Trudeau’s Bill To Euthanize Mental Illness Sufferers Passed By Senate

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OTTAWA, Canada, February 23, 2021:

“Canada’s Senate has passed Bill C-7 with amendments to expand the categories of who is eligible to die under the country’s already permissive euthanasia practice called Medical Aid in Dying (MAiD).”

An amendment would allow people who fear losing mental capacity to make advance requests for an assisted death.

The Senate made amendments. Instead of rushing into assisted dying procedures for Canada’s mentally ill, an 18-month delay has been instituted to analyze the various issues surrounding the Trudeau government’s bill to euthanize Canadians who are 18 years of age, or older.

“The revised bill will now be sent back to the House of Commons for MPs to determine whether to accept or reject some or all of the amendments,”  reported Canadian Press. 

Even a 16-year old mentally challenged Canadian could have the ability to figure out what will transpire in this regard: Parliament will surely approve the bill, bringing it into law within Canadian society.

To be macabre, CAP cannot help but think of previous examples of government-legislated decimation of the mentally ill. If we are not mistaken, this practice was forced upon 20th century nations during the second world war.

Moving to 2021, let’s consider the degree of push-back from Canada’s health authorities and academic experts. Apart from the odd “blip”– there is none.

It appears everyone uniformly agrees– Justin Trudeau, the Liberal Party, Federal Health authorities, our psychiatric institutions, university academics, and so on and so forth.

As far as the public in concerned, they could stomp their feet and scream to the high heavens, and nothing would change. Public opinion is not only meaningless in Trudeau’s “no core identity” society. In some respects, it is today illegal. Not directly by law, but rather by Covid. The right to public protest is hereby suspended in the name of the pandemic.

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While the CBC and other media media dance around the issues, freedom and democracy are eroding in Canada at a rapid pace. In their stead is a form of pseudo-dictatorship. Like all successful political transformations, the agenda progresses on an incremental basis.

An impediment of democracy here, a denial of public gathering there. A methodical cut-back in the core values of what Canada stood for from 1867-2015.

Then, in October of 2015, Justin Trudeau became prime minister of Canada. Despite media portrayal, this marked the “end of an era.”

Alex Schadenberg, executive director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, has the following to say:

“The law never defined psychological suffering, in the same way that Bill C-7 does not define psychological suffering, and yet it permits euthanasia for psychological suffering.”

How “Trudeau government” this is. At least they are consistent– the same lack of definition can be applied to hotly contested issues such as racism, bigotry and xenophobia in Canada.

At the base-line, the issue is one of control. Our government have a desperate need to control all elements of Canadians society. No surprise here, as CAP branded Justin Trudeau as a megalomaniac with a pathological need for control from day one.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)

17 thoughts on “Trudeau’s Bill To Euthanize Mental Illness Sufferers Passed By Senate”

  1. Complete abominations totally unacceptable atrocities complete unethical immoral nothing legitimate about assistant suicide killing of any human beings death is to be determined by the calling of God not man made law’s no morality left in the human species not a civilized civilization complete abominations atrocities of the political corruption

  2. When will this madness stop. I fear for those suffering from mental illness ….this is so wrong. Where is our humanity headed, down a one way spiral.



  4. Euthanization has been occurring in Canada for a long time. Doctors have been putting elderly people on unnecessary medications to accelerate their demise. It happened to both my mother and my father. The doctors thought they were being kind. Perhaps they were in a way. It is hard to say.

  5. As someone who cares for someone battling mental illness, this is horrifying. It is but a slippery slope where Governments will decide those with mental illness are too expensive to continue to care for, and will decide they need to be put down. This is just horrifying.

  6. We have become a culture of death, abortion and now euthanasia . Our flag is red and our nation’s ground is red with the blood of those who can’t speak for themselves. How did we get there? We will be judged. If I didn’t believe that God has a special purpose for Canada I would despair. I believe a shaking is coming and God will have the last say. God Keep Our Land! He SHALL have Dominion from sea to sea! Pray!

  7. I find that most Canadians are unwilling to fight back and take our rights back as well. Marcus Ray and thousands of others are going to Ottawa to demand this commie traitor and dictator out, along with all the others that are with him, and replace them with those that were in government and are also demanding return of our Charter of rights and reset Canada back to it’s original state.

    We need to support him and all that will be forthcoming. We need to stand up and take Canada back! Fire these commie bastards and make Canada great again. Remember, the world is watching Canadians and will follow our actions. Thus far, we have lost our freedom, the government has implemented “fear” into all so we will obey them. Either we stand united, or fall as sheep being led to the slaughter! Once these communist get control, say goodbye tom your freedom and rights and become their slaves. Then the crying will start! So far, Trudeau has dictated his plans to over power Canada and its people.

    He will do this unless we fight back and throw him out now, along with all that have followed him and replace them with “our” choice of members that will not ever try this again! We can make laws that will prevent anything being mandated unless “WE THE PEOPLE” voted on it. Either you stand up now and fight, or be a sheep and suffer the consequences.

  8. Liberals are natzi ‘s plan and simple . Natzi’s had death camps and Liberal’s well now have
    Euthanization camps killing kids under 18 yrs old .

    Is Global warming a threat to mankind ? I don’t think so . the real threat to mankind are the Liberal’s . oops! in the words of Trudeau Peoplekind .


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