Trudeau Will Run For 4th Term As Democracy Dies in Canada

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Evan Solomon: Here’s some rapid fire questions. Three elections, is Justin Trudeau going to run again?

Justin Trudeau: Yes.

Of course he is. It is with a single word that the fate of our country is laid out before us. The fact that three-time winner Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is going to run for office once again should surprise no one.

Cultural Action Party often speak of the unprecedented nature of politics in present-day Canada. Here we have another example. No prime minister in history has ever served four consecutive terms in office.

Upon Justin Trudeau’s original victory in October, 2015, CAP made a bold prediction: six consecutive terms as prime minister, and Canada will cease to be a democratic country.

We are sticking with the prediction– though the reason is not simply one of election victories. It is the combination of election victories with the advent of the Covid pandemic.

What media refuse to state forms the foundation of our thinking. The pandemic is what one could refer to as an “elixir of democratic decline.” It is an all-purpose solution.

Government can command whatever they wish in the name of controlling the virus, and for the most part, the public will comply. Those who do not will be strong-armed into compliance, and publicly humiliated when they resist. A shining example of democracy it is!

As stated in previous articles, the primary factor in this is an erasure of individual rights in the name of the pandemic. One of the founders of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms agrees:

In a recent interview, ex-Premier of Newfoundland Brian Peckford offers his opinions on the Liberal government’s handling of Covid:

 “They[Trudeau government] didn’t have the power to override all of our freedoms and rights.The pandemic has shown that they can do things that violate the constitution.”

Here’s a reasonable prediction: if Justin Trudeau runs for office for a fourth time, he will win. CAP bet all the beef farms in Alberta on it. Or stated in another manner, the Conservative Party of Canada will never again win a federal election.

This element is playing a major role in Canada’s transition to a pseudo-dictatorship. At what point was it that the Liberal Party became a brazen cult of “pink fascism?” It was at the point when they were certain they could not lose a federal election.

What circumstances brought this on?  We can only speculate, but we believe it arrived when the degree of immigration intake  began to guarantee perpetual Liberal Party victories.

The Liberal strategists then shifted to high gear. Public opinion became meaningless. Will of the majority is irrelevant. Nothing matters in 2021 except the desires of Justin Trudeau and his Liberals.

Such are the circumstances shaping up to break an historical precedent, and deliver King Justin to the Canadian throne for a fourth term.

No matter who the Conservatives run, they don’t stand a chance. Pourquoi? It is not that the Liberals will defeat them per se. It is because media will crush them absolutely.

It is game over for the Conservative Party. If any consolation exists, it should be found in the idea that democratic governance in Canada is also finished.

If Justin Trudeau runs, he will win. Perhaps the conspiracy theorists were not so wrong after all. Trudeau has from day one had the aura of a dictator about him, and deservedly so. The man is obviously tasked with implementing a new Canadian order.

Within this structure, some will win, and some will lose. Based on Trudeau’s preference for “racialized” citizens, it isn’t difficult to predict the outcome:

Old Stock Canadians– Anglophones, Christians, and those who fit this category are to move to second-class citizenship.

Six consecutive victories to a pseudo-dictatorship is the count. With the pandemic driving the globalist machine in the background, Canada’s transition to neo-communism is all-but assured.

9 thoughts on “Trudeau Will Run For 4th Term As Democracy Dies in Canada”

  1. Unfortunately the blame belongs to old stock Canadians for allowing this to happen in the first place. Many of them are the real enemy and deserve the blame for letting Canada devolve into third world status.

    Were a nation of wimps and simps too scared to stand up for themselves due to being scared of called a name…

  2. Has anyone looked into the election process for signs of fraud? I have to wonder how all these Socialists are becoming heads of state.


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