Trudeau’s 3rd World GTA Stronghold Under Threat From Conservatives

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“The federal opposition Conservatives have widened their lead over other parties when it comes to ballot support and leadership, with the minority Liberals now threatened in areas that were strongholds for them in the previous election.”

Canadian pollster Nick Nanos pointed to ridings in the Greater Toronto Area and the 905 belt” as examples of Liberal areas of strength in previous elections, but says “they are now losing ground.”

Intentionally obscured by media, the GTA region may well hold the key to federal election victory. The reason why relates to an unexposed element of Liberal politics– an incessant drive to leverage “racialized” communities for the purpose of politically dominating the Greater Toronto Area region.

The method to do so is not complex in nature. It’s a matter of matching up a 3rd World-dominated riding with 3rd World-Liberal MP candidates. To do so, backroom strategists selected a series of half-citizens and new arrival migrants to win the day.

In 2019, the government of Australia made a radical move: no dual citizens permitted in Parliament. Between 2018-2019, fifteen Australian MPs and senators were removed from office for violating a constitutional rule prohibiting federal political candidates from holding dual citizenship.

In a million light years, PM Justin Trudeau wouldn’t consider this policy.

Iqra Khalid, Maryam Monsef, Omar Alghabra, Arif Virani, Ahmed Hussen, Salma Zahid, Sonia Sidhu, Kamal Khera, Maninder Sidhu, Shafkat Ali, Ruby Sahota, Ali Elhsassi, Majid Jowhari…the list goes on.

A number of them are dual citizens; most others were born on foreign soil. Concentrated in  3rd World migrant-rich GTA ridings, the matching of the ethnicity of the MPs to migrant communities is integral to political victory.

Media say nothing. Not once has CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest referenced this piece of political reality.

Half citizen of Syria, Liberal MP Omar Alghabra— four terms in a row. M103 “Islamophobia” motion founder Iqra Khalid, three terms straight. Half-citizen of Somalia, Ahmed Hussen, three terms consecutively. Liberal MP Salma Zahid holds not two but three citizenships: Pakistan, Britain, and Canada.

“Looking at this battleground, like battleground Toronto, I think the Liberals have to be thinking how they’re going to try to hold on, because they’re in a minority position already. Losing seats in Toronto just is fundamentally bad news for the red team.”

Damn straight it is. For the past eight years, PM Justin Trudeau has shamelessly thrown himself at the feet of Canada’s largest and most powerful ethnic communities. So much so that his incessant pandering became the subject of ridicule.

Justin walking side-by-side with Khalistani nationalists wearing a silk Sari outfit. Trudeau down at the mosque dressed in Muslim religious garb. Justin in Chinese silk at a gathering in Vancouver’s Chinatown.

He looked like a fool, but it did the trick. Or perhaps media did it for him. Hard to say whether general society are aware of the extent to which Trudeau’s ethnic vote-begging prostrations helped him win three consecutive elections. Astute political followers know it, the general public, not so much.

In 2017, 56 foreign-born members– 22 with dual or triple citizenshipheld seats in House of Commons and Senate. That’s heck of alot, and the number has only gone up from here.

The Conservative Party under the leadership of Pierre Poilievre must find a way to foil this structure, or it’s game over. It’s a tough nut to crack, for certain. Either the CPC follow suit, matching their MP candidates ethnicity to GTA ridings, or they lose the election.

This is how meaningful the 3rd World-Sikh-Muslim-Urban vote has become within the spectrum of federal politics. Media won’t inform Canadians of this, for good reason.

In Justin Trudeau’s post-modern Canada, there’s power in suffering. Under the control of the Liberals, media refrain from articulating the degree to which racialized communities have been accumulating political power over the decades.

At all times, our so-called “minority” communities must be depicted as sufferers  perpetually under pressure from  Canadian-born citizens. The “victim-card” is essential to the woke liberal political ethos. To portray the power of the “ethnic” vote in realistic terms is not to be revealed to general society.

‘Liberals On Track To Sweep The GTA, As Ontario Comes Through Again For The Party’

“Ontario, with nearly a third of all ridings in Canada, has been the backbone of the last two Liberal election victories. In 2015, the Liberals emerged with 80 seats compared with 33 for the Conservatives and eight for the New Democrats.”

Media report the results– but not the methodology. Why not? One idea is that they do not want to appear racist, the usual cop-out on issues of this nature. A better idea is that the Liberals instruct the press not to speak of Liberal-3rd World political coordination.

The structure has been replicated in Canada’s major urban centres. Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal— the ethnic “matching game” innovated by Liberal Party strategists places victory at their political doorstep. Its been doing so for the past 30-years.

Justin Trudeau, the Liberal Party and their media partners want Canadians to believe our racialized communities exist in a perpetual state of suffering.

It’s good for business. It sells papers. And most importantly for Justin Trudeau, it brands white Canadians as racist bigots. Our PM loves this, because it fits into his long-term vision for our country.

As for Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives, they better get off their butts quickly, and find a way to circumvent the reality that is a Liberal lock on Canada’s 3rd World voter communities.

Together, ethnic Canada has enough power to win an election for Liberals, and in truth, power is all that  Justin Trudeau cares about.

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  1. He’s the most despicable pm we’ve ever had and his arrogant father is right up there with him. It wouldn’t surprise me if he wins the next election.

  2. These people are part of the liberal multicultural mindset propagated by the Liberals for decades, at least not until they began to understand what being a Liberal and a liberal, stood for in this country.


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