2 thoughts on “Trudeau’s ambitious Syrian refugees pledge unrealistic”

  1. I am concerned about 3 things: 1) Where will the money come from as well as the housing? Right now Canada is running a deficit and Trudeau is planning to spend money on infrastructure to boost economy. 2) What about our National security. With such an influx will security measures be loosened because of the sheer backlog that will be generated from such a huge undertaking? 3) Is taking in these so called refugees (economic migrants) really a benefit to Canada? We can not ascertain how many would actually be Christian and for the Muslims is Canada not opening the door to problems faced in Europe? Would it not be better for countries like Saudi to take them?

    • I agree with everything you stated…. Saudi Arabia and other surrounding muslim countries refuse to take any refugees as they claim there are too many security risks involved and it opens their borders to Isis jihadists…. One would think our leader would consider this but I fear he is like Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne: will not back down on some promises to prove a point and because he thinks he knows best and will move heaven and earth in order to be seen as keeping his word and the rest of us be damned.


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