Trudeau’s Battle: Quebec And China Against English Canada?

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Cultural Action Party has been researching the relationship between the Liberal Party of Canada and the government of China for over 30 years. What we have uncovered should be understood by all Canadians.

It isn’t, and this is fully intentional. If general society understood the relationship, they could conclude that a Quebec-China political partnership has been at play for decades.

CAP will keep the back-story to a minimum. It’s something that we have delved into with abandon, and any regular reader will already understand how we feel about the covert relationship.

There are some battles which never make media headlines. One of them goes like this: the Liberal Party embody the spirit of Quebec’s relationship with our Federal government. Due to a succession of French-Canadian national leaders, the Liberals have morphed into a political entity which, in many respects, is still fighting on the Plains of Abraham.

The unspoken goal being to wrestle Canadian society away from its Anglophone power base, and transition that power to the province of Quebec.

The first modern-day soldier in the battle was Pierre Trudeau. By way of his policy of provincial equalization payments, Ottawa began to draw billions of dollars out of the western province of Alberta.

“Equalization is a gift that keeps on taking. It sends too much money to the wrong provinces in the wrong way at enormous cost to national unity.”

In other words, the policy is pure Trudeau family. Yet, to some extent, it pales in comparison to the Liberals ace-up-its-Anglo-bashing sleeve:

We speak of Canada’s relationship with China. Founder: Pierre Trudeau. It was Trudeau Sr. who, upon engagement with Chairman Mao Tse Tung in 1970, opened the door for communists China’s push into Canadian society.

In no manner has the engagement been exclusively financial. Over subsequent decades, funding from the Chinese government began to impact our society on an ideological basis. Ground zero is the Canadian university system. After a half-century of the phenomenon, Canada’s education system morphed into a condition of national self-loathing. It’s roots are decidedly communist.

Fuelled by the anti-colonial sentiment, the self-hatred campaigns were off and running. Canada is a nation based on colonialism– hence the leveraging of the experience to run down society.

Not that economic matters were irrelevant. In October, 2021, ex-Liberal PM Jean Chretien told CBC News that “he always had a special relationship with China.”

During his tenure from 1993 to 2003, Jean Chretien indulged China’s investment desires on a regular basis:

“Chretien accompanied to China about 300 business leaders on a trade mission in November 1994 who returned with an order book of $9 billion. Senior figures in government were convinced that Canada needed to diversify away from the United States  and adopted a “Four Pillars Policy.

“The Liberals believed that to engage the Chinese in more open trade and to support China’s accession to World Trade Organization accession would help Canada’s goals. Chrétien strongly endorsed Chinese accession.”

Translation: Jean Chretien did some serious work for the benefit of communist China. As did his successor. Paul Martin became Liberal Prime Minister of Canada on December 12th, 2003. 

In February, 2017, former PM Martin offered his opinion on Canada’s relationship with the behemoth nation of the Far East:

“Canada should work to strengthen its ties with China, while ensuring it maintains a good relationship with the United States.”

Of course, within the pantheon of Liberal prime ministers, no one can hold a candle to current PM Justin Trudeau in terms of mollifying the Chinese government.

The fact that he failed to secure a free trade agreement should be understood as the failure of the greatest threat to national sovereignty in our history. Because the Liberals control mainstream media, our citizenship remain unaware of the agreement’s true potential.

“Canada shelved the idea of a free-trade agreement with China, setting aside a priority that once dominated Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s bid to reset relations with the world’s second-largest economy.”

In February, 2022, the Liberal government issued the following statement:

“The Government of Canada is asking the Canadian public and interested Canadian stakeholders to help define Canada’s interests in a possible Free Trade Agreement with China.” 

Never say die. If there is a more appropriate handle for the Liberal-Trudeau-China political dynamic, CAP is loathe to find it. Simply put, they never stop. For as long as Canada has a Liberal federal government, they never will.

We move toward the present:

‘Erin O’Toole Blames China For Conservative Election Results’

“We lost eight or nine seats to foreign interference,” stated former party leader during 2021 leadership postmortem.

CAP do the math. Eight or nine seats could have been enough to drive a Liberal victory. As it transpired, the CPC won the popular vote in the previous federal election.

Did China win the PMO for Justin Trudeau and the Liberals? We won’t go that far, but will offer a theory on the matter. Quebec and China are political partners; so too is the Liberal Party and their government.

The partnership is manifest in a variety of ways. Most are unspoken of– including the idea that the Liberals are partnered with China regarding Justin Trudeau’s favourite pastime– driving English Canada into the dirt.

Here’s how they do it: despite all shortcomings within the communist society, China does not have a colonial heritage. Colonialism being the sword by which Justin Trudeau and his woke minions carve Canada into tiny pieces.

On this basis, China can brand our society racist, and get away with it. Turns out that Trudeau is indulging in the very same behaviour. Coincidence, is it? Not in CAP’s books.

All of which solidifies in a covert attack upon English Canada, and its Anglophone peoples. No wonder legacy media have not once pointed to an absolute truth:

French-Canada indulged in prejudice against racialized immigrants every bit as much as English Canada. Degree of exposure by way of media? Not a damn word.

We begin to add together our plethora of evidence and theorizing. The Liberal Party and government of China are partnered in political subterfuge toward English Canada. Within the dynamic exists a secondary battle– a war against democratic governance.

Where is it all leading? CAP has no inventory of crystal balls. One can only speculate on the circumstances. While unsure of the precise outcome, we are wholly convinced that there is one, and its impact is going to change our country permanently.

This we call Justin Trudeau’s Woke Revolution. Arriving in the spirit of China’s “Communist Revolution,” CAP count on one idea above all. It is, and will continue to be, bad news for English Canada, and its Anglophone communities.

In 2021, just 14% of Canadians viewed China favourably, according to recent polling. Moreover, according to a poll by Maru Public Opinion, 52% of Canadians view China as the nation’s biggest foreign threat.

But the Liberal Party view China as favourable–and that’s all that matters– particularly when a Trudeau family member is prime minister.

9 thoughts on “Trudeau’s Battle: Quebec And China Against English Canada?”

  1. “We lost eight or nine seats to foreign interference,” stated former party leader during 2021 leadership postmortem.

    Canadians need to do some searching and discover how much illegal foreign influence there has been in the last few elections.

    Soros funded Trudeau, the Obama campaign team illegally worked with the Liberals, Dogwood, funded by Tides Canada and Makeway, also funded by Soros, bragged about their attacks on the Opposition and support of the Liberals in close Ridings across the Country. They were an influence in twisting many to the Liberals.

    Dogwood claims to be involved in some sort of environmental garbage. They bragged about it. It is just a front, a shield for their efforts in hating Canadian resources. Dogwood, Makeway and other so-called environmental terrorist groups are NOT charities. They all need to be deeply audited by Revenue Canada, charges laid, followed by incarceration.

  2. Look at the smirk on our queen’s mug, as the architect of Afghanistan is in trail. The sikh (with a small s) is another sham and of stolen valor.

  3. “Our Canada includes Quebec.” Cue the tears. ‘Waaaa Waaaa.” Gag. As I recall; that was Preston Manning’s mantra prior to the last Quebec separation vote. The “oui” vote lost; by a thin margin.

    Yeah; how’s that working out for us? The perennial thorn in our side has become a carving knife; in the form of J. Castreau. Quebec; Birthplace of both communist China loving Trudeaus…receiving the lion’s share of “equalization payments” (welfare)…anti-Anglo….China…the Laurentian Elite…I’ll leave it at that.

    There’s much, much more that’s been an anchor on Canadian prosperity. Alberta had better pull a gun on “Ottawa”–and soon. C’mon–Go to the bathroom; or get off the pot. Take a page out of Quebec’s playbook–And stop being perpetual patsies. This country has become waaaaay too passive.

    Actually; it’s far worse. The provincial premiers are spineless; WEF compliant puppets. How different would our history have been had the Dutch populated what’s now Quebec? We’ll never know. This comment is directed at the awful Trudeaus, Chretiens et al, and the entrenched; communist rooted politics in Quebec. Not Quebecers in general.

    • “This country has become waaaaay too passive.”

      Indeed it has. It has taken years of conditioning on the university campuses and social media, the controlled media especially. Trudeau the puppet has served his Zionist masters well.

    • Preston Manning led The Reform Party. Their party coined the slogan “The West Wants In.” That was sometime in 1987. “My Canada Includes Quebec” was often seen as a bumper sticker; around the time of the 1995 Quebec seperation referendum. Those were the “good old days.” Five years ago; A letter writer in the *National Post* quoted the (then) premier of Quebec:

      “It seems that former Quebec premier Lucien Bouchard was correct when he claimed 20 years ago that “Canada is not a real country.” Nothing illustrates this better than the intransigence, obstructionism, NIMBYism and jurisdictional disputes among lobbyists, environmentalists, First Nations and various levels of government, all of which conspire to derail the development of pipelines across the country. We are a federation in name only.
      Morton Doran, Fairmont, B.C. *National Post* Letters, Publishing date: Jan 27, 2016

      In 2022; It’s only become horribly; horribly worse. “Not a real country”….We hear that a lot these dying days of the Great White North. Perhaps Pierre Poilievre will slay/restrain the dark forces of Trudeau et al. If not; Bouchard’s quote will become Canada’s epitaph. “Canada–[Never] a real country.” Born: 1867. Died: 202x. By the hands of assassin J. Trudeau.

  4. This is absolutely frightening.
    The woke leftist liberal/ndp are selling Canada down the river.
    Canadians have to wake up and vote out this racist
    So called government

  5. We knew Pierre was a whore to Canada. His son Justin just doesn’t have the capacity of brain power to know he’s going to end up as destroyed as Canada. No super power would want him around once in ownership of Canada.


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