritage Month became official in Ontario.

While not “official” or statutory holidays(yet-this is coming our way), the 30-day period of Ramadan is recognized by federal, provincial and municipal government’s as a essential component of Canadian society.

Thus far, CAP count 60 days— the federal/provincial celebrations being an “overlap” of sorts. Next up, six days of “Eid” celebrations. First, three says of Eid-al Fitr, followed by three days of Eid-al-Adha, which recently passed us by.

Interesting, the latter occurred at the same time that PM Justin Trudeau was testifying(if one can call it that) regarding the WE CHARITY scandal targeting Trudeau, mother Margaret, brother Alexandre, as well as step-brother of Justin and Alexandre, a fellow named Kyle Kemper.

CAP swear this is true– Trudeau put out this giant shout-out to the Nation of Islam maybe twenty minutes after completing his communist-infused verbal obfuscation of the WE scandal.

Okay–this adds up to 66 days out of Canada’s calendar year. Doing the math, this means that 18% of the year our country is paying tribute to Islam. As for the Christian faith, the total is slightly less– a full TWO DAYS per year– Easter and Christmas.

What does this say to CAP? What should this say to Canadian patriots and nationalists?

Quick Answer: Not only is the Nation of Islam infinitely more important to government than Christian Canada, they are more important to government than the entire Nation of Canada.

Why? Statistics Canada informs us that a whopping 4% of citizens in 2020 are Muslim, while 65% are Christian. So why then would the opposite of what SHOULD happen not happen?

Because these form of opposites are globalism–like this: Trudeau tells us that white Canadians are racist. We have white privilege in abundance, while white supremacy is intrinsic within society. CAP maintain the exact opposite is the truth–it is whitey who is our nation’s singular demonized community.

Does all this intimate that Muslims are bad citizens? Not the point at all. Rather, Muslim Canadians are being USED by Trudeau as integral component to trans-form Canada into a socialist dictatorship.

Not that there aren’t “guilty” community players, politicians and non-profit organizations. Many will be familiar with a cast of self-righteous “human rights” multicultural groups, and their support from GTA power Liberals such as MP Irqa Khalid and MP Omar Alghabra–both half-citizens of our country.

BURIED: How Establishment Media DESTROYED Anglophone Identity In Canada

What a beauty of a microcosm this “66 day versus 2 day” religious community really is. No wonder our readers–or any other Canadians– will never be reading about this in the Globe & Mail, Toronto Star or National Post.

You think the George Soros-controlled Canadian media are gonna put this information out for 38 Million Canadians to process? Don’t be INSANE–this will never happen.

From 2020-2030, Canada is set to go through its greatest transformation in history. Media say nothing as a new society is being set up in Canada. CAP doesn’t know the exact configuration yet, but there is one thing we believe will be an outcome:

Anglophone Canadians are set to become a “Second Nations” community in payback for the treatment received by First Nations Canada. Interestingly, the call doesn’t come from Aboriginal Canadians-– but rather from Justin Trudeau and his 3rd World Globalist Cultural Assassins.

— BRAD SALZBERG, Founder of CAP(est. 2016).








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