Is Trudeau Working To Crush English Canada Before His Removal From Office?

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“Canada’s Hindu community was included as a stakeholder for the first time in the budgetary process in the country ahead of it being tabled in the House of Commons. At the same time, the 2024 budget had made a substantial allocation towards promoting Sikh heritage.”

When speaking of the Liberal government of Canada, media in our country frequently refer to a tendency for “doubling down” on policy implementation. Whatever the issue– climate change, carbon taxation, fiscal deficit, LGBT, Euthanasia– PM Justin Trudeau has been instructing his cabinet members to push the policies into high gear.

Why at this particular time? CAP offer our theory:

Understanding that a finite amount of time remains in Trudeau’s neo-dictatorial control over society, the man has a choice. Adapt, or behave like a woke stick-in-the-mud.

Obvious it is that the latter is the choice. Cultural Action Party[est.2016] think of it as a “Ben-Hur” moment. Rushing to the finish line like rainbow-coloured gladiators in a Roman chariot race, the Liberals are gunning like the devil to maximize the success of their globalist-oriented goals.

Of these schematics, one sticks in our craw like no other. We speak of the sounds of silence relating to an unspoken social trend: the erosion of English Canada, in addition to decimation of Anglophone community populations.

All signs show that white Canadians are headed for minority status in our country. Immigration, birth-rates, the whole nine-yards. While legacy media sporadically reference this demographic trajectory, never has the CBC or any other outlet laid it on the line:

Within a time span of 30-50 years, white Canadians will transition to minority community status. In the meantime, we pick up on a plethora of recent developments which suggest that government are accelerating the demise of English Canada.

“In A First, Hindu Stakeholders Included In Canada’s Budget Preparation.”

“The Canadian Hindu Chamber of Commerce (CHCC) was invited on April 2 to an access-restricted embargoed reading of the budget in Ottawa, making it the first community organisation to be involved in the process.”

As of 2021, Canada’s Hindu community made up a mere 2.3% of the national demographic.

“5 events to honour Sikh Heritage Month in the GTA”

“April is Sikh Heritage Month — a chance to celebrate the rich culture, deep history, and contributions of the Sikh community in Toronto.”

To juxtapose this information with tributes to Anglophone Canada is a sad joke. There are no events along the lines of English Heritage Month. Despite the fact that they have the deepest roots of all, provincial governments offer no “celebration of the rich culture and deep history” of our Anglophone communities. Instead, they have been branded racist, xenophobic and homophobic.

Media say nothing. But there is one recent development they have spoken of. In another first for Canadian society, PM Trudeau and the Liberals are considering opening the globalist door to Sharia-compliant Halal mortgages in Canada:

“The Canadian government is exploring options to broaden access to financing alternatives, including halal mortgages. This initiative is part of Prime Minister Trudeau’s efforts to support Canadians aspiring to become homeowners, with a particular focus on the Muslim community.”

Justin Trudeau– “blessed be his holy name.” We begin to zero in on the agenda. In a mad scramble toward the exit door, our PM wants so deeply to finish off the task he was handed when first attaining office in late 2015.

The sinking ship that is English Canada and its Anglophone communities is a fate which should be understood by all citizens. Because of media, it isn’t. In this regard, we point to what should be considered the social irony of the century.

Taking a deep dive into ownership of major media organizations finds that Anglophone Canadians make up the lion’s share of owners, publishers, editors and journalists. Outside of Quebec, these positions are filled with “Old Stock” Canadians. Leading journalists include names such as Ivison, Glavin, Selley, Delacourt and Ibbitson.

Do tell, fellow patriots: why would it be that on this basis, the demise of English Canada has yet to be articulated within the spectrum of news presentation in our country? Isn’t this kind of an odd-ball occurrence?

What it does suggest is that Canadian media are not actually controlled by Canadians. Expanding the concept to general society brings about a similar conclusion. At present, an investigation into election interference (futile waste of time– Ed.) suggests that the government of China “won” the last election for the Liberals. Under Justin Trudeau, Sikh and Muslim political power has been put on steroids.

Is there anything remaining about Canada that is actually Canadian? Justin Trudeau burned that down by claiming that our country has “no core identity.” His partner in democratic degeneration, New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh, tells us our society is racist, homophobic and genocidal.

How obvious does it have to be that an agenda exists for the purpose of tearing Canada apart and re-building it in a “post-modern” capacity? That this project includes a gutting of English Canada is obvious and apparent.

Two primary historical developments sowed the seeds of demise. Forced upon society by ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau, multiculturalism continues to be poorly understood. The Multicultural Act of 1988 instructs “minority” communities to promote the cultures of the countries from which they come.

Media never mention the fact that no “ceiling” exists in this capacity. It can go one forever, inclusive of potential for “racialized” communities to steamroll right over whitey.

Secondly, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms(1982). Another Pierre Trudeau production, the Charter established a social dynamic in which, in effect, “the minority have the potential to control the majority.” 

Media won’t tell you, but the “fall guy” in all of this is our multi-generational, Canadian-born communities. Under the “leadership” of Justin Trudeau, the sinking ship that English Canada continues to gain water.

9 thoughts on “Is Trudeau Working To Crush English Canada Before His Removal From Office?”

  1. Won’t it be fun to see the major cultural powers locked in a battle for cultural supremacy in Canada in a few years, since our ‘post national’ country has thankfully shed its WASP, Judeau-Christian, Greeko-Roman, social democratic values and principles of individual rights, tolerance, religious freedom and democracy from Western Europe, to be replaced by Islam and Hindu?
    I’m sure they’ll work it out amicably.
    Please close the door on the country and turn off the lights when you’re done.


  2. “This [halal mortgage] initiative is part of Prime Minister Trudeau’s efforts to support [Muslim] Canadians aspiring to become homeowners, with a particular focus on the Muslim community.” A ‘particular focus’? That’s a bald-faced lie. This will be for Muslims only. Period. Whites need not apply. BTW–Interest free or not; few people can afford to buy a house in this train wreck of a country. Does Trudeau intend to “help” them with that as well? Perhaps a “halal” inspired subsidy of fifty percent of the list price? Nah; go big or go home–Make that seventy-five percent. Guaranteed by Euro-descended Canadians; for as long as they last.

  3. If the money hungry Jagmeet say’s Canada is ” genocidal “, then wouldn’t it make sense for Singh & Trudeau be tried for this criminal act ? After all, it was the government of Canada that caused & controlled it.
    Why hasn’t Trudeau/Singh condemned the ” genocidal ” situation in Sudan. Someone like Singh might fit right in with other Muslims that are responsible for ” genocide & genocidal rape ” After all, Palestinians in Canada are shutting down highways, public events etc…… all because of ” genocide ” in Gaza. Will the same people protest AGAINST the Muslims responsible for the same act in Sudan ? What about the ” black lives matter ” movement. Why aren’t they mobilizing against the situation in Sudan ? Is it because if they protest in Canada, they know it leads to government funding and a job creation program ………. something they won’t get in Sudan.
    As far as the loss of English Canada, yes Trudeau/Singh are both to blame for this continuous attack on Anglophones. The legacy taxpayer funded media is also promoting a Muslim Canada.
    The latest event being promoted by Canada’s media has to do with Umar Zameer who drove over a Toronto police officer and is now being heralded as the good guy.
    Will Zameer be the next Muslim to receive Millions from Canadian taxpayers for the way he was treated by white people ?? Forget the fact that anyone who drives a car into a person, should definitely be charged under the motor vehicle act.
    But hey, this is all the result of colonialism and Zameer needs to be compensated. Is 10 million enough ?
    Will Zameer request his compensation be delivered by Trudeau/Singh. Maybe they can do it all at the next Ottawa pro palestinian protest.

    Canada & ” old stock ” Canadians ……. please wake up & DEMAND these two idiots step down.

  4. Addendum to my previous comment: The actions by Turdeau & Co. are so evil that it marks the regime as a bunch of psychopaths that need to be removed from power ASAP by any means available.


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