Trudeau’s Abortion Obsession Reeks Of Totalitarian Tendencies

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A wise man once stated that when it comes to living a healthy life, one should approach “everything in moderation.” Observers of human nature recognize that when fanaticism enters the picture,  equilibrium is thrown off-kilter.

In this context, a closer look at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s position on abortion in Canada reveals a fanaticism overlooked by media:

LILLEY: Trudeau’s Ongoing Abortion Rhetoric A Sign Of True Desperation”

“This year, trailing badly in the polls, Justin Trudeau is keeping up the pro-abortion rhetoric, warning women that voting for the Conservatives will put them at risk.” 

“We will keep fighting for women’s rights,” Trudeau said.

Is this really what our PM is fighting for? Or is there a deeper psycho-social dynamic at play? Political pundits understand a piece of truth– as federal election time comes round every four years, the Liberal Party of Canada begin to roll-up-the-rim on their competitor’s so-called “abortion stance.”

By now, it’s a “cookie-cutter” of a move- not that CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest ever position it this way. Behind the rhetoric lies a repository of affirmation in terms Justin Trudeau’s psycho-pathology.

CAP offer an alternative take on Trudeau’s dedication to fetus destruction in Canada: he advocates for maximum availability of abortion from coast-to-coast. This he shares with socialist partner-in politics, New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh.

For some reason, both politicians are obsessed with maximizing abortion rates in New Brunswick, the province with Canada’s highest percentage of “Old Stock” Canadian-born citizens.

“The shutting down of health and reproductive services offered by Clinic 554, the unwillingness to engage in allowing women to actually choose what happens to their future and their bodies is a disgrace,” Trudeau said.

First, an element of the equation CAP has tread on many times before. In a case of blatant contradiction, Trudeau continuously laments over Canada’s “aging population and workforce.”

After which he runs around the country demanding that abortion procedures are maximized on a national basis. Degree to which Toronto Star point to his hypocrisy? Try nothing, and continue downhill from there.

Beyond the tangible, a related observation regarding our PM’s abortion stance goes undetected. Here, we cross over into the moral-ethical sphere of national leadership– reverence and respect for human life.

When considering commonalities, it doesn’t take Albert Einstein to conclude that political despots of the past share sociopathic tendencies. Political hero to Pierre Trudeau, Mao Tse Tung knocked off millions of “unwanted” during the Communist Revolution in China. Adolf Hitler dealt in Euthanasia, sterilization and other forms of birth impediments. Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot of Cambodia, Idi Amin in Uganda.

CBC won’t articulate it, but in truth, Justin Trudeau is the founder of systemic Euthanasia in Canada. As a result, our country is world leader in this capacity. The results deliver beauties such as the following, recently released in the BBC documentary “Better Off Dead?”

“Disability rights activist Liz Carr interviewed Dr. Ellen Wiebe, Canada’s most notorious euthanasia doctor.” 

“Wiebe is also an abortionist and an activist with Dying With Dignity, the euthanasia lobby group seeking to expand eligibility for assisted suicide in Canada even further. Wiebe’s attempted defence of Canada’s euthanasia regime backfired when throughout her interview, she laughed and smiled as she discussed ending the lives of patients.”

“I love my job,” she told Carr.

As Hannah Arendt conceived of in her discourse on totalitarianism, encompassed in the expression, “The Banality of Evil,” we stand witness as a certain banality enters Canada’s social arena.

Canada’s prime minister, he of “sunny ways, people, sunny ways” advocacy, is the primary driver of this approach to human life in contemporary society. What it suggests is that our PM indulges in psycho-pathology shared with dictators of 20th century history.

Media say nothing. How often in these historical examples did lack of reverence for life fuel fascist and and communist governance? Correct answer: every time.

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Thursday that Canadian conservative leaders are as much of a threat to women’s right to a safe abortion as the rollback of the landmark Roe v. Wade court decision was in the United States,” the Toronto Star reported this week .

“I was disbelieving. Even by the standards of Trudeauvian hyperbole and Canada’s kabuki abortion politics, that would be a hall-of-fame howler.”

So writes the very mainstream media figure Chris Selley in an article published this week in the National Post. After which Cultural Action Party [est.2016] add a critical corollary.

This person, Justin Trudeau, is the same politician who has ramped up immigration intake quotas to their highest levels in Canadian history. To juxtapose systemic assisted dying and abortion with this fact opens a door to some fascinating concepts.

Is Trudeau out to re-configure Canadian demography to meet his personal ambitions? Add LGBT and it’s boyfriend transgenderism to the demographic pot, and what do you get? To gain a proper perspective, we must do what legacy media refuse to indulge in.

We must consider the degree to which the abortion/euthanasia/trans ticket affects Canadian-born, “old stock” citizens relative to the “new arrival” crowd, encompassed in our rapidly-growing 3rd World diaspora communities.

Say no-go to this one–media never do it. Is it fair to state that under these circumstances, Justin Trudeau is in the business of maximizing immigration while minimizing Canadian-born citizens? If so, it qualifies as “demographic manipulation”— a commonality shared by dictatorial rulers of the past century.

Justin Trudeau’s disregard for human life is entirely suspect. In this can be discovered a distorted pathology which should be understood by all Canadians.

Because of media, it isn’t.

6 thoughts on “Trudeau’s Abortion Obsession Reeks Of Totalitarian Tendencies”

  1. Women like many canadians made a choice not to be vaccinated and many were fired from their jobs and justin called them dirty names.

  2. Do these immigrants that are coming to Canada realize that JT is a dictator and only wants them to come here because they are easier to control. When they come from other countries to Canada they come for a better life not the same or worse than what they had! He makes promises that are lies to the new people of Canada!

    When will the “old stock” of Canada stand up and speak out without fear of the consequences!!

    • No, they don’t realize. They come from non-democratic countries and cannot recongize Canada’s slide into authoritarianism.

      The very reason why Justin LOVES THEM.

      • Once these people enter they become justin’s slaves to use as he wishes and they better do as they’re told or he will kick them out. Freedom for them does not exist.


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