Trudeau, WEF “Digital ID For Travelers” Brings Social Credit To Canada

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The Liberal government of Canada and World Economic Forum (WEF) are collaborating on a Digital ID project to introduce a social credit system for Canadian travellers.

According to The CounterSignal, the World Economic Forum’s Known Traveller Digital Identity” program is based on a digital identity that allows governments to confirm proof of citizenship and other elements of identity.

“Every time a government checks a person’s Digital ID, it is added to their record, possibly affecting their standing.”

While mainstream media pour cold water on the notion of a relationship between the Trudeau government and the World Economic Forum, it well appears the opposite is the case. In 2017, WEF Leader Klaus Schwab was quoted as stating the following:

“What we are very proud of now is the young generation like Prime Minister Trudeau,” said Schwab.

Partners in the KTDI project include Air Canada, Montreal-Trudeau International Airport, Toronto Pearson International Airport, as well as corporate sponsors such as Accenture.

“It is important to note that in order to be allowed to travel, the traveller must share all information required by the relevant entity, such as a border agency.” 

The source of the program is found in government regulations in China. The country’s National Development and Reform Commission stated that nine million plane ticket sales and three million rail ticket sales had been blocked under what China calls “social credit.”

“Passengers are reminded in Mandarin and English when they board high-speed trains that riding without a ticket, disorderly behaviour or smoking can result in a negative record in the individual credit information system.”

Elements of social credit including publicly shaming rulebreakers, making it difficult to do business as described by the plan for China’s Construction of the Social Credit System.

In response to the Truckers Convoy in February, 2022, PM Justin Trudeau instituted a dry-run of public shaming via the Liberal’s “frozen bank accounts” agenda. Next on Trudeau’s to-do list is replication of communist China’s social credit reward system for those wishing to travel outside our country.

As found in the government of China’s relationship with their media, CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail follow suit with calculated obfuscation of the circumstances. Pulling together the loose strings of the scenario suggests an  ominous condition. With full intent, Justin Trudeau is incrementally transitioning Canada to a neo-communist society.

By signing an agreement to extend our PM’s tenure until late 2025, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh gifted Trudeau with absolute control over society. In order to rid competition to the Liberal regime, legacy media bash away at the opposition Conservatives on a daily basis.

Authorities in China have created databases of information about their citizens including their addresses, family relations, birth control methods and religious affiliations. They are now adding hotel, flight and train records, biometrics and video footage to their files.

In Shanghai, the city uses facial recognition for everything from verifying people’s identities before people can rent apartments, to letting them buy subway fares, to emailing tickets to jaywalkers using the photos of them on their national ID cards.

Through a partnership between the World Economic Forum and the Liberal government, Justin Trudeau is working to replicate these structures within Canadian society.

Little to nothing exists to stop him. Canadian media are paid to obscure public awareness, as well as demonize opposing political parties. The general public have no say, and no method to challenge government’s agenda. To stand in opposition to government is to risk punitive damages, and potentially, financial ruin.

And here some people still think of our country as a “democratic” society.

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  1. I had planned to say “Trudeau says ‘jump.’ ” The sheep say “How high?” However; in keeping with Brad’s secondary thesis; Turdope says to the MSM; “Jump!” The MSM reply; in unison: (Well; you know.) “Master; how high?” I hope Pierre P. slays this evil; hellish serpent. At this late hour; He’s our last hope. 🙁

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