Trudeau Working To Steal English Canada From Rightful Owners

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It’s a topic fully eschewed by establishment media in Canada. We speak of the unspoken– a comparison between a push for cultural retention in French Canada, as opposed to the heritage of what is decreasingly known as English Canada.

The latter being a term not once spoken of by PM Justin Trudeau during the eight-year period he has retained control over our country. In contrast, any Canadian worth their salt is aware of the fight for cultural retention in French Canada.

The term “distinct society” was invented as a description for Quebec by Jean Lesage,  provincial premier from 1960 to 1966.  According to the Canadian Encyclopedia, the concept of distinct society “distinguishes Quebec from English Canada.”

The concept originated during the Quiet Revolution, at a time when French Canada came to no longer be seen as a single entity, but as a collection of regional Francophone communities. It is found in the 1965 preliminary report of the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism shared by Laurendeau and Dunton.

“Today, the concept of ‘distinct society’ continues to be used in debates regarding various political, social and cultural issues related to the existential plight of French Canada.”

As far as the fate of English Canada, this exists somewhere between the taking out of daily trash, and the dustbin used to contain it.

How often is it that we read about the degeneration of English Canada at the hands of government? Quebecois Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has no interest, nor does his team of hand-picked French Canadian- Third World members of Parliament. Media play their part by saying nothing about it.

In Trudeau’s “post-modern” Canada, pride in heritage has transitioned to the belle of the political ball. Sikh Heritage Month, Islamic History Month and so on and so forth. Holy Cow– Canada even has a Somali Heritage Month, regardless of the fact that Canada has no Somalian heritage whatsoever.

But just wade into the waters of support for Anglophone Heritage, English heritage, Irish Heritage et al, and see what happens. Are you ready? The answer is nothing.

Ironic it is that in terms of historical contribution to our socio-political landscape, the above contributed nothing– in contrast to what Britain provided:

Democratic governance, rule of law, legal and court systems, habeas corpus, freedom of speech(currently on death row), freedom of the press(death row again), and various other fundamentals.

Recognition of English Canadian heritage: begin at zero, and work your way toward non-existent. A rather curious social condition, isn’t it? Media utter not a word about it– despite the fact that publishers, editors and leading journalists in Canada derive mainly from an “Old Stock” Canadian background.

Isn’t all this a bit much to take? It isn’t, because media have never exposed the dynamics to general society. Put it all together, and a common sense Canadian might believe the entire phenomenon is pre-meditated in origin.

In this regard, one thing’s for sure– PM Justin Trudeau is making it all worse. Beneath the surface lies more subterfuge. In the opinion of Cultural Action Party, Trudeau wants English Canada to fall.

Over an eight year period, we review the inventory. Number of times the PM has used the term English Canada– zero. The count of the number of times Trudeau has used the word “Anglophone”– zero.   

Degree to which our PM has acknowledged the contribution of Anglophones to Canadian society– nothing. While Quebec tears its hair out over cultural retention, the fields of English Canada are going prematurely bald.

Demographic predictions hidden by media inform us that minority status is coming to Anglophone Canada. CBC say nothing. Are these communities being systemically transitioned to the silent people of our country? Damn right they are– while legacy media remain silent about the entire process.

“Many traditions are woven into the rich tapestry of Quebec culture, which includes a wealth of stories, legends and folklore.”

“In the report regarding the teaching of history at the secondary education level, submitted in 2014 by a committee of experts commissioned by the Quebec government, the authors suggested that Quebec history courses should place greater emphasis on nationalism.”

“They underscored that communicating knowledge of history also means having to make sense of the past and giving students the opportunity to become acquainted with their community from its earliest days.”

To apply these attitudes to Anglophone-Canadians would be world’s biggest farce. Not once has an equivalent been put suggested for English Canada. Rather, our Quebecois PM puts forth the following:

“Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also shared his `Eid Al-Fitr wishes, acknowledging the importance and contribution of Muslim communities to his country’s development.

Upon which we juxtapose Trudeau’s glowing tribute with the following:

“Four years after Canada’s founding in 1867, the 1871 Canadian Census found 13 European Muslims among the population.”

In CAP’s books, 13 Muslims doth not make a heritage. Degree to which it makes a difference? Nothing at all, because as we write this, Canada’s history is being rewritten. A staple of Marxist propaganda, this speaks to the unspoken destiny of our society.

“All are equal, but some are more equal than others” wrote George Orwell in his allegorical novel on communist seduction of a nation, Animal Farm.

The month of January is Tamil Heritage Month in Canada.

“Celebrated in Canada each year since 2016, this month is an opportunity to recognize the major contributions Tamil people have made to the growth and prosperity of the country, while overcoming tremendous obstacles.”

And what, pray-tell, are these tremendous obstacles? They are the ones also experienced by Sikhs, Muslims, Chinese, Japanese, Jews, Homosexuals, and the rest.

Tamil time in Canada? Kind of an absurdity, eh? While Islam had 13 souls in Canada at the time of Confederation, the number of Tamils totalled zero.

Sadly, none of this matters to government, or media. What does matter to Justin Trudeau and his Liberal-Communist agenda includes(roughly in order):

Quebecois, Muslims, Homosexuals, Sikhs, Chinese, Transgendered, Somalians, Tamil Tigers, etc. At the very bottom, in the pit of the viper’s den, are Anglophones, and the contributions they made to the founding of our nation

“Hello everyone. Vanakkam.”

“Today, Tamil communities in Canada and around the world will mark the beginning of Thai Pongal.”

Hey, Justin– you left out a tribute to left-handed LGBT pygmies in Borneo. Pull up your rainbow-coloured socks, or get out of politics.

5 thoughts on “Trudeau Working To Steal English Canada From Rightful Owners”

  1. There’s really not much left to say. Canada. Done like dinner; in only seven years. Like an elevator plummeting to the basement; the end won’t be pretty. Our elevator had thin ropes for cables; making the sabotage much easier for our enemies; domestic and external.

  2. “destroy the family, you destroy the country.” V. Lenin.

    -Every country that tried a version of socialism/communism… failed. Millions dead.

    -modern version: woke-ism.
    -using the above.. (same smell, different generation.). You destroy what?…. the second largest country on earth.. with everything.. humanity required for generations.. the “ wef global cabal knows it”.
    -who built it all…. the 67% of christian population in this country. And we know it.
    -je me souviens.
    -reset.. yes indeed.


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