Trudeau Victory Will Be Another Footprint On Road To Communist Canada

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Upon re-election of Justin Trudeau in 2019, Cultural Action Party made a bold prediction: six consecutive election victories for the Liberal Party, and Canada will no longer function as a democracy.

A Liberal Party victory tomorrow means we reach the half-way point. Then again, the demise of democratic governance may already have taken place. Such is the obfuscation under which society rolls in our pandemic-infused era.

Since the day Justin Trudeau was elected, CAP has preached the gospel of the rising tide of pseudo-communism.

All the while, we stuck to our guns. Ironically, we learn from the best— what CAP refer to as the Liberal-Globalist Cabal. Written-in-stone, hard-wired into political ethos, Team Trudeau has for six years promoted an ideology counter to an advancement of national pride.

Let every Liberal shout it from the rooftops. Canada is racist, bigoted and xenophobic. Based on national heritage, we must hang our heads in shame. It is our duty to apologize to every community harmed, which in Trudeau’s opinion, means all “racialized” citizens past and present.

How surreal it is to witness Canadians stand on a threshold of electing a prime minister who hates Canadian identity– for a third consecutive term.

The phenomenon is unnatural— a pre-conceived national hijacking. The end game is to transition away from democratic governance, and into a state of neo-communism.

In CAP’s opinion, these are the reasons Justin Trudeau will be re-elected to office. Not because of the will of voters, not due to democratic process. Justin Trudeau will win for a very different reason: it is our pre-meditated national destiny.

Media do not touch any of this with a ten-foot pole. This enables them to refrain from a forthcoming political scenario:

Not only are the Liberals going to win this election—they are never going to lose a federal election again. Six straight elections may bring about the end of democracy. It could be more. The true message is found in the crushing of the competition.

The Conservatives are dead because they have been methodically transferred into a dinosaur party. If they were smart, if they lose the election they would pack up the tent, and re-emerge with a new name. In fact, make that a new everything— platform, party name, branding, logo, colours— all of it.

What makes the 2021 federal election truly post-modern is found in an idea CAP has suggested on numerous occasions:

The election is not a contest between Conservatives and Liberals.The true battle runs along these lines:

The Conservative Party versus the Liberal Party, media, academia, unions, corporations, immigration groups, multicultural organizations, LGBT, United Nations, China, Middle East, Punjab, WHO and international banking.

Hidden By Media: Charter Founder Brian Peckford Says Covid Restrictions Violate Citizen Rights


This is the state of our nation in 2021. Canada no longer exists as a sovereign country. There is nothing self-contained about our society. Political and financial interests from around the globe are the true controllers of Canada.

Because Justin Trudeau is the son of the founder of globalism Pierre Trudeau, he has understood this better than anyone. Hence, six years of pandering to global forces. Six years of placing non-Canadian interests ahead of domestic interests.

If it were not for six years of media cover-up, Canadians may well have understood the concepts herein. It is the combined efforts of government and media– a staple of communist ideology– that leaves government unencumbered as it walks Canada along a path to the end of democracy.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(Est. 2016)

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