Trudeau Continues To Work For Africa DESPITE PIPELINE CHAOS In Canada

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How can an average Canadian citizen can truly comprehend the machinations of the Trudeau government? In all objectivity, how can a common sense Canadian come to any conclusion other than the idea that our prime minister takes an inverted approach to his job?

In other words, non-Canadians come first, and the actual citizens of Canada come last. So obvious, so blatant. Yet, to a large extent our citizenship remain blind to these concepts.

Within Trudeau’s post-modern Canada, our establishment media exist to play a singular role: that of protector of all-things-globalist. For example, rather than juxtapose Trudeau’s  focus on working for Africa relative to recent domestic social developments, CBC and the rest obscure a profound truth:

Justin Trudeau is perpetually working for “the other.” Examples: Saudi Arabian oil versus Alberta Oil Sands. Outsourcing next generation 5G wireless technology to the communist government of China. Sending billions of dollars to despotic Islamic and African nations.

Speaking of Africa, most Canadians are aware of Trudeau’s sojourn to Africa to win support for his bid for a United Nations Security Council seat. As it turns out, while King Justin was playing “charm school” for government’s of Ethiopia, Nigeria, Somalia and Senegal, Canada was at the same time descending into social chaos.

Fact: The pipeline protests are at this moment more extreme than ever–while Justin Trudeau spends his time playing “charm school” with 200 African dignitaries in Ottawa.

Pipeline protests have sprung up from coast-to-coast. Rural protests, urban protests, First Nations protests. Is it reasonable to state that this situation may result in the greatest degree of social consternation within the past 50 years.

CAP Opinion: As mad as it sounds, we believe this social dynamic is part of a globalist agenda to “divide and conquer” the nation of Canada. In truth, this has always been in the works– never more so than within the past four-plus years Justin Trudeau has been ruling Canada.

You see, it is “New Canadian Order” time in the fading Great White North. The malevolent agenda is pre-determined, and manifold:

— Utilize mass 3rd world immigration to disempower “Old Stock” Canada.

— Trans-sition Anglophone Canada into a minority community.

–Establish Islam as Canada’s most powerful religious community.

— Transition Canada from democracy to a dictatorship.

—  Get  Canadians-born citizens fighting amongst themselves.

As for the latter, this is currently being played out by way of the Pipeline-First Nations-Carbon Tax agenda of Justin and the Liberals.

More than 150 freight trains have been idled since the blockades were set up last Thursday in British Columbia and Ontario.

Passenger rail services have also been affected in Ontario, Quebec and B.C., with Via Rail cancelling service on its Montreal-Toronto and Ottawa-Toronto routes until the end of the day on Thursday because of a blockade near Belleville, ON. The Mounties concluded enforcement of the injunction on Monday after arresting 28 people. 

Via Rail said 157 passenger trains have been cancelled, affecting 24,500 travellers on routes between Montreal and Toronto, and Ottawa and Toronto.

In addition to the service cancellations in Ontario, Via says a blockade near New Hazelton, B.C., also means normal rail service is being interrupted between Prince Rupert and Prince George.

Incidents of this nature are flaring up all over Canada— so much so it is virtually impossible for CBC to take the “sting” out of the entire affair as they have done so effectively regarding myriad social controversies in Canada.

In the meantime, Justin Trudeau continues to do what he does best:

Selling Canada to Third World, Islamic and African governments. In this capacity the man is simply the best. CAP tend to think of Trudeau as more of a political prostitute than an actual prime minister.

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See Justin and his beard charm the President of Ethiopia. Witness as his Somalian-sidekick, MP Ahmed Hussen builds political rapport by showing African government how far a “poor African refugee” can go within Canadian society.

“You too can be a half-Canadian citizen working to flood Canada with African migrants” is the message this anti-Anglophone political manipulator is delivering to Senegal, Nigeria and Somalia.

CAP Theory: This pipeline social chaos is calculated. In fact, it didn’t have to be pipelines specifically that served as a social chaos catalyst in Canada–it could have been “anything.”

In other words, no matter what transpired while Justin remains King OF Canada, some form of social chaos would be an inevitable outcome of the second “Trudeau Era.”

Basically, our nation is being re-invented as we speak. Social chaos is part of the plan. How so? Because basic Marxist theory tells us so. In order to seduce a nation in this capacity, an element of internal social bleeding must occur.

The domestic “pipeline” component– in tandem with the international “globalist” element–is a socialist formula to transition a western democracy into a socialist-communist  nation-state.

Then, add one more essential element to Trudeau’s globalist revolution–total control of media. Is King Trudeau not attempting this form of media coup as we speak?

Of course he is. There you go, fellow Canadian patriots–this is the socialist agenda of the Trudeau government for the globalist seduction of the dying Great White North.




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  1. Let me take a wild guess here, you are all white, under-educated, under-employed conservative-leaning angry people with not much going on in your life. I feel sorry for you, but it’s not too late to learn about climate change, truth in politics, and the positive effect of immigration in this country. YOU INSPIRE RACISTS AND HATERS OF ALL KINDS!


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